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The Lisimba Commission of Inquiry is a Chinese Egg that will NOT Hatch!


Bregedier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda

By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda

INTRODUCTION: My purpose in discussing the Commission of Inquiry led by the Honourable Mr Justice Munalula Lisimba is to express my personal views on what I have perceived as frequent populist pronouncements by the Executive that may prove costly and unproductive and may even contribute to further alienation of many Zambians from their own country.

THE MIND OF THE PRESIDENT: it is important to understand the mind of the President who conjured up the idea of resolving election disputes through a Commission of Inquiry. The timing of the initial announcement is significant as it points to what motivated the President to establish the Commission.

On 15th August 2016, barely five days after the end of the 2016 elections, a horde of PF cadres descended on State House to give solidarity to and/or petition their President. President Edgar Lungu received them and, as part of his statement, criticised the “voting pattern of three provinces”.

He was to probe the “post-election violence” but made no reference to previous elections. He promised to say more the next day (16th August 2016) at a scheduled PF rally at Woodlands Stadium. That promise from the Steps of State House alarmed me as it carried what I thought was an unintended tribal innuendo. I therefore urgently wrote a statement to dissuade the President from repeating the statement which was likely to be beamed live to a wider audience.

Whether by coincidence or divine intervention, the President toned down at the Stadium and instead birthed the “Dundumwezi thank you” message! Still the “voting pattern” mantra was echoed and later he formally established the Commission. This is the mind of the President who established the Commission, himself a participant in the disputed election and the President of the PF, one of the main suspects in the violence and other electoral violations.

THE MIND OF THE CHAIRMAN: It is important to understand the mind of the Chairman of the Commission as he is the one to oversee the whole process and actualise the President’s Grand Scheme. It is easy to read the mind of the Hon Judge Munalula Lisimba because he appeared on Muvi TV’s Assignment programme live on Sunday 18th December 2016. The interview was titled “Investigating Electoral Violence – Is it Necessary?” I have summarised some pertinent snippets of the Judge’s interview, not exactly verbatim, but close to it:

‘He explained that the Terms of Reference are in two segments: the first segment is historical to establish the general outline of voting patterns prior to 2016, and find out who influenced the voting pattern. The second segment will identify specific incidents of violence before, during and after the 2016. The mandate of the Commission is to promote reconciliation in the nation but witnesses will not be summoned. We want to get the truth; we know there was violence but who caused it? Were there elements in the pattern of voting that influenced the voting? Did any group or organisation influence the people to vote in a certain way? For example some chiefs were openly involved. Why were these chiefs partisan? We shall find the reason for the voting pattern, what happened, who participated, who motivated the voters, who caused this negative trend. We are inviting all the 40 political parties to come forward to tell us why their members were involved, why their members were beaten’. Chairman Lisimba even gave an example of what they expected to hear from prospective witnesses, e.g. they should say “I was present when Mr B attacked Mr A”. The Judge then assured the public that the Police would be there in full force to protect witnesses!

This is the Mind of the Chairman, laid bare by himself. But without summoning witnesses how will the Commission get at the truth they require to cross-check evidence implicating those not attending the hearings? The leaders of some panga-wielding cadres will not come voluntarily. In fact the Leader of the PF, the one who established the Commission, is not a compellable witness so he cannot be compelled to give evidence even if the Chairman wanted to hear his side. How then will Judge Lisimba obtain his empirical evidence?

PUBLIC POLICY: I contend that the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry contradicts current public policy regarding electoral administration and resolution of electoral questions and/or disputes. President Lungu announced his Commission while petitions were in progress. To date some of these petitions are still undetermined, awaiting verdicts by the appropriate organs of state with requisite mandates. The grounds for petitioning the Courts are many and varied with remedies or sanctions provided therein. They include bribery, treating, corrupt acts, illegal practices, publishing false statements in respect of other candidates, undue influence on voters (which includes violence and intimidation), interference with public meetings and, more broadly, breach of the Electoral Process Act.

All these are on our statute books today, and are reinforced by the Amended Constitution that President Lungu assented to on 5th January 2016. Public Policy is always to be found in the Constitution and other published laws of the land.

One cannot be wrong if one observes the law and avoids manipulating it to suit one’s secret agenda. It is important to understand what our system of government provides for resolving electoral disputes, which ordinarily come once in five years. There is no vacuum.

The Electoral Process Act addresses the issue of electoral dispute better than the Lisimba Commission. This system covers, inter alia, campaigning, establishing of Conflict Resolution Committees in all Constituencies, even before arriving at the point of litigating.

No one is allowed to find out how people voted; it is unconstitutional and illegal.

In this regard the Electoral Process Act Number 35 of 2016 was promulgated and assented to by President Lungu on 6th June 2016. Under the Franchise Article 45 provides that “citizens are free to exercise their political rights and that elections shall be free from violence, intimidation and corruption”. Article 46 provides that “a citizen who has attained the age of eighteen years is free to register as a voter, and vote in an election BY SECRET BALLOT”. The Electoral Commission of Zambia is designated as the organ of State that conducts and administers elections throughout Zambia, subject to the law relating to Petitions.

The Lisimba Commission thus runs counter to Public Policy and was established prematurely and in bad faith. No one is allowed to find out how people voted; it is unconstitutional and illegal.

Further since the Commission will NOT summon anybody, what will happen if the key suspects do not volunteer to give evidence? How will the Commission obtain its empirical evidence through this Commission? And how will Judge Lisimba and his team ensure there is reconciliation by usurping the judicial functions of our courts that have continued to receive direct evidence of the various disputed elections?

CONCLUSION: I submit that the correct forum for electoral disputes or questions is already provided for in our laws (Constitution, Electoral Process Act and subsidiary regulations).

Commissions of Inquiry must be the exception rather than the rule in resolving electoral disputes. Let all outstanding petitions be concluded without let or hindrance. Imagine if the presidential ballot boxes for 2016 were opened and recounted live in full public view what truth would be found in Pandora’s Box! We may even find therein thousands of missing votes for President Edith Nawakwi, President Saviour Chishimba or even President Andiford Banda! It is a known fact that the votes of so-called small parties are fraudulently allocated to the so-called big parties in places where the small parties have no agents to challenge the poll (like the days when a frog used to stand but was unable to petition)!

The Lisimba Commission is a sheer waste of public funds and an abuse of the President’s discretionary power for establishing inquiries. He himself is conflicted but is NOT a compellable witness so he cannot be subpoenaed even if the Commission attempted to do so. He ought not to superintend over any inquiry into the disputed election in which he participated. Further he is the leader of the PF, a political party whose record of violence is in the public domain.

I say that the Lisimba Commission is a sham, an ill-advised wild goose chase that is but a conduit for further abuse of public funds. This Commission is a giant Chinese egg; it will not hatch. It must be disbanded!

[26TH December 2016]


    • The General has spoken!! Look who is talking about racism!!! Iwe ka mushota you look down upon your race, now you are saying the General is racist, shut up and sit down

    • 1.1@Mushota 06..38: 1. I am NEITHER a racist NOR tribalist. Read my article again – under The Mind of the President I advised the President NOT to repeat his REGIONAL/TRIBAL attack against three regions whose “voting pattern” he condemned. Lady Mushota, akoni kekala umuti katemenwe!In 1991 the Southerners voted overwhelmingly for a Bemba President Dr Chiluba. 2. For your info the words ‘Chinese Egg’ are a common maxim. A ‘Chinese egg’ is a large artificial but beautifully coloured egg, a mere decoration. This egg will remain there without hatching because it is not a real egg! I forgive you for spoiling the humour at Christmas///

    • Yes. The expression ‘voting pattern’ was an attempt to divert attention from the massive rigging that took place in Lusaka, Copper belt Eastern, Northern and Luapula provinces. The setting up of the commission is an admission of guilt but the results of the inquiry will only be accepted and released if they favor PF. Remember the ‘Useless’ Sebastian Zulu BAROTSE report?

    • Wise One, I have never in my over four decades of life met a fool like you. Its people like you who should never be allowed to get involved in politics as you don’t understand want electoral democracy means.
      Its only fair if your preferred candidate wins but democracy does not work like that. Ask true democrats like KK and RB to give you a free lesson. Look at Gambia and what Yaya Jammeh is doing!!! Zambia is a democracy and any one who thinks otherwise needs to have his head examined.

