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Dropping centres for abused children must conform with the needed standards-Chishanga


COPPERBELT Young Women Christian Association Coordinator Sharon Chisanga has implored all organizations in the region that are opening dropping centres for abused children to conform with the needed standards and guidelines of such facilities.

She observed that some dropping centres were working like orphanage homes,hence to implored those establishing them to follow the needed standards.

Ms Chisanga explained in an interview in Kalulushi yesterday that dropping centres for abused children had special standards, very different from orphanage homes.

“The first two main objectives of a dropping centre of the abused child is to counsel the victim to remove trauma from her and also to help her be opened up start talking as some they do not want to talk about what would have happened to them.

“But it has come to our attention that some dropping centres that are being established in some parts of our province are not doing that so we are saying they are lacking such merits,”she said.

She pointed out that orphanage homes were mainly only for caring for the under privileged through providing them with food,shelter and clothing among others. She said the idea of having more dropping centres in the region was welcomed, but standards were needed to be followed.

Ms Chisanga urged those who would wish to know more on guidelines and standards of a dropping centre should get in touch with her office in Kitwe so that they could be helped in one way or another.

Meanwhile Ms Chisanga has said that the cases of child abused and defilements have slowly started reducing in the region.

She attributed the move to much sensitizions by organizations like hers and stiffer sentences that courts were slapping on the convicted offenders.

“At least we have started seeing some reduction in cases of child abuse and defilements and this can attributed to the much sensitive that various organizations are conducting in their respective communities,”Ms Chisanga.


  1. Zambians should take kin interest in therapy type of counseling. We believe counseling heals the human soul. We need advanced counseling where a counselor understand what’s happening to a client.

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