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Petition For Minister of Labor Joyce Simukoko To Resign


Joyce Nonde-Simukoko
Joyce Nonde-Simukoko

By George Mtonga

I have launched a petition for Minister of Labor Joyce Simukoko to resign for her comments calling for the arrest of Mika Mwambazi. The ministry of Labor is supposed to protect those who file complaints, even when their investigation are inconclusive. So for her to issue an arrest against a person who filed a complaint is not what the Ministry of Labor stands for. What precedent does this set for all other Zambian employees who would want to approach her ministry to issue grievances? This sets a horrible precedent.

What precedent does this set for all other Zambian employees who would want to approach her ministry to issue grievances?

I initiated the protest, Mika merely filed a complaint. I went to the UN mission in New York to protest Horseshoe and how the treat Zambians.

Attached is the protest and below is the petition for her to resign. YOU DO NOT THREATEN those who file complaints against companies or institutions for labor violations.

George Mtonga

President Edgar Lungu: Resignation Of MINISTER of Labour Joyce Simukoko


  1. Go away, she is doing a splendid job is Joyce

    She is being vilified because she is a woman.

    Bunch of misogynist



    • Wasting your time young man, Do you think EL can act on this, EL is clueless and even though all you are doing is right but its directed at a dictator who does as he wants.

    • Yes she is a brilliant lady. You just want media publicity. How would you feel if you had a business and someone did that to you. Shame on you.

    • I didn’t know that you are electing the irritating bloggers of the year. What kind of categories are those?
      How much was nomination fees?

    • Lungu we cant be waiting for her never coming resignation. Just fire her like you did Kambwili. Thanks

    • @Nostradeemass
      You are depressed because readers have showed you that you are as dim as they come. You have spent ten years blogging insults, hate, childish stuff, in a language similar to English. Your ignorance has been exposed. The truth is no one pays attention to your garbage. Bloggers who started last year have overtaken you. Now you are complaining about “Most Irritating” a category that’s way above you. You should be voted the Most Clueless, Useless and Ignorant Blogger. Leave LT alone!

    • Three Ministries not worth the taxpayers’ efforts: Labor, National Guidance and Religious Affairs, and Energy or whatever is in charge of ZESCO.

    • @ Kalok

      Fully agree with you.
      In addition, why not changing Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “Lungu Travel Services”, Bank of Zambia to “PF Takeaway” and Ministry of Finance to “Fools Paradise”?

    • No job is meant for us. We have been found wanting. Wise thing is to admit we have a work culture problem that needs to change! We need to admit it, introspect and amend our ways. The minister is 100% right. Employees should not resort to malice and blackmail!

  2. What an UGLY Old Ar.sewhore!
    Zambian dentists, please take out some of those extra teeth – is she preparing to act in a Horror Film?

    • She is not ugly naimwe ba Chilyata what about your ugly wife you think we dont know her? You wife is as flat at the back as a plasma TV! Kikikiki!!

  3. Proper investigation was needed, she cannot just ask for the arrest without facts. Why did she even go to the restaurant? To me it doesn’t make sense the owners definitely sweet talked her with their best dish…….As of the affected worker, he will soon be fired and that is when he will run to the press, this absurd, let him or her come out in the open and state the facts period

    • Whistleblowers have always had a raw deal. Look at Snowden languishing in Russia after giving us a good slide show of America’s abuses…

  4. Some people are seen to be good once they keep quiet. Immediately they open their mouth its disaster. So Joyce you are better off keeping quiet

  5. I am ready to sign the petition. She is an embarrassment to women who do their jobs well. White ass kisser who won’t protect her own. Disgusting inside and out.

  6. In Zambia, we like fabricating stories. In one moment, you complain about unemployment and later you again complain about mistreatment of workers. On the other hand, you complain about Somalians/Chinese taking over your business for block making and on the other hand you complain of not having capital to start a business of block making. Now, which is the right thing to do fellow Zambians. We are always good at complaining. worse enough when a Zambian is working at a company, he or She makes sure to steal and when that business collapses, again complaints come through. It is high time we change our attitude in Zambia.

    • It’s unfortunate YOU don’t understand how society works.we have different people with different interests and concerns. Different people will say different things at different times. I would be concerned if we were not saying anything.

    • If someone saying ‘f*#$ you’ to you every morning is normal in exchange for K200 at the monthend, then good. That’s you. But just in case you live under a rock and you are used to being on the receiving end of abuse, out of great kindness and concern am telling you that it’s not normal.

  7. Ministers without Merit, Zambians we need to learn how to support one another. Let the minister resign for failing to protect people who fight for the country.

  8. @Dyonko, Are you Zambian? You are out of context. What happened at the horseshoe, we will never know…The owners’ reponses on facebook were RACIST and demeaning to the humble people of our country. Those comments were not fabricated, get your facts right. What is depressing is we cannot even stand together against such behaviour.

  9. Fact finding in Zambia,we are the worst in the whole world.The minister has given the public half baked information.I will take it up myself and investigate (1)Racism at the mentioned place(2)The meeting of the minister & the owners.J.N must have been well oiled.

  10. The problem in Zambia is that we reward those who speak the loudest even if they are empty tins. This woman Nonde is not fit to be minister.

