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Government to take action against KCM for not paying workers and polluting Rivers

Headlines Government to take action against KCM for not paying workers and polluting...

Mines Minister Mr. Christopher Yaluma in an interview with SABC's Liabo Setho at the Mining Conference in Cape Town on 8th February, 2016
Mines Minister Mr. Christopher Yaluma
Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma has said that the the nation will know within a few days, what course of action government will take on Vendetta owned Konkola Copper Mines, following reports of rivers pollution and non payment of workers and conrtactors.

Mr Yaluma said this in Chingola yesterday afternoon when he paid a courtesy call on Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo. The Mines Minister said that Government will shortly act on the mining giant, so that it can work according to its obligations.

Mr Yaluma said that his office is in possession of reports in which KCM is polluting rivers and not paying its workers and contractors.

The minister said government will not allow the mining giant to continue causing problems when it has signed agreements to be a responsible investor, expected to meet all its obligations.

And Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo complained that in the past few months, KCM has stopped paying its one million Kwacha monthly rates to the local authority.

Mr Tembo said last month, KCM shocked the Chingola Municipal Council when it paid 500 thousand Kwacha instead of the one million kwacha it pays per month.

He said such a decision by the firm has affected the revenue collection by the local authority.

Mr. Tembo also disclosed that diarrhea cases have gone up in Chingola because residents have been eating dead fish from the Mushishima stream, which has been allegedly polluted by KCM.

Meanwhile, Association of Mine Suppliers and Contractors President Augustine Mubanga said KCM owes contractors 200 million dollars.

Mr Mubanga said the mining firm has failed to pay contractors for the past eight months.

He further alleged that KCM is terminating contracts for Zambian owned companies, while giving preferences to Indian owned firms which are winning contracts.

Mr Yaluma was yesterday at press time locked up in a meeting with over 100 contractors who are briefing him on the challenges with KCM.

On Friday, the minister is scheduled to meet the mine unions and management at KCM before finding a solution to the problems.


  1. we are bleeding too much as a country because of this KCM, while the major Indian Investor is boasting that he makes US $500 million from the mine he bought at a give away price.

    • Has the minister spoken to the mining giant first before believing in the hear say.

      Not saying the report is wrong – but due diligence before running to the media to pretty much offer a threat to a private company.

      Has he asked them of these allegation ?

      Misanthropic attitude should never be exhibited by the executive team which this man is.



    • There once was a powerful Mine Worker’s Union. Is it not now the PF government’s self-imposed duty to the the Kapaso?

    • History repeats itself. This is visionless PF bandits entangled in corruption & won’t ‘act’, its all tick tock tick tock!
      LT on 18~2~14 reported that “London court orders KCM to U&M US$90 million for breach of contract” & The Skeleton Key 206 said that it was “great news” yet to date visionless PF bandits have not yet done nothing.
      Ba Yaluma ati Lungu’s visionless PF bandits in “govt will shortly act on the mining giant” is mere tick tock. Since 2014 PF bandits have been yapping without “vision” said Lungu. Now its dununa regret.
      KCM owner @ Max surely boasted that he was making $500 million in profits for the mine given away at $25 million!?Vendetta bandits.
      Until PF bandits are “directed” by blind Lungu? Rotten corruption state under PF.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Hearsay? When the mayor says he doesn’t receive Hos rates! Ba mushota pretending to be normal. Just go back to your crazy self

    • …ordered KCM to pay…..
      This was finalised by the London International Court of Arbitration & this was a wake up call but corruption addiction by PF bandits of visionless Edidagama.
      Otherwise, how much is mealie meal today & load shedding going down? What about the economy & fuel, unemployment? PF ni njala, just wait till 2017 kicks in, izanyokolelatu njala mwapya.
      Let the presidential petition be heard without confusion by violent PF bandits with impartial judges & not blind Ed’Dagamas cadres.
      Another 90 days Donchi Kubeba syndrome by PF, kaily ni dununa behindhand.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Zambia was better off when the Concourt was passing judgement as we didnt have these good for nothing incompetent ministers…wasting our time!!

    • As much as Europeans suck and are genocidal sometimes, they pay dues to their employees accordingly. These indian in-festors have a weird evil complex.

  2. Minister talking crap, how long has the KCM got away with it while Zambians die? Zambians are gullible. we shall remain a laughing stock forever until some men with brains come into the political arena. Look at our neighbor countries even in dead Zimbabwe foreign countries do not abuse nationals like they do in Zambia. Why Zambia why. Brown envelopes into Politician hands rots our Nation. Just wait and see, this talk will die out without action

  3. country being raped …over and over!
    Crap…always reports and no action..
    you don’t need commissions but get up on a single day…gather relevant staff to do proper qualitative and quantitative analysis of the much needed resource.
    Evidence found, act!
    Ba Nzoro!!!!!!!!!!

