Monday, April 15, 2024

Bandits stab, rob a tax driver in Chipata


A TAXI driver  of Jenda area of Paramount Chief Mpezeni in Chipata District
has been  attacked by unknown people who stabbed him in the chest before
going away with a motor vehicle.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya confirmed in Chipata on
Thursday and identified the victim as Gideon Phiri who sustained deep cuts
in the chest.

Mr Chilufya said the bandits  robbed him of his Toyota Corolla
registration number ALM 491 valued at K30 000 and two phones each valued at
K400 making total value of K30,400.

He said the incident happened on Thursday at about 19:00 hours at Chikungu
area in Chipata.
Mr Chilufya said the victim was receiving medical treatment and no arrest
have been made so far.


  1. Sorry for that us drivers we victim of everything and when these notorious criminals are caught, you hear that they been jailed for 5 years but some one who stole a chicken was jailed more than 15 years. It’s very unfair. Let me advise these judges like these robbers don’t waste time just send them to jail right away

  2. Sad. But the mathematics of the value don’t add up. If the corolla is valued at 30,000 and 2 phones are valued at 400 each then the total cant be 30,400. I am sure you just got these numbers from the PF Police.

  3. For those that are analytical, these are signs of poverty creeping in. No doubt these guys probably were not paid by FRA or were simply not able to secure sustainable employment. They had no money in their pockets for sure.

  4. The other day the Police Top Man issued a message for the public to be security conscious during this festive season. Man is saying nothing about the escalating levels of crime rate in many areas in Lusaka and, as we would expect, what the police is doing about it. People are now living in fear because the police is doing nothing to stop crime. I personally know a number of people who have been victims of crime at malls, at their homes and on our streets. The citizens appear to be on their own and abandoned. The police has made fighting cadres their priority and this is a real shame. These criminals steal cell phones and despite the evidence of trails of calls left by these stolen phones, there is complete lack of deliberate action on the part of the police to circle in on these criminals…

  5. Why should criminals be selling all manner of stolen electronic consumer products at Katondo with no fear of reprisal. No wonder the suspicion is that some elements in the police are aiding and betting criminals in Zambia. Of course this is not something the police want to admit and as such cannot make any effort to combat because they are in complete denial. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good and decent people in the Zambia police who are doing their part but their efforts have been dwarfed and suffocated by the culture of corruption, incompetence, office frustrations, and inertia in our police system. It is now safe to say with certainty that our police in its current form, shape and shade has no strategy, systems, resources, and advanced capabilities to effectively fight…

  6. crime in the country and in particular in Lusaka. This is where l expect the top man in the police and any serious government to apply their energies and focus in order for people to feel safe in their own country.

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