  11. Resigning on her own? She would not? Getting Fired by her Boss? I doubt it. The truth is we will be dununad until there is no more space to reverse, that is when all of us stupid Zambians will wake up. Joyce is just one ***** that deserves nothing but recognition from another ***** for a job.

  12. Please lean to make decisions in a logical way.
    Get the facts,State the impact and explain.
    Here No facts and the minister has concluded.

  13. She’s is cr@p. We definitely need to have someone sane take up that ministry of get rid of it entirely. Mr President, please take action.

  14. Probably she enjoys being called by the same words. ECL seems not to have invsetigated her performance as labour movement leader.

  15. while we are at it we should petition Judge Siyavwapa to resign for annullying Mwanakatwes seat simply for saying that Charlotte Scott is white and that she was not born in Zambia. The Judge claims that is Racism

    • Iwe na iwe @ J ai Tombe. We once had (or still have) an ex-Zed black man successfully contest parliament in Poland and got it on merit. What is it about you Zambians and failure? When failure is imminent you start grasping at forbidden straws! Awe mwe! She is Zambian! Period. Hubby was your VP – live with that!

    • As far as I’m concerned Guy & Charlotte Scott are as Zambian as any of You bloggers who feel more Zambian than them.
      Guy & Charlotte are different, & NOT in any shape or form similar to the owners of The Horseshoe Restaurant, FULL STOP!

  16. Our minister didn’t go through the report which was compiled by copy and paste educated Zambians. Ministers should be careful with saboteurs. Make sure that you personally go through every process before going to public

  17. The Tonga ***** lied about the situation arrest the fool he thought he was on zwd why did he lie about other people’s business? Why are tongas so bitter? Arrest that mwambazi dog

  18. She is not the only useless PF minister – which points us to the appointing authority. How does he arrive at making these appointments? I can hardly notice any minister that is really working. Either they are busy politicking or issuing shocking pronouncements that have not been thought over.

  19. J Nonde is and has always been a crook! When she worked at ZNBS as a junior officer we all suspected that she had a thing going with the then MD, but it was a hash hash matter until he was fired…well a few years on he officially became her hubby after mishap in marriage…but what it revealed was the union negotiations where never fair as hubby always had information on the strategies we employed…so her selling out a sister without even hearing her side of the story is normal in her abnormal mind..ECL fire her!

  20. Kalok you have not read what i said. I will simplify for you. Mwanakatwe called charlotte scott as being white and indicated that she was not born in Zambia. Basically all facts. Yet one judge thought such facts were Racist

    • Why is it necessary to draw attention to her race? Thats nothing else but racism. Can’t everyone see what she is?

  21. Even her predecessor Shamenda was a disgrace who used to receive brown envelopes from chocholiz and take no action on mistreated Zambians. Joyce Nonde on moral grounds just step down and concentrate on other things ifilekushupa. I think this ministry needs people like Kambwili uwingembana inama mumeno with foreign food investors.

  22. I am really loving this. It had to take my cousins from the East to protest like other nations do. From the west to the East, thank you. Let us all sign this petition.

  23. To question, its non Zambian…thumbs up bro for the trumpet .Ka Mushota, stick to your slavery duties in Scotland. I know you very well. This embecile like minister must go.
    Rise and stand up against abuse fellow Zambias.

  24. This is also involves a part of tourism. Why are those guys so quiet about it? New minister of Tourism and rts including the permanent secretary. This is also their domain.

  25. Problem in Zambia is that when someone takes a stand over an issue we label them as attention-seekers. When shall be a pro-active people and speak about what concerns us? The other week, one of the mines, I’m sure it is KCM, polluted the Kafue river to the extent of Nkana water even switching off their pumps. Did anyone rise up? I’m sure if one did, he’d have been also called names. Good for you Mtonga….issues of abuse of workers and racism in Zambia are rife.

  26. Elo ba Joyce nabo, she showed her rawness as a politician and trade unionist. You can’t put the workers and the employers in the same room and expect the employees to be honest and truthful. That was naivete at its worst.

  27. Here is the problem with us the natives! Remember how Guy Scot was abused racially just for acting President for a few days? We Africans don’t want to admit our own racism against the white person because we are also blinded by envy and we feel threatened by his high standards it seems. When an African insults a white person, we call it independence but when a white person insults an African, we want to call it racism or colonialism. Is it that painful to be an African? Could it be that we are trying hard to run away from the reality of our backwardness? A quick look within your house will reveal a lot. Most of the things an African uses are the white man’s technology and actually made by the white man including the clothes you are putting on! The car you drive and the planes you fly on…

  28. included. Have some respect and appreciate the great achievements of the white race. I am a proud African and I have no problems relating with any race except my own because just my tribe is a big problem. I am defined by my own fellow blacks by my tribe. Before we talk too much about racism, let us talk a bit about our own tribalism! Look at our institutions today. Certain people of certain tribes are being retired in the national interest and being replaced by people from one region and this is happening under our noses! Is this not worse than what is going on at the horseshoe restaurant? You are Christians I am sure and you can introspect a little and judge for yourselves!

  29. This has everything to do with human rights, respect of fellow beings, ethics, labour laws and hospitality laws. They need to be followed. When you go to another country you follow laws and respect the host country and are not above the law.

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