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Nkana disappoint sponsors Mopani


Nkana’s failure to win silverware in the 2016 season has hurt club sponsors Mopani Copper Mines.

Nkana finished third in the FAZ Super Division thereby missing out on next’s CAF club competitions as well.

Speaking at the club’s gala night on Friday in Kitwe, Mopani board chairperson Moses Chilangwa said it was unacceptable for Nkana to end the season minus a trophy.

“A team of Nkana’s pedigree should never walk through a season empty-handed; missing out on the league title, the Barclays Cup and even the Charity Shield,” Chilangwa said.

Nkana were losing semifinalists in the Barclays Cup.

“At the beginning of the 2016 season, we were all confident that Nkana Football Club would win the this year’s league but unfortunately, this was not to be as the team finished third on the table,” he said.

“This result greatly disappointed not only management but other stakeholders and Nkana supporters in general.”

Chilangwa said Nkana’s failure this season should motivate the club to perform better next year.

“We can only hope and believe that missing out on the title this year and the opportunity to play in the CAF club championships next year, will stir a positive turn around for the club,” he said.

Chilangwa added:”Ensure that you win the league next year. No excuses will be entertained in the 2017 soccer season.”

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe challenged Nkana to win trophies next season.

“Some of you players may not understand the importance of playing for Nkana. Next year we should win the league,” Kang’ombe said.

12 time champions Nkana last won the league title in 2013 under late coach Masautso Mwale.


    • …with such mentality my dear you cannot achieve anything in any spot….ati ‘bola ilashupa..’ naimwe kukosa kajinge…

    • There are two clubs in Zambia which are impatient with the coaches, Nkana and Power, hence their poor performance.Clubs must learn to be patient with coaches, learn from Arsenal,impatient clubs even in Europe don’t do well in the league, eg ManU-the waste!!!!

    • @Roka Arsenal aren’t the good example for ypur argument. Wenger has stayed with the club because he had big success in his early years so he couldn’t be fired like Nkana do. The perfect example is Man U with Alex Ferguson. Ferguson’s terrible early years at old Trafford would have gotten him fired but the club was patient with him. He eventually became man u s best coach.

  1. Well spoken Mr Board Chairperson. However, looking at the monies for the Best Player (K5,000) and other awards, please tell the Mopani Board to motivate the players and the coach before you issue an ultimatum.

  2. Why don’t we see similar interest in Mighty’s sponsorship? They idly sleep while holding in their hands Zambia s greatest soccer brand. The money they could make from it! Just look across the border and see what TPMazembe does with the brand.

  3. Motivate the players well. Those planks of trophies and the tuma 2pin u were awarding them don’t commensurate your words regarding seriousness. Put your house (sponsorship) in order then it’ll be justified to make demands and ultimatums.

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