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Kalumbila husband kills wife after a domestic dispute.

General News Kalumbila husband kills wife after a domestic dispute.

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman of Kisasa compound in Kalumbila district has been killed by her husband after a domestic dispute.

North Western Province police chief Auxensio Daka said the incident occurred on Monday around 21 hours and identified the deceased as Karen Makechi while the suspect is John Palata of the same compound.

Mr Daka explained that the deceased suffered a twisted neck and swollen private parts as an unknown object was inserted in them.

He said the matter was reported to police by the deceased’s younger sister Tina Bajibanga.

“We recorded a murder case in Kisasa where a man beat his wife to death following a domestic dispute,” said Mr Daka.

He said the suspect has been detained and charged with murder while the body of the deceased has been deposited in Solwezi General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Meanwhile, 29-yea-old Pearson Bisanka of Mambwe village in Kakombe area in Kasempa district has committed suicide by hanging himself to a tree with a chitenge material.

Mr Daka said police visited the scene and found the deceased’s body still hanging to the tree about 200 meters from the village. “The incident was reported by the father of the deceased. However, when police officers visited the scene they found that there was no foul play suspected so the family was advised to bury the body,” he said.


  1. Why all these incidents during Lungu’s reign? PF, the suffering that you have subjected people to will finish this country. Barely a day passes before someone kills another person or a person hangs him or herself. People are resorting to prostitution as a way to mitigate their suffering brought about by this perpetual failures even though their married.

  2. It appears the more such bad reports are published the more they happen. Anyway who is is really benefiting from such article’s? Please, Boma bombelenipo BAN these unproductive articles .They are just bringing more confusion to our beloved country.

  3. The “root” of all these spouse killings is to do with money & promiscuity.A jobless husband finds a chicken/meat cooked at home is a big issue.A wife with no food at home,crying children & the husband comes drunk smelling imichopo/T-Bone & saying he has no money.

  4. The Namibian phenomenon is upon us finally. Why do we think what is practiced in other countries is good enough for us? Passion killings (as they are now known) are a common occurrence in Namibia although there it is jilted men who murder their lovers or spouses. In Zed ati zwinopindrana!!! Every gender against the other fela!!! Yaba!

  5. 50:50 situation. Two days ago we had a man knifed by high spending woman. At least the men have started reacting. Do not allow these prostitutes to rule us.

    • Don’t marry the prostitutes in the first place you ba.stard. by the way a ‘prostitute’ got pregnant by your father so u would be here posting your lunacy on L.T. Bl00dy 1diot.

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  6. Cage the bastardy…..*****!!!!!we always say that if you are incapable of handling a home,it’s better you take your belongings and leave.we ar tired of hearing this nonsense development of spouse killings everyday.

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