    • First and foremost, I wist to thank the Gen. for clearly and expressly stating that what he has written is his personal and singular opinion.

      The goodness with expressing an opinion is that it does not need to be correct, right, or even wrong. One just needs to have some thoughts – wrong or right, it does not matter.

      Secondly, I wish to question the use of the term ‘Chinese’ in the Gen’s grammar. Why use the word ‘Chinese’ in this matter? Can the Gen explain to this forum the concept behind using that word.

      Does the Gen have more meanings to the word ‘Chinese’, or does the word exist to explain or describe other things than the people of China?

      If the Gen cannot answer the above questions clearly, meaningfully and adequately, I would request that he withdraws the word…

    • General Miyanda has become a man of contention. The Bible calls this satan, one who opposes. Ba Miyanda is very negative. Every time he speaks or writes, it is to oppose. The Heritage Party man has nothing to offer except shooting down other people’s ideas. The power of life and death is on the tongue. He curses and not blesses. Since he has access to the President, why doesn’t he write to him, instead of ‘showing off’ his ‘blogger -ability?’

    • @ Peace of Zambia, and@ Mushota questioning the use of “Chinese egg” as a metaphor by the General here is my explanation. Like the General elaborated in the comments, the “Chinese egg,” may refer to the decorative giant egg that can be found as a decorative item that may look similar to an egg, but cannot hatch because it’s not real. Or , In my own understanding, (Not the General’s), it can also refer to some fake Chinese eggs found in China. This is no secret, and all you have to do is google “fake Chinese eggs,” or go to YouTube and search for “fake Chinese eggs” and see what you get. Of course it must be emphasized that not all food in China is fake. But there’s some fake food made by some unscrupulous “business” people, who are tarnishing the good name of their country…

    • (Continued)… And the Chinese government is actively pursuing these bad “business” people, to try and shut down their illegal operations. So there’s nothing racist about what the General said.

    • The Commission of Inquiry that Zambia REALLY NEEDS is one into the TRUTH about how LOAD SHEDDING has been caused, and how much it has damaged the Zambian ECONOMY!

      The lies and excuses about “drought” should be exposed, and the REAL cause, PF mismanagement and incompetence, be publicly aired.

      But of course it will not happen. Lungu and his PF cannot afford to be honest with the Nation.

    • The bare truth is that Lungu is desperate to document that UPND did something wrong in the provinces where it won. However, he will not admit that he has disparaged and denigrated the people from these areas as bakachema who cannot rule Zambia. His party has neglected investing in these provinces. For example, the fake Lewanika University and Mongu Stadium launched by Sata are a mirage and smokescreen. The Chingola-Solwezi road is just talk which now has to be done by a private company, FQM. Farmers, of whom Tongas are a significant proportion, have been neglected to the extent that farming inputs have not been distributed even after this Xmas. So why did Lungu remotely hope to win in these provinces? Why does he think that these people should have been hoodwinked by his thieving,…

  1. What wise words ba Ngosa! Ubushilu efyo butampa ifi fine! Ba G. Miyanda, the whole of him, who was at one time a very Senior person in the Defense Forces, a Senior MMD and Minister, at one time the third most powerful person in the country, does not understand the meaning, importance, purpose of “commissions of inquiry”? A commission of Inquiry is meant to seek independent opinion by independent people instead of the day to day institutions which may be over worked, routine and incompetent to professionally handle certain challenges! Period. The thought and approach by Gen. Miyanda very achaic and backward!

    • You don’t know the man you are criticizing. He is a former vice president of the country. I therefore, doubt your knowledge on the issue under discussion.

    • 3@Mandanda 7.00: Read and understand @ 1.4 above. 1. It is you who has fallen into serious error by discussing me instead of the topic. My thesis is simply that under our electoral law the appropriate inquiry that must take place is called PETITION where evidence is given under oath by one side and challenged by the other side NOT OPINIONS but credible evidence to find out who cheated by stuffing ballot boxes, who beat who, who called other candidates names, etc etc. President announced his Commission 5 days after the end of the voting. Why did he not wait for the petitions to be conducted? Why run a parallel investigation?

    • This is what you need to know about the General. He is as forthright as they come. He articulates his ideas, his thoughts, as well as opinions with great clarity and insight. He is one of the remaining few career officers trained at reknown world class military institutions who actually rose through the ranks and with his contemporaries engaged the fascist oppressive enemies to the south. That he continues to contribute, participate and educate is a bonus. if you cannot comprehend idioms shut up. Have you ever heard of a white Elephant in the house? Racist? Be real. Thank you General !

  2. Always Gen. Miyanda provides a voice of reason. How a guy like Lungu could actually find himself as president of a republic, I think this is main problem. The people who imagined he is presidential material are the problem. Unless one’s IQ hovers blow -1 we all know Lungu is the architect of violence, he is not democratic. This commission is further evidence that Lungu thinks Zambians are stupi!d people who could be trampled upon and get away with it.

    • @2021
      That flag is for his Network Provider, they may be using a Satellite registered in that country…when you send a message via your phone online your Network Provider will look for the cheapest tarriffs from the nearest satellite to transmit at any given time. This is why ones flag varies especially at weekends but this is not common with Copper and Fiberoptic internet land lines.

  3. Exactly my thoughts general, the whole thing is a red herring, if not a pretext to use in severely disadvantaging the UPND. The word tribal was overwhelmingly uttered by the mouths of PF partisans and thus any inquiry into tribalism should largely focus on the PF. Commissioned to sanction futility; waste of time and resources.

  4. Brig Gen Miyanda, this piece is well written. Today you have shown the Mind of the General over this commission. Brig Gen you should have been a president somewhere between 2001 and 2011. Look at what our nation has become now.
    Keep writing. Inspire these leaders of today.
    Lisimba is sheer waste of money who won’t even avail us the findings. President Lungu my president was wrong to set up a commission when he knows it’s our own cadres and those of UPND Kaponya (HH) who caused violence. Voting was tribbal because Kambwili was allowed to talk tribbal by ZNBC. I think PF can do better than this. And once Kaponya (HH) resigns, the tribbal tag will die with him.
    Lisimba, advise our dear president that you are a waste of money.

    • I must take this opportunity to thank all those who voted genuinely for me as Best Blogger 2016. Surprisingly the truth hurts for those who voted me ‘most irritating’. How can I be irritating when all that I speak is the truth? Maybe they thought the I in irritating was the closest to ‘most influential’ under which I campaigned. Thanks all the same.
      The other clowns who voted for themselves using fake methods have been exposed and LT will declare them null and void.
      Our petition for Best Blogger 2016 is highly active in the Con Court.

    • 6@Kudos 7.08: thanx; I have rested well and feel rejuvenated to contribute to the entrenchment of democracy and appropriate values in Zambia. If this is the last battle I wage I will do so without fear or favour and no blogger will discourage me///

    • Kudos thats self praise you can never win best blogger even if you can petition the results with that 4% and 12% for being most irritating, though today you sound very sensible if you continue like this you might win next year

  5. If the PF leader can’t be summoned to explain his role in the political violence,why should anyone appear before it.There is video evidence of comments made by ECL which can be deemed to have incited the police brutality we witnessed.How will that be dealt with.

    • 7@Independent 7.15: Spot on, especially the HOW question! This is what unbiased citizens must be asking: how can a the Lisimba Commission Inquiry continue when one of the the accused, in fact the chief suspect, cannot be summoned bcoz he has immunity? This is the import of the Chinese Egg – it will not hatch!

    • “….If this is the last battle I wage I will do so without fear or favour and no blogger will discourage me///” Ba General, your “last battle” is “without fear or favour” only when it is against GRZ! I have never read any article by you commending GRZ on any issue, does it mean all GRZ does is wrong?

    • @2021
      “…does it mean all GRZ does is wrong?”

      Funny question you have posed there!! Can you list just one item that GRZ has done well?

    • Wantanshi, the General has left that part for you since you are the only one who sees the good that PF-Grz does in wasting public resources

    • @Fwebene

      I guess you were responding to @2021 not me. PF GRZ hasn’t done a single thing in their 5 years in power worth singing about. What they have done instead is launching Zambia at rocket speed towards economic catastrophe and it’s happening. Right now the country is broke. The little money still floating around is just for Lungu and his sycophants.

