Monday, April 15, 2024

ZESCO suspends Load Shedding for two days


ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata (L)

ZESCO Limited has suspended loadshedding for the next two days.

Spokesperson Henry Kapata says the suspension will last until Monday morning.

Mr Kapata also says ZESCO will suspend loadshedding over the New year’s eve and actual day.

He has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the move has been brought about by the closure of companies which have gone on industrial break.


  1. Really laughable…if they can afford to leave the switch untouched for two days, then surely they can do something for the whole year unless its going to cost the consumer. Its all boils down to leadership and the will to resolve this once and for all!!

    • like he stated, ‘the move had come about as a result of industrial break’, do industries break throughout the year? I SUGGEST YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND BEFOR YOU COMMENT

    • Kapata as a PR for ZESCO you are a liar I don’t believe your suspension …In Ibex Hill near the US embassy where I am visiting you have just load shed them. Anyway no surprises here this is the era of lies…

  2. Zesco has no management. Don’t get an electrical engineer as CEO. Get a business manager. Eskom in South Africa showed you how to do it with Brian Mulife. Load’shedding was stopped by a business manager not an Engineer

  3. Rule Zambia is loadshedding every day

    oh I forgot, You will always have the poor among you; Matthew 26:11

    let’s celebrate Christmas and New Year with lights!

  4. Without bias or malice, The people at Zesco are our brothers and sisters but regrettably this is the worst institution in the world. I mean the whole world, I am well travelled. Outages outside load shedding are appalling. Their called call center is a complete nightmare, to access it is like extracting water from stone. Promised feedback is never given on time. Please privatise it urgently

  5. ZESCO must be thrown away.I live in an African country with similar conditions like Zambia but don’t go through such unproductive load shedding

  6. the worst xmas have had so far,i mean i decided not to go out and instead spend some good time with family at home and all zesco could do was to loadshed us from 17pm to 9am this morning.So what is Henry talking about?

  7. ZESCO is absolute rubbish just like most Zambian service providers. Am sad to be Zambian.hoping for the best for the generations after ours.

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