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Davies Mwila warns PF members causing confusion within the party

Headlines Davies Mwila warns PF members causing confusion within the party

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila chats with Minister of Labour Joyce during Zambia Congress Trade Union Golden jubilee Celebration at Mulungushi Conference Center
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila chats with Minister of Labour Joyce
PATRIOTIC Front(PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has warned of stern action against members of the ruling party causing confusion.

Mr Mwila said a named Member of Parliament in Petauke District is said to have been causing confusion within the party by sidelining the recognised party structures in favour of the parallel structures a move he said was indiscipline.

He was speaking when he addressed the PF officials from Msanzala, Kaumbwe and Petauke Central Constituencies at Petauke Boarding Secondary School on Saturday.

The Secretary General explained that the party has organised structures that were supposed to work closely with the Members of Parliament and coordinate all the party activities especially during election period.

He said the party would continue to recognise all well-meaning members and that no one have got powers to sideline any member of the PF party.

Mr Mwila further said it was sad that confusions were being caused by leaders who were supposed to be an attraction in order to attract new members to join the party.

He noted that the Central Committee was aware of the many problems that the PF officials were facing and those members disturbing peace in the party would be disciplined.

The secretary general added that those party members who supported Independent and opposition political parties chased themselves from the party and that those who resigned and expelled will only be re admitted after three years according to the party constitution of article 74 clause 12.
Mr Mwila advised party members to remain united and understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure smooth running of the party activities.

He appealed to party members to work closely with the Councillors and MPs so that they can deliver what they promised to their electorates during campaigns.

The Secretary General has since urged them to be focused and continue supporting President Edgar Lungu to ensure that he continues governing the nation beyond 2021.

And speaking earlier PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said members frustrating the party are those that are still in denial that the country is being governed by Patriotic Front under the leadership of Edgar Lungu.


  1. Ba Mwila, you’ve got no right to be antagonistic towards elected members of parliament as they have the mandate from the people who elected them, unlike you who was a sitting member of parliament combined with the ministerial position suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of an independent. Just call for elections in PF so that people can decide who they want to fill up the structure positions.

    • What the Secretary General Davies Mwila doesnt realize is that those who voted for PF did so NOT that they were convinced they were voting for the right party, but did so because they were brainwashed and asked to protest against HH.
      They are coming to realization of the wrong choice they made.
      Please see views of some hardcore PF cadres on this forum, lately they have shown signs of disatisfaction with current leadership.
      So Mr. Davies Mwila, those warnings to PF members will not have any impact.

    • I ve noted the comment by ‘Ba Sebenza’ with concern, coz what the Patriotic Front Secretary General is doing during his Moblilisation Tour is exactly what is demanded of his role and responsibilities – to protect the Party Constitution and organs(Structures). This to me is a bigger picture which should be separated from some narrow interests of some MPs.

    • @Fair Judge, if Chama was organized he could have won back his parliamentary seat especially that he was an incumbent MP and resources where at his disposal since he was a minister. We don’t want the UPND type of running affairs of the party where people are handpicked by one person instead of going for a convention. You cannot tell people who have invested and sacrificed a lot for the party to leave ‘kwati nipa toilet bekele’, twakana. Just call for a convention we elect leaders we want.

    • Has this Chama paid back his illegal salary after Parliament was dissolved yet?

      I doubt it. Can the ConCourt please LOCK HIM UP for contempt of Court.

      Or has he just swept it under the PF carpet with all the other breaches of the Constitution?

    • Elo lwanya, everything ma decrees, warnings, threats, ultimatums! These are signs of chimbwi no pulani! When u find one who issues such all the time and everytime, just know that you have found failure.

  2. you know a party is in disaray when the sec general gives warnings to his party during the festive period. PF is under pressure. meanwhile vote nez as best blogger 2016

  3. …Mwila’s missiles are aimed at Kambwili and groupnot that sacrificial eastern province MP….
    …Frank Bwalya resigned to form his own party…as soon as Sata died he was admitted back and hardly three years had passed…infact the 3years admittance clause is discriminatory ,,,it infringed on someone’s right of association….its a bondage type of close….it must be repealed hence forth…


  5. Comment: when you hear Davies Mwila articulating issues you might think that maybe he is a grade 7 drop out, I would like to sound a friendly warning to the appointing authority to quickly fix this man before he foments further the intra part wrangles. It boggles my mind to see him cris crossing the country destabilizing the part, its naïve for the SG of a part in power to stoop so low, issuing decisive media statements whenever he opens his mouth. Its high time they term him once and for all if need be let the deputy SG or the spokes person be available for deliberating media statements. Political serenity in PF will only be achieved once the Appointing authority apply merits in their appointments rather than royalty. I however commend him for conceding defeat to an independent mp in…

    • ..what has happened to madam Mumbi Phiri,,,as soon as chama left the top slot..his vice was a sure candidate for the post…she is better off resigning her current post and become ordinary member and full time house wife….infact she has gone into oblivion I don’t hear much of her these days…

    • PF should just swallow their pride and plead with winter kamibya to take back his position as SG since he left no one has made sense.

  6. PF did only organize it’s self during elections not after they in power and don’t give a fu…ck about us now just lining there pockets. U guys will see you arse one day for sure.

  7. This unelected SG is talking crap these days.What members want to know is the date for the Elective Congress or Conference. Davies Mwila lost MP elections in 2016 and was then Appointed by Lungu to the SG post. Infact Davies Mwila is Acting SG until he is elected in that post as substantive SG. In terms of the PF Constitution when are these Elections going to be held and where? MMD Members have been appointed as Ministers by Lungu into Key positions in the PF Govt. We want these Ministers to be subjected to elections at a PF Elective Congress/Conference. We want firm dates and Venue set Now. In terms of the PF Constitution these Elections are overdue. We are tired of being dominated by MMD visitors in our own PF house. We want Elections held in 2017 from Top to bottom in PF. We don’t…


  9. This Mwila Davies is not a leader….. Why did he resign as Deputy Minister after Late Sata appointed people this ***** perceived to be new comers in the party… He is the guy who almost killed the PF as a party on the Copperbelt… Wabufi uyu mambala… Look through him..

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