  6. I admire the General’ train of thought. Indeed the arguments he’s advanced are worth mauling over especially by ‘HE’ who has the power to disband this Commission. Strengthen institutions related to to election issues… start by completely overhauling the present crop of members of staff. Conduct interviews to get the right caliber of personnel to run these institutions and not merely appoint people (cadres).
    The country has bigger fish to fry. Diversification, managing debt levels, poverty, addressing literacy, managing and prioritising government expenditure levels, corruption, payment of suppliers, electricity deficit….the list is endless.

    • 8@Mwape 7.20: Yes, this is the way to go, first correct what has gone wrong domestically, without being partisan and/or populist. And please stay home and find time to be in the office to read, review, provide reasoned responses, and once in a while travel for relevant programmes that cannot be delegated. So far I am NOT aware of any that could not have been delegated.

  7. The contents and comments in this article are spot-on. I am left wondering why General Miyanda let it late. This should gave come out strongly at or immediately after the plans of establishing the Commission was hatched publicly. By now, we all know that our presidency lacks sound, prudent and timely political and administrative counsel and advise from those close and entrusted with that noble task. I aplaud galant men and women that take time to reflect and draw lessons on Zambia’s public administration in the highest office – men such as Akashambatwa Lewanika, Dean Mung’omba, Lucy Sichone, Paul Tembo and many more. The ToR are verge and lack public confidence. We may have a repeat of the failed tribunals witnessed during Sata’s regime and Lungu’s troubled tribunal on Attorney…

    • 9@Prophet Patrick 7.32: Point of delay noted. But I believe you may have not read my Christmas message which explains this (it is in LT Lifestyle 23rd Dec). I took leave for the rest of 2016 to reflect on many fronts and I am still on that leave; the commencement of the Commission rattled me to interrupt my “sabbatical”. But rest assured I have resolved to engage actively; even topics that have already been covered will be commented on if I judge that that will help with our democratic journey. Thanx all the same///

  8. Well said ba Miyanda. Lungu’s Commission of Inquiry Is meant to divert attention from his election rigging and electoral coup. Lungu lost the Election to HH but carried out an electoral coup using compliant Judges to illegally retain power. So far he continues to block the UPND Presidential Petition to conceal how he stole the Election with the help of Essau and Priscilla Isaac at ECZ. After realising that more PF MPs would lose the Petitions Lungu has directed High Court Judges to stop giving their judgments and change them in favour of PF MPs. Lungu was pained to see Luo and Mwanakatwe disqualified as MPs and he would not want more PF MPs disqualified. So Lungu has now blocked the Presidential Petition as well as MP Petitions. On the useless Commission of Inquiry ,Lungu wants to…

  9. “It is a known fact that the votes of so-called small parties are fraudulently allocated to the so-called big parties in places where the small parties have no agents to challenge the poll (like the days when a frog used to stand but was unable to petition)!”

    General, is this statement factual? Has it been proven and by what means?

    • What’s stopping the General from making his submission to the commission? He seems to be having some “material evidence” from the Chiluba regime! He’s also free to appear before the Commission and tell it of his disagreement with its parallel seating with the on-going petitions – the way he has articulated above! Why is he throwing punches from a distance?

    • 11@Pakudya Salimbana 7.53: Evidence has always been there. That is why they refuse to open the boxes and recount; that is why after I successfully argued, and was supported by LAZ, that the President had no power to set the election date, the MMD, via VP Kunda, amended the law to legalise what had been going on for years. But in the process they removed the provision that allowed for a recount on demand! To recount requires that the ballot boxes be reopened . In the 2016 we heard how President Saviour Chishimba was in one case allocated 200 votes instead of 1, 200 – where did the 1,000 votes go and how have they been accounted for? Etc, etc///

  10. Mushota has a point on this one. The use of the ‘Chinese Egg’ Example or proverb is in bad test. Reminds me on one guy who kept on telling me “the white man…this, the white man that’. Then I said to him supposing “the white man” kept on referring to you as ‘the black man’ and not by your name, how would it feel…racist?

    • 12@Pakudya Salimbana 7.59: you are lost by following Mushota who is lost. Read @1.4 and @3.2 above and be enlightened. This “Chinese Egg” is NOT a race but my figurative expression indicating the the Lisimba Commission will NOT achieve anything like the decorative egg that is not an egg. Concentrate on the topic at hand///

    • People like you are the reason we need to have mandatory reading for all children first to twelve grade. Had you read widely, you would have know the General was using an analogy.

  11. Another well-thought out masterpiece from BGG Miyanda. I’m a fan, a big fan and this due to the fact that in a country occupied by politicians who are incapable of reasoning, the General is a breath of fresh air.

    With all due respect to the intention of Lungu, it is kinda s!lly to investigate the so called ‘voting patterns’; I mean it’s ridiculous to ask why did people in Southern, Western or North Western vote for HH and UPND; or why did the people of Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern vote for President Lungu and PF; or why did they split the votes from Lusaka and C/belt in almost half?

    Lungu’s hypocrisy is gone to the lowest level, I mean he might as well establish a commission of inquiry why he stole the elections.

    This country, I’m not sure if it’s a cursed case of…

    • 13@Maverick 8.01: exactly the point. Relate this to the concept of elections – to elect means to choose what you want; secret ballot suggests that a person, after listening to all the rhetoric including lies, is allowed to vote as he or she pleases without anybody intimidating them or interfering. If it the violence they are worrying about this is catered for under the Electoral Process Act and Zambia Police Act as read with the Penal Code.

    • I only hope the inept commission will also establish why HH’s votes were given to ECL. And therefore why Essau Chulu declared Lungu winner even when he had lost

    • Continued…

      This country, I’m not sure if it’s a cursed case of lower IQ; selfishness, combined with natural tendency of thuggery and thieving or just the fact we have not evolved as humans. Everything just doesn’t seem to make sense… these guys can’t even make a small effort to forget about their selfishness and at least put the interest of the country ahead of theirs, and do just a little bit of moving this country forward.

  12. In short Lungu wants his Commision to exonerate him and PF from violence. We know that most of the violence was committed by PF supporters and Lungu and other PF leaders incited that violence. Lungu wanted to divert attention from electoral theft and usurpation of power. We all know that Lungu with the help of Essau Chulu and Ms Isaac at ECZ rigged the Election and stole victory from HH. With the help of Concourt and now the High Court Lungu is clinging on to power just like Kabila of DRC and Jammeh of Gambia. The Electoral Act requires that the Presidential Petition be heard and disposed off in Court but Lungu will not allow this becoz it will expose his loss and coup.
    On the Commission of Inquiry Lungu wants to argue that he was voted by most Provinces and therefore he won the Election…

  13. “The Lisimba Commission thus runs counter to Public Policy and was established prematurely and in bad faith. No one is allowed to find out how people voted; it is unconstitutional and illegal.” ba Gen. you are a very clear minded person and your analysis excellent with a befitting conclusion, the unfortunate part is that they only listen to themselves!

  14. Miyanda has resurrected. Is he leader to one of the 40 parties? Why not go to the commission and submit? Are you not trying to sway the masses to start thinking your way before they go to submit? Please go back to sleep.

    • 18@Pink Toe 8.39: I receive your blessings of my resurrection in Jesus’s name. In view of this blessing expect a lot of me in 2017. Of course I shall be sleeping regularly in order to rest and wake up rejuvenated. If God could rest, why not me, a mere mortal. Don’t sleep in 2017; Merry Christmas to you and your family. Try be good to others in the New Year. By the way I am NOT writing as any party; it is me, Godfrey Miyanda the individual, a free citizen, free like you to express an opinion///

    • The issue keeps arising why bro Miyanda should go to the Commission.The Commission is s farce.Although there was violence from UPND,there’s a lot of evidence video from MUVI showing two main instigators of violence. The PF and Zambia Police ,Police provoked UPND and then teargassed them.Police shamelessly blocked Radio Mano in Kasama from interviewing UPND President and Vice President .I don’t think Mwamba is a good leader,BUT he’s a free citizen to appear on any RADIO station.
      Zambia Police on many occasions eg Mafinga incident,Swiwang’andu simply stood by and appeared to encourage PF to attack UPND.
      Zambia Police is completely corrupt and partisan, the next proper government should disband it,it can’t be salvaged.
      What will Miyanda do at the Commission when the Commission can…

  15. I agree with you General,to us it’s a sheer waste of money.It’s mainly to draw attention away from the electoral fraud and try and blame somebody else.