  4. please lets hope this time something tangeable will come out from Govt,hon minister yaluma do something and proof to us that you can stand your word.

  5. KCM is not an extension of Government nor is it run by the government. Threats are the order of the day with these PF morons. This is a private run mine and I don’t see how its failure to pay workers or contractors is a minister’s problem. If your government is failing to pay civil servants on time and struggling to pay local contractor in preference for Chinese contractors, how is that different from this scenario? First, you sold this mine for a song, which you yourselves failed to run and you think these Indians will prioritize workers and contractors instead of their owners. You must be joking. Yaluma, please retire in national interest, you and Joyce Nonde are no different.

  6. Mere rhetoric from the Minister as usual. A solution has been provided. Memorandum of Understanding with the British to take over the country and run it. Great Britain becomes Scotland, Zambia, Wales and England. Sounds impossible but if you applied mind to it, its doable. Only way to end the circus, they will be no local Moses in sight for many years to come and poverty will be increasing by the day if status qou remains. we have to think outside the box

  7. I hope the action to be taken will be decisive to teach these guys a lesson. But knowing Yaluma, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is just playing to the gallery when deep down his heart he knows that nothing will be done.

  8. people its not the first time yaluma aumfwa all sorts of things about kcm,5yrs no pay rise for the workers,nonde and yaluma are teethless lions.No action at all please retire in national interest.

  9. Of course nothing much will happen. It is the usual hype to the short-memory laden sheeple in the country (and in Africa generally). Soon we will only respect courts in London… the trend is already there for all to see.

  10. The one word I keep seeing is alleged – so there is no proof in the allegations. There is however PROOF that the government has not paid road contractors since elections and that all roads works in the southern province have stopped since elections.

  11. This is the time to see if PF is for the people or their own interest, this company will not improve anything in Chingola and Chingola will keep dying until such a time the investor will run away. Mr yaluma people are waiting to see your action because this is a time bomb. 5years no salary increament how can Chingola improve? the action that will be taken this time is PF 2021 Campaign in Chingola. people are safering and noway to run to. Mr Yaluma Act quickly and it will be like what happened after we won the AFCON, I tell you People will Celebrate like never before.

  12. Very sad indeed.Ministers of finance reverses taxes which should be paid by mines.Who is going to fund the govt?ordinary Zambians.We are now paying more on fuels,paye raod tax,carbon toll gates etc.And foreigners are busy making money while few corrupt chaps are benefiting.Something is wrong with govt officials maybe ka inferiority complex. Look at what has happened to the labor minister,instead of protecting Zambians she is protecting foreigners who ran a restaurant which can be ran by a Zambians.Can u call those chaps investors?so disappointed with my party PF.We need pipo like Kambwili in PF.We miss ba Sata zoona.

  13. What action can you take naimwe, just encourage the affected people to sue in the British court. Imagine this, 7.5% tax on imported concentrates, the mines says NO, what happened? government reduces the tax from 7.5% to 0%. How many times have they polluted the rivers and what action has been taken against them? The best you can do Hon Minister, with all due respect is to keep quiet.

    • Mind you, when people took KCM to the High Court in London, our “wise”, “anointed” and “visionary” convicted embezzler was complaining bitterly.

  14. Indians are the worst of the worst towards black people. Just grab back that mine as a vital national sevurity interest.

    Do away with Indians. Even Chinese are better then Indians.

  15. This PF government is loud-mouthed for nothing. They talk big and yup like puppies. They make empty threats before they are corruptly silenced.

  16. Mutati has disappointed me.Why reversing the taxes from7.5% to 0%.These chaps will destroy Zambia.Maybe kutipwa pantu u can’t let a foreigner just milking all your resources.Do u really care about the future?I support PF bcoz i feel they have a heart for the poor Zambian but this PF of ba lungu is worrying me now.I still have faith in him but he should not intimidate pipo who mean well in PF.We miss Kambwili coz he can sort out these labor and mine issues.Please Zambians let us wake up otherwise all our pipo will die and KCM will continue building india.Look at the water in Chingola?Where is environmental council of Zambia.BP in USA paid billions and KCM wants to pay nothing.ba Lungu please let us not be such docile in our country otherwise we’ll take it up ourselves as youths if…

  17. Guys, I support the guy who is proposing we give the country to the British to run it. It will be ours but they will just be running it on our behalf. Don’t even cheat yourselves that this place called Zambia will be changed by our leaders. Wake up from deep sleep and start thinking drastically. Nothing nothing will ever change this country. Stop fo0ling yourselves. This country has been on a downward trajectory

  18. better to give kcm to Sparks Mining, the guy we see unlike agarwal in india we don’t see who is busy building india.it really hits

    From ex & current politicians who’ve plundered State resources -Zamtrop, Nigerian dodgy Inflated Oil procurement Scandal, Cash fraudulently paid to Government officials after dissolution of parliament prior to the dubious August 2016 elections, & lest we forget Samuel Chavula, & many more cases, NO ACTION HAS EVER TAKEN PLACE, NOR CULPRITS BROUGHT TO BOOK.
    This is just African government Lip service & usual Hot air, while State plunder continues unabated!