  16. Sorry to say this but it is true. Typical African I am. Typical African Leaders ECL, Kabila, Ghabo former Ivorian President, Gambian President are violent and do not care about other people lives except those who blindly support them our they steal public funds together.
    I changed to True African when I started reading articles from the True African Icon “Madiba” and Wise One General G. Miyanda

  17. Point of correction Ba General, President Chiluba was not a Bemba. There are no Bembas from Luapula/Congo Province. There has never been a Bemba president in Zambia thus far.

    • 21@2021 9.12: sorry to offend but thanx for the detail. However the point I was making was that the Southerners voted for someone from another region and nobody complained about that voting pattern. In any case I should have said they voted for a Luapualan, which was previously Northern Province. But must we really be so sensitive? Do yo you see why the Lisimba Commission will just achieve the very opposite of what the powers that be have schemed!///

    • Strictly speaking yes,loosely speaking All “tribes” of Luapula Lunda,Ng’umo,Aushi,Chishinga etc speak Bemba have Bemba clan names and many Bemba namesnames(Mwansa,Mulenga, Bwalya) hence called Bemba.Only major difference is accent,which even in US English is different from region to region.. Eastern, Mid West,West etc.So in one sense these are Bemba.

  18. “It is a known fact that the votes of so-called small parties are fraudulently allocated to the so-called big parties in places where the small parties have no agents to challenge the poll”

    Ba General, Please educate us on this statement you have made. Was this action done during the last election? or has this action been common during the past elections? Thank you Sir.

    • 22@Mutelo Habazoka 9.22: Please get them to agree open the boxes and you will get your answers. These things take place routinely///

  19. Thankx General for the wise counsel,May the almighty God richly bless you abundantly,Merry christmas and prosperous 2017

    • 23@samson mwansa 9.42: may you and your family also receive the Lord’s abundant blessings now and in the coming years///

  20. As usual the general is finding fault in what others have initiated. Why this general can not offer his services, he seems to know a lot, is anyone’s guess. He sits on the fence like humpty dumpty, offering no solutions but just castigating. So general, you want Judge Lisimba to be removed and the commission disbanded, then what? You want us to sit with you on the wall and sing praises for the rubbish that comes from the likes of hh and gbm? As far as I am concerned, what I see in this general is a selfish, hugely egoistic person, in whose thinking no one can be right but himself. Convince me otherwise, and point out one issue that you have agreed with publicly, locally or externally. And please also write a thesis on something that you have agreed with. Your negative vibes just makes be…

    • 24@Ba General 10.00: I cant respond as you have said NOTHING about the points raised in my thesis. Point out what you disagree with then I can rebut. I have provided a solution. by contrasting the Inquiries Act which the President has used vis avis the Electoral Law which expressly provides for how election questions or dispute are to be resolved; and there are still petitions unresolved. If you say I am wrong say so but support your arguments with citations. Until then I cannot answer when you are not specific on issues raised in my article. I have been thorough, with citations from the Constitution and the new Electoral Process Act 35 of 2016 assented to by President Lungu on 6th June 2016///

    • @Ba General! I thought General Miyanda has already stated that electoral disputes are already covered in our constitution so we DONT NEED A COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY! WHAT SOLUTIONS DO YOU WANT? YOU MUST BE DULL LIKE LUNGU EDWARD.

  21. @1.4 Godfrey Miyanda, no Sir you got it all wrong. We are not using eggs to hatch birds or crocs. No we are using mammals, or human beings if you like, to hatch ideas to help us understand the undesirable things that took place on 8/11.
    Yes I have only read the first two paragraphs, the rest sounds like warped ideas and arguments from your Village Concept and predictably boring and misplaced.
    I suggest that you go kneel before Judge Lusimba, apologise and tell us through him your rigging theory.
    As for HH petition, it expired 14 days after it was launched. If you want it to be heard after those 14 days expired, please go to parliament to amend the constitution as appropriate.

    • 25@Terrible 10.37: Enjoy answering your own questions; I will only respond when you critique my article factually on the points of Public Policy that I have raised; otherwise you have said NOTHING about the substance of the article. If you are not clear read it again or else ask me and I will clarify. By the way I, GODFREY MIYANDA, CAN NEVER EVER KNEEL BEFORE A HUMAN BEING.///

  22. I agree totally with the sentiments and analysis by General Miyanda. ECL clearly has an agenda to mislead through misrepresentation and encouragement of a wild goose chase. It is perversion of the law. This President has to recognise his constitutional role as the guardian of our constitution. This is his primary role. When issues are in court and parties feel aggrieved, he should encourage and protect due process, not undermine it. Only a person without long term interest in Zambia will quibble with the general’s assessment.

    • 26@Mutonya 10.40: I couldn’t put it any better. yes, perversion of the law by announcing an inquiry five days at the end of the 11th Aug 2016 election instead of waiting for petitions to be heard and determined.

  23. General Miyanda is spot on. Lungu appointed a Commission of Inquiry to cover his Election Rigging Trail. Lungu wanted to convince the Nation that he was voted for in 7 Provinces while HH was voted for in 3 Provinces only and therefore he won the elections. Lungu wanted to argue that since he was voted for in 3 Provinces there is no need for HH to petition the results. Unfortunately for Lungu most Zambians know that he and his PF Party lost the Election outright. Lungu lost the Election but refused to handover power to HH. The Commission was meant to kill the Petition but it has failed already becoz the Petition lives on until its heard and disposed off. Until this is done Lungu will stew in the everlasting illegitimacy. Lungu,Mu7,Mugabe,Kabila,Jammeh etc belong to the same league of…

    • Even after rigging amass in his strong holds – after chasing away observers from other political parties – HH still failed to make it. It is practically impossible for a voter to vote for a PF councilor. mayor and MP and when it comes to a presidential vote he choses to vote for UPND. PF have the majority of councilors, mayors and MPs in 6.5 provinces. Come on UPND wake up 2021 is just around the corner. Stop dreaming and move on to another loss!!

  24. The terms of reference are flawed. There is nothing like voting patterns unless you don’t understand democracy. Democracy means you can vote for a mad person, a cousin, a brother, a fo0l, or whatever. Democracy simply put means your choice, you even have a choice to choose your tribes mate. I am from the east, I don’t have a problem the way people voted, it is their choice

    • 28@Martin: Right on target. If we want to establish a pattern of the elections we need NOT use a Commission of Inquiry under the Inquiries Act but a team of Independent Researchers, with a government budget. These will use materials already in the public domain, especially at the National Archives, the ECZ and Institutions of Learning such our universities. The approach would be to interrogate the facts already existing without any a bias towards a pre-determined outcome. Empirical evidence already exists but needs to be interrogated. Such a research would produce a credible outcome.

    • Is there something they are trying to remedy with inquiring why people voted the way they did? If so then they will be chasing very long and dim shadows. There is no thing as right or wrong voting; or quantifiable as correct or incorrect. Holding such a notion as an affront to the essence of democracy.

    • Infact the voting pattern was un duly influenced in areas lungu considers strong holds where people were not allowed to vote freely but were for 5yrs being bombarded with propangand by all public media and all PF leaders that Tongas only vote for tongas which is a lie as the general has already pointed out.Infact southern province has a sitting MP from Eastern province.The PF clearly had problems selling the same message to the peoples of western and north western ,not to mention southern and result are there for all to see.What is also strange is Zambians b4 PF where not so much concerned about who has voted who,in 1991 the east voted Kaundas unip there was no talk of pattern.PF should pull up there act no one owes them votes.

  25. The commission was called by the republican president who heads a party that perpetrated electoral violence with impunity and unabated. What results do you expect from it? Going by history, how many commissions of inquiry have we had and how many of their recommendations have we received from them. We had an unarmed UPND youth who was shot by state police with a live bullet in broad day light on the streets of the capital city, the back yard of the head of state. What did we see the following day? The president was busy on his campaign trail, and dancing to the dununa reverse. Head of state publicly dancing when his citizen has been shot by state police as a result of electoral violence. With such I see a biased recommendation of the commission of enquiry

  26. I agree that this commission is a waste of time and money. I feel that if you want to know why people in Southern Province vote that way you don’t need to ignore the fact that their livelihood is centred around agriculture and livestock farming. Even though they voted overwhelmingly for Chiluba in 1991, he let them down on agriculture by destroying farming policies left by Kaunda that supported animal husbandry. They lost a lot of animals as a result. Those of you that have interacted with Tonga will know how they value their animals. A person in the city will look at land in form of a plot while a Southerner will think of farmland no matter how small. Take a drive now to Livingstone and see how land is utilised along the way. There are no squatters when you enter Mazabuka but open…

  27. …….space with people working on their fields. For anyone to win the hearts and minds of the people in Southern Province you need to show respect for agriculture and the law.

  28. The General wants to tell us that he does not know that HH is a product of tonga only for president of both UPND and Zambia? And they have never withdrawn the statement or apologised for that. Do us a piece on this episode General, then you will understand the need for the Lisimba Commission. Ackson Sejani is still alive and well, a very rich resource for your research.
    While at it you can also tell us your take on HH choice of GBM as running mate, a person whom HH referred to as a bemba a.k.a monkey in a maize field. And how come Canissius Banda his former vice president suddenly became a member of the mice eating tribe lumped together with RB and Esau Chulu. Those are the sentiments of one HH not mine, Mr General! And for the avoidance of doubt HH uses such terms in a derogatory way,…

    • 32@Terrible 11.01: You seem to be intelligent; stick to the substance of my article then I will enjoy a debate with you, not this waffling without direction. Also avoid hate speeches if you are interested in a discourse with me. Otherwise I will not respond to your diatribe///

    • @ Terrible… I think the General has compelled you on several instances to respond to his article at hand… he’s right that you seem to be all over the shop.

      It sounds like you already know the answers then, so why bother setting up a CoI when you already know the reasons. Yes Sejani and his kind took over the leadership of the UPND from Sakwiba Sikota using tribal rhetoric but that was like a decade or so ago? I mean to continue clinging on to that as the reasons for setting this kangaroo court farce is ridiculous to say the least. Saki himself has since moved on.

  29. This commission of inquiry, like many others before, is dead before it is even born as I indicated in another post. Instead of entrenching democracy and observing the law of the land our leaders continuously cover up and end up heightening the suspicions of those of us watching helplessly. Gen. Miyanda makes a pertinent point by pointing us to the provisions in the constitution that cover the concerns that require no commission to resolve. Matter of fact some law faculty or political science undergrads could easily put up papers from data gleaned from these activities and inform us more accurately than this failed commission here. And why we ignore researchers is always beyond me.

    • 33@Kalok 11.02: Yes, yes, yes. I endorse the part about researchers except that this should have a clearly non-partisan objective, well defined and purposeful Terms of Reference for the research, independent but professional and a Government Budget so that the Zambian people own the project. I believe that there is no need to establish a commission to examine/interrogate empirical evidence/data already existing e.g. previous commissions and, depending on the identified thrust of the research, previous election information, recorded political feuds/violence, etc etc. We must not ignore researchers or any other Zambian professionals and experts. Use them instead of engaging consultants from across the globe even to understand “food security”!

  30. Good morning General. From my UNZA lecture days of the 1970’s I learnt that, governments set up commission of inquiry for three reasons;
    1. To genuinely seek solutions to seemingly intractable problems /challenges facing society that require collective wisdom. Implicitly in this strategy is that the collective outcome of the exercise will be binding on all parties.
    2. To divert the general public’s attention from the problem /challenge at hand. Here, government’s strategy is mainly to show the general public that government is dealing with the matter but have no resolve to attend to the challenge. The idea is that the general public will lose interest over time. … just look at what happened to previous commissions of inquiry set up under PF. .. How many of them have been acted…

    • 34@Senior Diplomat 11.04: Good morning Senior Diplomat and compliments of the season. Sorry your comments are not complete and end with part of para 2. Nevertheless I have got the direction of your comments which I agree with. Unfortunately people go to politics for both good and bad; they lie; they make false promises. If you lied to get into government then you will continue to lie throughout your term. So we have to find the answer to this peculiar political conundrum. And I do not believe that this forum is one that can assist us in this puzzle.

    • @Senior Diplomat, to my knowledge there has never been any commission of enquiry under the PF apart from the one under discussion. There have been two tribunals viz the Judge Chikopa and the one concerning the DPP. Please be factual and impartial.

    • 35@Blowjob 11.19: You are aware? How come I am NOT aware? You have given the game away. It is people like you who will be trekking to Lisimba Commission with lies. My article has nothing to do with personalities. I mentioned President Lungu because he set up the Commission; and Hon Judge Lisimba is the Chairman who appeared live on Movie TV. I can support anybody including HH and GBM if I choose to and you cant stop me. Do NOT insult me; no one sponsors me; I am a patriot. When I advised President Lungu about the Constitution he ignored me but I have had the last laugh as now he says there is something wrong with it after he signed. I do what I do to contribute to our democracy and NO ONE SPONSORS ME//

    • You are not aware because even it was right between your own noise you wouldn’t see it. What is it that you contributed to our democracy? You think the president will respond to your concern through blogging or tabloids? Have you tried to see the president personally? Are you still relevant to our democracy?

  31. The General might have a point here 1. In South Africa the Truth Commission was set up to help heal apartheid 2. The Gachacha in Rwanda was set up to heal genocide identify culprits and save them from death penalty! What is the aim of the Lisimba Commission? Is it to point out who drove the violence or to compensate the victims? Video evidence is abound i.e. stoning of the bus in mutendere (ironic as it might be), namwala hacking of poor souls, displaced dundumwezi souls and even persons like Max the PF cadre, and the training troops of GBM, can we forget wynter and gbm cadre fight or indeed Nkombo in Livingstone….So what are they looking for is to heal the nation or use the ‘big’ stick to thump opponents?

  32. Well argued General. If only, ECL can make you an advisor, even a secret one. He will benefit more from listening you than to RB. He will leave behind a proper legacy than the one he is creating now. The only question I have for President Lungu is what he will do if the Lisimba Commission finds PF as the main culprit in the election violence? Will he even announce the findings of the Commission or the report will gather dust somewhere?

    • 38@Ndanje Khakis 11.30: though irrelevant I seriously advise you to read the full Chona Commission. Also find out why the KK regime banned access to the verbatim Chona Commission for 30 years! What was the problem??? You will find in the complete verbatim report what Zambians submitted at that time. I do not wish to discuss KK, who has always been my role model until he introduced the One party State, which we in the MMD destroyed; I personally do not want anybody to take us back to those days; that is why I writer ferociously when I sense such ill motives. No more frogs or hyenas standing against human beings – were you born then? If so was this a democratic thing promoted by our KK?

  33. Happy New year General. I 100% agree with you. If we are not careful, the commission can breed more troubles in an already politically troubled country especially if it targeted at a certain groups of people.

    General how can we actualise your vision for this country? Will such writings like yours help to change the way we are doing things or we need some other form of action?

    • 39@Ndetila nati 11.34: My writings are focused on issues I judge to be national and deserving my expression on the issue. Such matters cannot be properly articulated under our partisan politics; what with government-controlled media and the banning of private media that have an independent editorial policy. I enjoy an intelligent debate and would love to exchange views with open-minded citizens. But our polarised situation does not allow divergent views; thankfully I can express those views online as long as I am allowed by the host network. I believe my wrings help to sensitise those who read with non-partisan spectacles. People do not need to agree with me; but I enjoy a robust argument against me that points out what the point of disagreement is but NOT being personal. So the idea of…

  34. Lungu appointed this useless Commission of Inquiry to kill the UPND Concourt Petition and cover up Lungu and PF’s electoral malpractices and violence.B4 the Commission even reports the UPND Petition is alive and illegitimate Lungu clings on to power. Lungu can appoint as many Commissions as he likes but without hearing the Petition Lungu will remain illegitimate. We all know that Lungu lost this Election outright and refused to handover power to HH. If this Is not true then Lungu should allow the Petition to be heard in Court and Lungu should prove how he won. If Lungu can do this openly and in Court people will have no problems recognising him as President. Period.