  20. Come on Lungu! We are an HIPC. A very broke nation. Here is a chance to do an MTN Nigeria on these careless foreign investors!

  21. We have failed to manage our country. Botswana and Namibia were by far behind us economically, they are by far ahead of us now. Simple example, and you are busy lying to yourself that Zambia will improve. Whether opposition or ruling party nothing will change, the decline will continue. Some of you are having 3 meals a day and you don’t know what other people are going through

  22. Only UPND cadres get punishment! These bandits at KCM are so corrupt Yaluma has already been oiled so you will see sh***t action from him. River pollution has been going on and the useless ZEMA hust watches! I know the happenings just like Titus the Mayor .

  23. Kcm again ! No no no ! Mr minister you have just brought yourself in a spot light on this matter. We all know the story of Kcm. Your reputation and your job is at stake . Vandatta and those Indians should not be made to resume paying workers ,contractors,and the council only , no! The extent of water and soil pollution should be acertained and a very hefty fine be imposed on Vandatta . The tax must be reinstated also at once. A defined time frame should be given to Vandatta in which to pay up the fine. All Indian suppliers should immediately be abolished. We Zambians own the minerals in Zambia mr minister, please do what is in the interest and welfare of Zambians like the cobra wanted to do. Dont be so docile, no Zambian in India is exploiting Indians , we will keep our ears in the…

  24. Only a **** can have faith in Christoper Yaluma he is one dull and incompetent minister…he is another PF minister getting easy money from the taxpayer!!

  25. Why don’t ALL Indians just go back to their own country. What the hell are they doing here in Zambia the country they hate so much. Why don’t they pack up their currys and chapatis and get the hell out. I’m personally tired of these good for nothing, curry-smelling racists and don’t see why they should be tolerated in this country. All they do is abuse our systems and people. All Indians are good-for-nothing racists, check even the way they treat black people in India. Call me a racist I don’t give a f.u.c.k…infact I’m a proud racist. Let them get the hell out of Zambi! In fact I’m a better racist than them, if you consider how they torture and kill innocent black people in stinking India.

  26. If Minister Yaluma has been converted into a curry-smelling, chapati-munching, ginger-reaking, Indian-monkey, we will take them on ourselves as citizens. It seems these politicians are taking us their citizens for-granted. And if a politician renders himself irrelevant and valueless, then why have such a government. Some of us are tired of having impotent politicians who just know how to talk and the only action they know is sleeping with girlfriends.

  27. Mr yaluma,stop wasting your time what doing you think you can change at kcm,this PF government is weak how many times people have complained about kcm?what have you changed at kcm?This mine used to be so good in terms of production when it was under ANGLO everything was perfect no one was
    complaining but ever since it came under the hands of these dogs called indians things started going bad.As at now production of copper is very poor at kcm compared the way it was when it was in hands of good people .When you were in opposition your first leader was against these dogs called indians that they can`t run a mine,time for him came he was quite i don`t know what he was given until his death.Iam telling you KCM is doing nothing open up your eyes help your people,before you are insulted.

  28. The other day it was infertile Joyce Nonde, today it is impotent Christpher Yaluma, when will it ever end? Who is next? Twanaka pafula. Everyday it is depressing news. Why the heck are you doing as Ministers in government? Next time President Lungu fires you, then you start complaining.

  29. Fellow Zambians who work at KCM, please tell me, do you have external reviews by any Safety and Environmental Regulatory bodies? if the answer is yes, and there are findings, and you keep quiet, be informed that you can be sued as well in your private capacity.
    How can you allow the so called investor to pollute the Kafue River, which supplies water to almost all the towns on the C/B? Please know the applicable standards and HOLD KCM accountable.

  30. Please Dont let Joyce Nonde go there, she will direct the police to arrest employees and contractors for not being paid.

  31. The privatisation of part of our mines to KCM remains one of the most stupid and irresponsible decisions ever made by the Zambian government. And to think that this was done under the watch of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa considered by many Zambians as Zambia’s most decent president goes against all logic as to how a sane government can sell one of Zambia’s priced assets to such vultures.

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