  35. Let the generals talk.The majority of you are blind cadres who do not even understand appreciation of a situation. Currently Tonga’s,Lozi’s and North westerners are being harangued.Fighting culture is a preserve of the PF.Police brutality is instructed by PF.Tribalism song is from distinct bemba speaking. So what is commission for.

  36. Good analysis General. You are an inspiration to all those that take time to analyse issues sensibly so that this Nation can begin to move in a positive direction. Now, everyone knows that
    1. ZNBC,Times of Zambia and Daily Mail was biased towards the ruling party and it clearly showed that the opposition was ‘evil’
    2. No opposition leader was given space on ZNBC.
    3. There was tribal talk from the senior members of PF on ZNBC.
    4. There were signs that The PF Government was tribal.(check the cabinet of Sata and other senior positions in GRZ) This alarmed other regions and thi was the genesis of the crack in the Nation.

    • 43@Grand Funk 12.50 I had penned off at 12.49 pm (see 42@Godfrey Miyanda above). Just to acknowledge your contribution and add that the Public Media has been ‘captured ‘ by the ruling party. It should be one of the tasks to address bcoz it remains captured regardless of who ascends to power. I have some thoughts about how we can attempt to deal with this irritating but strategic instrument of governance. Happy New year///

  37. How difficult is it to pass a law banning/criminalising carrying of offensive weapons and sharp instruments in public? So far there is no will on the powers that be to issue a ban, we observed in last elections how some of their own were armed to the teeth, we remember what happened in Petauke Max Chongo and company. A leadership that seeks to pursue peaceful means and unite a people would not go to the extent of buying armoured police cars to prepare for conflict it just does not add up. We have seen many commissions of inquiries come and go after gobbling massive funds the reports on findings are shelves to gather dust and become taboo to be referred to. Brg Gen Miyanda has a point more practical/workable means need to be adopted. Brg Gen I still remember when you came to our rescue in…

    • 44 and 45@ZOZI-A-ZOZI 1.25 pm: Sorry I penned off at 12.49 pm. Such laws exist especially under the Penal Code but are either NOT enforced or enforced selectively. Remember the PF cadres who camped in front of the High Court for several days without being dispersed even though the media (print and online) carried their daily activities. Gunite and Happy New Year!

    • 44 and 45@ZOZI-A-ZOZI 1.25 pm: Sorry I penned off at 12.49 pm. Such laws exist especially under the Penal Code but are either NOT enforced or enforced selectively. Remember the PF cadres who camped in front of the High Court for several days without being dispersed even though the media (print and online) carried their daily activities. Gunite and Happy New Year!

  38. meant reports are shelved and become taboo to be even referred to one case in time is the report on barotse disturbances of 2011 the commission of inquiry was set up by the PF Government. A look at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website advice on travel to Zambia lists Zambia as high risk destination due to violence though the warning could have been placed during Elections it is not a good picture of our Country at the time when we need more tourist to come to Zambia.

    • Brig Gen Miyanda, thank you for making me aware the law against carrying offensive weapons in public does exist. For sure there is selective justice.

  39. Mushota has lost all the relevance she once command. do not mind her. every dog has its day. even the so called mighty mmd fell down.

    • Oh, I get it now; coming out ‘Best” from a bunch of five morons in some ‘vote’ makes you relevant, does it!?

      I wonder which DOG has it’s day now…

  40. @General Miyanda
    Your mind and your philosophy as repeatedly revealed from your very incisive articles including this one are a testimony why you were vice president of Zambia. Unfortunately we have a regime and a collection of scoundrels who believe that the commission and the motive fir calling it are genuine when in fact evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. Thank you for giving me some hope in the face of the bleak hopelessness that we currently face.

  41. I am PF and I will not take a partisan stance. I respect the President as well as the General as citizens of Zambia. I agree that this commission will be a waste of resources. We are in a democracy and people need to be educated that democracy means voting for what you want, democracy entails even going tribal if you want. IT IS DEMOCRACY – There is no offence for voting for what you want. My view is that we should just have had an enquiry why the Police was so incompetent in the last elections. Why were people beaten almost to death for wearing opposition regalia. Our colleagues from the opposition were treated so badly in most parts of the country that they ended up retaliating using the Southern province.

    • @Petros Mwape
      Very few people in Zambia are genuine and honest as you are. Most of us hold the absolutist view that our party lines and representatives are faultless and angelic and the other group are evil, devilish and out to be annihilated. People like you ba Mwape should have advocated fir a national gathering say at Mulungushi international conf. Center to allow all Zambians to do a 3-day soul searching and seek to destroy tribalism, nepotism and hegemony instead of this waste of money and time.

    • Petros u are the only sensible PF blogger so far… Thank u for a responsible comment if there could only be a handful of pipo like u Zambia wud be a beta place under the pf rule.,

    • 49@Petros Mwape 14.05: Sorry I had penned off at 12.49 pm. I am pleasantry surprised and pleased to read such a contribution from a PF member. This is why we should never vilify people by labelling them what they are not until we know them. I just wanted to adopt the comments of @Warlord at 4.54 pm and @Chikunda Gal at 7.53 pm. I adopt their comments as my own and send the same to you. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year together with your family – Godfrey Miyanda///

  42. ZNBC, Zambia Police, Public Media should be disbanded and the heads prosecuted. Only then will I say the commission was relevant after the inquiry. For now, as usual, the commission will go to state house, hand in the report and rhetoric will follow by the president, Government hours wasted, tax payers money wasted just for that hand over. In all markets opposition flags were removed, billboards destroyed, a life was brutally brought to its cold end, women opposition members were stripped. All the opposition did was to retaliate. The level of lawless and lack of leadership is appalling. I am non partisan, this country deserves better. You don’t need a commission for this, you need that institution called the Police to wake up from its deep slumber

  43. Edgar Lungu dribbled the electorate, devastated the opposition, muzzled the courts; and now, to add salt to injury, he has formed this Lisimba Commission as the icing on the cake, baked by himself for himself.

  44. Terrible, again your name matches your logic and intelligence. God gave us two eyes, to see, two ears to listen, and one mouth to speak, us your mouth wisely, without prejudice . RESPECT ZAMBIA,

  45. People like Blowjob are cowards that will annoy while hidding under a fake name. This is a serious discussion which require sensibke contributions.

    For Dundumwezi the people were flooded with developmental projects of other areas on ZNBC by PF. Do you think a person from Dundumwezi after having watched all that then looked around his underdeveloped area would have voted PF? Knowing fully well that other areas were receiving infrastructure development? This is why this senseless commission should be stopped. Waste of money!

  46. @32.1 Godfrey Miyanda, yes I am more on the intelligent side than the average, by God’s grace if you like. If you want to comment on hate speech please contact your colleague HH for guidance.
    Your article talked about hearing out HH’s presidential petition and I responded that it is out of time and I advised that if you are serious about hearing it, the best course of action is for you to go to parliament and amend the 14 days time frame given by the constitution. To do otherwise is a sheer waste of time because it will never happen according to the wishes of General Miyanda, Prof Hansungule’s or anybody else in our lifetime. That is my contribution to YOUR OWN comment. I cannot comment on the rest of your article because intelligent as I am I don’t see much in it except perhaps…

  47. Contd @32.1 Godfrey Miyanda, I cannot comment on the rest of your article because intelligent as I am I don’t see much in it except perhaps someone seeking attention. And I am amused at how eager you are to happily respond to tagree with you. I don’t see much intelligence in demanding the hearing of an expired petition when you claim tombe a defender of the law. The first one or twp parliamentary petitions by UPND were lodged on time but thrown out for lidging the arguments out of time. I have not you, Prof Hansungule or anyone else cry about that
    Intelligently, I ask myself “What’s the difference?”

    Contd @32.1 Godfrey Miyanda, I cannot comment on the rest of your article because intelligent as I am I don’t see much in it except perhaps someone seeking attention. And I am amused at how eager you are to happily respond to those who agree with you. I don’t see much intelligence in demanding the hearing of an expired petition when you claim to be a defender of the law. The first one or two parliamentary petitions by UPND were lodged on time but thrown out for lodging the arguments out of time. I have not heard you, Prof Hansungule or anyone else cry about that.
    Intelligently, I ask myself “What’s the difference?”
    I can sense that there is something that you fear about the Lisimba Commission, the more you argue the more likely that I will be able to put a finger on it.

  49. Chishimba Kambwili is on record as having encouraged people in Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt and Muchinga Province to vote the same way Southerners vote for their own without understanding why they do that or persuading voters using what the PF had done for them. Dishonest Rupiah Banda is also on record saying Wako ni Wako! Why not start with those? And since the President was mute when these words were spoken he is equally culpable. No need for any commission because instead of de-escalating the situation the PF encouraged this divisive pattern.

    • Spot on.As I’ve articulated on this,MUVI TV has video evidence of a lot of PF and Zambia Police violence which l believe ZNBC also has but couldn’t broadcast, MUVI earned itself suspension, while ZNBC which was broadcasting hatred went Scot Free

  50. @43 Grand funk, you amaze me in contradicting the stance of the General who does not want your very FOUR points to come out in the public domain. Why anyone would want to make conclusions on an article by one General Miyanda and not the public hearings of the Lisimba Commission beats me. Just listening to the testimony of that tribally displaced fisherman from Namwala is more enlightening to me and many others. The value of the Lisimba Commission to me is more the public opportunity that that Namwala villager/fisherman is given to talk to me through the hearings than the outcome of the commission itself great idea as it is. In these situations just talking and hearing is more healing than listening to an individual and rather warped and predictable opinion of General Miyanda.

  51. Well spoken general, but why did u wait for this long to write this. We need people who can stand up and points out at the presidents wrongs. It’s fun how a lawyer can ask people to look into reasons of why people voted the way they did when one’s vote is a secret. Is Lungu saying there is a recommeded voting pattern in this country. We suffering as country because of such careless descions. That commision must be disbanded at once. It’s like asking chickens to suggest what will be on menu during this festival season.

    • 58@Topcat 3.15 pm: Sorry I had penned off at 12.49 pm. Thank you for your encouragement. I did not wait to write but had resolved to rest remainder of 2016 until 2017 reflect over things. The interview of the Judge made me to temporarily break my “sabbatical”. It is very taxing and stressing to write serious Argued Papers which you expect will be robustly challenged; and I wrote quite a few, starting in December 2015 with a Petition to Parliament and another to the President, both of which were ignored! But 2017, the Lord willing, I shall be back frequently depending on what I judge to be serious issues fit for national exchange but not petty political posturing. Enjoy the rest of 2016 and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family///

  52. GGMiyanda, I think you can find something more beneficial to do than this. I do agree it may be a waste of resources but you can do better. This is too petty. It is like joining a discussion when 15 year boys are quarreling about which car is faster than the other.

  53. General, please ignore petty minds like the coward calling himself Dodoma and please don’t respond. We will do it on your behalf. I don’t think the guy grasped anything from what you wrote thereby calling it petty. These are chaps who were running away from school when the teacher was teaching and the chap was surely in group 3 in class in primary. This level of thinking is what is killing the country

  54. Gen Miyanda you are right. This commission set by lungu is a sham and meant to intimidate citizens. We all know that Lungu is a scared president because of electrol fraud which took place. Why is it that voting pattern in luapula, northen and muchinga is not questioned while that of southern , northwestern and western provinces are questioned? why?

  55. I have a question for Mushota. Are you Amos Chanda or Lungu’s special special assistant? The way you contribute is a clear indication that you are paid to say the contrary of what is pointed out that is not favourable to PF and Lungu. The General merely called a spade a spade.
    And since you can’t see this in this light you are one of the reasons Zambia is not developing.

  56. @32.2 Maverick, yes 10 years or so Saki has moved on but has HH and Sejani moved on? No, their mission and objectives of 10 years ago have been reinforced hence what you saw on 8/11 which the General and similar ilk do not want to be exposed. In August 2016 HH and Sejani’s were almost masked over the 10 years that you talk about, just almost but not successfully executed. Their plan has now been exposed and Lisimba commission will just plant the last nail in the coffin. Don’t you wonder why HH is so bitter and cannot even wait for 2021? He knows that this was a one time chance which will never present itself again no matter how many GBMs he (ab)uses. Sleep well chuundu party, see you in the other life!

  57. Finally from me Terrible, everybody should be aware that the course of this country’s political was set for fundamental change in 2001 when the gallant General Tembo, Edith Nawakwi etc broke away from MMD to form FDD when Chiluba sought a third term. But what was almost a destiny for this country was changed by one General who instead of joining hands with FDD as in the original MMD, chose a misguided path and formed his party to propagate the Village Concept of all farts! He single handedly scuttled the unity of purpose that ranged formidably against Chiluba. Now of course I am not questioning his freedoms and civil liberties. But I note that the General has been displaying his brand of intelligence since then!

  58. Dear Gen. Miyanda, Your writing and argument on specific points are always backed with Logic and Law and facts. I can not add or subtract yet acknowledge that the Lishimba Commission is truly a Chinese egg that will not hatch.
    Kudos, Merry Xmas and Happy New year (2017)
    I look forward to your articles in 2017
    Kind regards

    General Sun-Tzu

    • Only to those with nothing to do or those that are short of intellect and will agree with anything that seems to be well articulated in the queen’s language. This general brings nothing to the table as far as solutions are concerned. By my judgement, the man is a total failure.

  59. My President who never was. Thumbs up Gen Miyanda, your intelligence cannot be matched with these bakandile who are paid to ‘damage control’ without logic. I yearn to hear more of these intellectual debates from you General. Ignore some of those putting up baseless arguments, they are paid for this. Posterity will judge and consume these imbiciles. Happy new year.

  60. They lost the elections pants down but used the incumbancy to muzzles all state machination to remain in power. Otherwise, they are cowards.

  61. This guy called Terrible? Is there any hospital in Zambia that can diagnose his problem. You see when some people write on this blog you don’t really know what the issues are. The General has put up his arguments in a very logical manner with citations of his views. If you have a different opinion, look at those arguments and counter based on what the man has put across . Why do we go to school mwe banthu? Some arguments and bringing in issues of 2001 clearly tells you that we still have some very dull Zambians, maybe dull sounds sane but let me say dalo

  62. Well articulated arguments General. The way Lungu is mismanaging affairs of the nation is depressing. The cracks in our national unity were sown by Chiluba during his ill-fated 3rd term bid when he expelled well meaning possible contenders for the MMD using Sata. Mazoka was expelled even before he announced any intention to stand for presidency. At that time majority of cabinet was full of people from LUAPULA save for a few sycophants. A complete departure from the original MMD. WHAT WERE THE PEOPLE OF Southern, Western AND supposed to Think? That they are second class citizens who should not aspire for leadership? NO. SO THE UPND WAS BORN. It is widely debated that Mazoka’s victory was stolen in 2001 with voting taking place in the north 5 days after the official election date. Well…

  63. First and foremost, I wist to thank the Gen. for clearly and expressly stating that what he has written is his personal and singular opinion.

    The goodness with expressing an opinion is that it does not need to be correct, right, or even wrong. One just needs to have some thoughts – wrong or right, it does not matter.

    Secondly, I wish to question the use of the term ‘Chinese’ in the Gen’s grammar. Why use the word ‘Chinese’ in this matter? Can the Gen explain to this forum the concept behind using that word.

    Does the Gen have more meanings to the word ‘Chinese’, or does the word exist to explain or describe other things than the people of China?

    If the Gen cannot answer the above questions clearly, meaningfully and adequately, I would request that he withdraws the word…

    • Peace for Zambia @1050 pm: I stopped answering u wayback bcoz of what you wrote about me and your promise. Nevertheless for now 1. Read 1.4@Godfrey Miyanda at 08.48 yesterday above under @Mushota; also read 3.2@Godfrey Miyanda at 09.07 yesterday above under @Mandanda at 07.00.
      2. Find out what the following phrases mean: – Kick the bucket: do you actually kick the bucket?;
      – Caught red handed: is your hand red?; – Facing the music: are you standing in front of some music?;
      – Lay eggs (cricket): are you laying eggs? If your answer is YES don’t come back to this article. If it is NO then ask me relevant questions and I will oblige///NB: No withdrawal and no apology to you or anyone else!

  64. General Miyanda is 100% spot on. In order to salvage the political situation in Zambia would not lie in setting up a commission of inquiry on the 2016 elections. There are democratic structures and judicial system beside the ECZ to effectively manage and handle elections in the nation. The only issue worrying in Zambia is that these institutions compromise with the party in power. There is irrefutable evidence to that effect. What is lacking in our leaders is patriotism and decency to do the right thing. The manner in which PF government handled the 2016 elections demonstrated that lacking of patriotism and decency. Courts and some judges lost respect to do the right thing where natural justice was openly denied at the expediency of politicking. How will future elections be held where…

  65. Concluding remarks
    If you are a UPNDonkey General Miyanda’s article is a very intelligent one. He is a very intelligemt writer. If the same General, I mean exactly the same former vice president, wrote anything which does not support HH, the same UPNdonkeys would respond with tonnes and thousands of litres of high pressure donkey droppings and donkeys farts on the poor soul. You dont have far to look for an example, look at the UPNDonkey rinning mate cum vice president GBM whose tribe they labelled bemba monkeys in chorus with HH. Suddenly GBM is no longer a monkey? Mo, just wait until they differ like Canissius, he will be aonkey with sticky finger in the maize field. You can give these UPNDdonkeys 10 years they cannot change.

  66. Bo General Miyanda. There are rare people who are a nation builder like yourself. This country requires healing being championed by sober minded citizens in the likes of General. What you see in the voting pattern is some form of resentments and the feeling of not being appreciated. But General, How do you feel when a person even from the streets of Lusaka shouts in Bemba that there will never be a Tonga, Lozi, Luvale, Kaonde, President to rule this country?? And yet these people never abandoned voting for other ethnic tribes since independence?? I can tell you this: if Tongas had a basis of claim for self determination like the Lozis’ 1964 BA, this country could have experienced sovereign embarrassment because they could have broken away many years ago.

  67. General your wisdom can be a major source of unity. You do not need to be in government in order to be understood. Find time to summon Civic organisations, church leaders, politicians, traditional leaders, to preach inclusiveness in the management of public affairs than the current schemes of down grading other tribes that they are not presidential materials as if the nation is a project under tribal trust-ship. This where the problem lies. If this voting pattern repeats itself in 2021, then forget about the 1 Zambia, 1 Nation moto. The parents like you General will be the ones to blame because NER does not want to accommodate the appeal of NWR to be given the chance of executive leadership. Let us watch, wait and see. Time is ticking. Keep it up. But this is serious General

    • @Njoko Sitoto at 09.32 and 09.51: Observations valid. I isolate following for emphasis: 1. HEALING: no healing when the wound is not treated but instead you pour acid or petrol on it. Reconciliation calls must be genuine and not mere campaign slogans. Make peace with those you have offended – THIS IS GOD’S WAY AND COMMAND. 2. TRIBAL TALK: as a Christian Nation we must honour God by recognising each and every tribe; God created tribes. Independence was gained by and for all tribes. 3. NATIONAL FORUM: atmosphere is polarised and infested with bribery, corruption and deceitfulness; state institutions including public media are compromised; those in authority play a duplicitous double-dealing role. Regrettably even Church is compromised but no harm in trying///

  68. Am done for now; thank you all for your participation in this debate. Enjoy the rest of the passing year, thank God for his care for you; love everyone, especially the other tribes. HAPPY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR ALL YOUR FAMILIES///

  69. Thank you all for your participation in this debate. Enjoy the rest of the passing year, thank God for his care for you and yours; love everyone, especially the other tribes. Am done for now; HAPPY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR ALL YOUR FAMILIES///

  70. @Godfrey Miyanda: Thank you all for your participation in this debate. Enjoy the rest of the passing year, thank God for his care for you and yours; love everyone, especially the other tribes. Am done for now; HAPPY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR ALL YOUR FAMILIES///

  71. General, sorry to draw you back into the debate. Don’t retire as yet. What is being experienced now is not a problem created yesterday. What we see today is the manifestation of a well calculated propaganda scheme that was architectured by champions of the one party state. When you advance propaganda above basic truth, you are essentially brainwashing the masses to believe in you, while the truth is hidden. This is what happened during the reign of KK. General, people, including my self in South Africa, are asking a simple question. Why has RSA and Mandela placed trust in Honouring King Lewanika, by naming his first born son after the King and writing a will instructing Zuma to build a school in honour of the Knig but his own country has only made efforts to erase his history and only…

    • 81@Njoko Sitoto 28.12 at 11.56 AM: Apologies I had penned off at 11.00 on 28.12 and disappeared almost immediately, after doing my best to respond to relevant comments including yours. I have just seen the robust thought-provoking debate between you and @Ndanje Khakis and I am tempted to respond to both of you. I have views, very strong views, on all that the two of you have posted. Both postings deserve response. But by your own arguments you have confirmed that there are more serious issues requiring investigation and resolution rather than those under the Commission. Forgive but I prefer the immediate purpose of my article, namely the cunning but unproductive Commission of Inquiry, to be the heart of this debate. Thanx///

  72. Why has RSA and Mandela placed trust in Honouring King Lewanika, by naming his first born son after the King and writing a will instructing Zuma to build a school in honour of the Knig but his own country has only made efforts to erase his history and only advance that which they saw fitting to achieve their agenda. The generation to come will not feel offended if someone will hide bags of sugar from them, but the same generation will be offended if someone is going write the history of Zambia’s democracy without mentioning General Miyanda as one of the pioneers of democracy that played a role and serving as V/P of the country at some stage. The mouth that does not appreciate is more disgraceful than the one that utters an insult. Propaganda projected NER as having been instrumental…

  73. Propaganda projected NER as having been instrumental in the liberation of the country than NWR, hence political power only fits the NER sons and daughters. Very sad belief. In Africa there were only 3 countries that offered a complete package of what the colonial imperial masters were looking for, namely Angola, Zambia and DRC. The package ranging from minerals, fertile, land for farming, water abundance for irrigation and power generation to industrialize, labour was the focal point. The rest such as access to the habour were to be negotiated. Lewanika had to balance the appetite of 5 supper powers salivating for Zambia, that is King Leopold of Belgium, British Imperial power, the Portuguese, the Afrikanners and the Germans. Dealing with these armed powers was like balancing an…

    • I can’t agree with your assertion that Eastern Zambia claims that it did more in liberation of Zambia than the Western part. Far from it. If Kaunda had come from Southern Province, Barotseland or Mwinilunga and had the same charisma, he was still going to be president. Same applied to Frederick Chiluba. He was a compromise candidate because he was about the only person KK didn’t have a “dossier “. Mention them KK was going to rip them apart eg Mbikusita Lewanika (he had issues with Zambia Ceramics), VJ and Sikota (The story is well known) etc. If Mazoka had not died maybe he could have made it. Enter HH and the issue of tribal takes prominence and so far apart from appointing GBM, HH has not distanced himself from the pronouncements of Sejani, Munkombwe and Vernon Mwaanga.

    • 84@Spy mashra on 28.12 at 1.17 pm: interesting observation and thanx for seeming to come to my aid. But if you follow the robust debate between @Njoko Sitoto and @Ndanje Khakis you will see that the confrontation is between these two, while I remain the agent provocateur! For the sake of real peace we must all condemn that mischievous and ill-motivated Commission and hope it is disbanded forthwith or simply ignored. See also 81.1@Godfrey Miyanda above. Now I am really outta here from peaceful Makeni rushing to the bustling city town of Lusaka. Enjoy the rest of the year and a Happy New Year///

  74. To act only when you are adversely affected is being very dishonest. Chiluba started misbehaving as soon as he came into office but all ministers kept quiet. They only reacted upon realizing that the “dwarf ” wanted to continue in power contrary to the MMD consititution. Of course we had honest ones such as Aka, Mr Kasonde and a few others.

  75. Dealing with these armed powers was like balancing an elephant on his nose. The British had a program of Cape to Cairo, through Katanga province and leading figure to achieve this was Lewanika, but Lewanika needed the support of the Lambas but the they refused and hence King Leopold found the opportunity to dig into Zambia and giving the country a foetus like map. In 1910, while in Capetown Lewnaika wrote to King Leopold to stop encroaching into the territory. But for all these, they only spew hatred towards the Lozis, not knowing that Lewanika also wanted to use the influence of the British to expand the geographical land mass. Unlike Afrikaners or Germans and Portuguese, that used force, the British ruled through consent, treaty and concessions. Where there was no local cooperation…

  76. Where there was no local cooperation the British were reactant to participate. Let us tell the generation the truth, not propaganda.

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