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KCM has to pay contractors and suppliers in full-Yaluma

Headlines KCM has to pay contractors and suppliers in full-Yaluma

Minister Yaluma making his presentation at the Country Case Study on Zambia session at the 2016 Mining Conference in Cape Town on 10th February.
Minister Yaluma
Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma has warned Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) that he will not allow the firm to pay contractors and suppliers in installments.

This is because the firm last week pledged to pay the 200 million dollars debt in full by yesterday.

Speaking when he met contractors in Chingola on Tuesday, Mr Yaluma said it is wrong for the mining giant to think of issuing partial payments when contractors have been waiting for their money for months.

He said he is back in Chingola as promised on Friday last week to ensure that all contractors and suppliers who are owed are paid by Tuesday.

He has warned that if KCM does not serve the interests of the nation, the mining giant may lose its operating licence.

And one of the contractors Blackwell Siwale has revealed that no contractors have been paid today as promised by KCM.

Mr Siwale revealed that the KCM process of payment to contractors takes a minimum of five days and it is not possible that the contractors will receive their money this week.

On Friday, hundreds of contractors and their employees protested and blocked the entrance to the KCM General offices in Chingola demanding payment.

This forced the contractors, KCM management and the Ministers of Mines and Labour to hold a six hour closed door meeting in which KCM Chief Financial Officer Sharad Gargiya announced that contractors would be paid by yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Mines is this afternoon expected to meet KCM management to find out why contractors and suppliers have not been paid.


    • KCM would prefer to pay off the Minister than pay the suppliers. The Indians have PF on their d!cks. KCM pollutes the Mushishima Stream, and hence Kafue River, at will. They secretly lay off employees; they don’t pay suppliers on time or ever; they claim ridiculous copper production when their plant is grounded; and they displace qualified Zambians with Indians (Chingola is crawling with these curry munchers). Yaluma, and PF, should stop playing games with these people. Either withdraw their mining licence or stop making hollow threats.

    • Is this real or this PF blogging jakass’s account has been hijacked? What happened to the real “PF and Lungu cannot do any wrong” Kudos?

  1. Why is a govt Minister interfering in the Mines/ Supplier Contracts? In what capacity is Yaluma doing this? Is Yaluma a Debt Collector for these Contractors and Suppliers? Surely disputes between Buyers and Sellers are settled in Court. Yaluma is not a Court neither is he employed by the Contractors and Suppliers as a Debt Collector to recover their debts from Mines. PF Ministers either don’t understand the Law of Contract or their roles in such contracts. Yaluma should leave the Mines and Contractors/Suppliers to settle their contract disputes in Court. Yaluma has no interest in these disputes and should not involve himself in such operational issues instead he should be busy formulating and administering Mining Policies on behalf of the GRZ.

    • Try to comment on things that you are knowledgeable about than criticising the minister for the sake of it.
      For your information the payments that is being talked about here is not in dispute. KCM has not been paying their suppliers and contractors for a long time. To make matters worse they even started failing to pay their own workers. When people cry about KCM, its from that back ground. With KCM, when you supply or complete works with them and say the bill is K1m, they will take 90days to pay a K100,000 of your million and then you keep on chasing the balance. A lot of companies have closed shop because of this behavior of KCM. Therefore the ministers’ involvement must be commended and not criticised. For me this is the first time Yaluma has actually worked in that ministry.

  2. What a shame. First the government should be an example of employers by paying government workers on time. Newly employed doctors and teachers go without pay for more than 6 months or more. Retired workers do not get their benefits within reasonable time. Cheap reasoning and trying to impress contractors.

  3. I conquer with @ mwansa,when did yaluma become a debt collector instead of talking on safety measures on mine workers who are dying everyday due to power safety and over working.we know lungu is the owner of LUNTEX trucking which might be the one transporting the copper and yaluma also being the contractor.

    • When you dig deeper and you will find that many Politicians are suppliers of these mines through proxy companies like Fossil Chikwanda.

  4. You people what will ever be right in this country? The Minister responsible for the mines is trying to improve relations between the mines and their suppliers and you are condemning him? If he just sits idle enjoying Christmas with his family back home in Lusaka you will still call him names saying “he’s supposed to be fighting for the welfare of suppliers”. Let him to do the work he’s paid for. Lets give credit where it is due.

  5. Like I said last week Yaluma is the last person one can send to any negotiations…the foool will be played, no wonder they insist on these meetings being CLOSED DOOR…YOU CELEBRATED TOO SOON.

  6. Government has not paid us for vehicles we provided the electoral commission of Zambia in the last elections. Yaluma, please help

    • You must be a PF cadre to get a contract from PF. Now that they will not even pay you, that’s when you are going public. You were celebrating alone when you got that contract. Just talk to your PF handlers to get paid.

  7. Viva Yaluma we need leaders like you,who does things for the benefit of others i identify with you let K.C.M the Contractors and suppliers 8 months is too much.I like this spirit of Yaluma as it is like that one of Late M.C.SATA.

  8. UPND, if you are proud of your heritage and your party why don’t you use your beautiful chuundu names? Why hide and blog behind bemba names and sound like monkeys in a maize field or mice eaters? Be proud of yourselves, Hamwaape is as good as Mwape in our One Zambia One Nation. So is Haamalungu as good as Lungu. How can you win elections when people don’t know who you are and only see proxies like GBM?

  9. Upnd cadres with their anti everything mentality have taken over LT after their bantustan propaganda, the watchdog died a sudden death..! What they want is kcm not to pay contractors so that there are anti govt protests in Chingola….! Upnd and hh always rejoice when things are bad in Zambia..! Way to go Yaluma! Push them harder..!

    • Get used to it! We will follow you wherever you are and will ferret you out of all corners of Zambia and cyberspace. It is not UPND that made KCM not pay contractors for 8 months. For that matter, it is not the opposition that made you incompetents not to deliver farming inputs in time. You are running government and not a kantemba. Behave like leaders and not whining, whingeing bitter “winners”. Why did you rig the elections so that you could win when you do not know what to do with the govt machinery?

  10. Mr Minister, let the Government pay the mines their VAT refunds then you can take a strong stance against them, otherwise you have no moral right to demand for full payments when government has failed to meet its obligation to various suppliers and contractors. Don’t play smart!

    • Good point. The KCM Indians will also use the same excuse to not pay ZCCM-IH its London court judgement against KCM on price participation.

    • Boma cannot make such payments and have never had a 50-50 position to bargain. The asset doesn’t belong to us, renting something you once owned.

  11. Comment:Bantu Batatwe rejoices in de suffering of Zambians 2 them they think that will take HH 2 state house…nosence nd slow thikng.

    • Sitoto! The suffering of PFoools in a land of plenty should not be blamed on the hard working groups. You are beginning to sound like the German PFascists who blamed the Jews for the 1930s great depression. Blame yourself instead.

  12. UPNDonkeys! If he is the mechanic in charge of repairing the ambulance at your hospital, and the ambulance will not start because of a dirty battery terminal, he will not fix it even to attend to a life threatening emergency. Reason? Misguided hope that people will rally behind HH by making them think that government has failed. It does not work. If people have rejected you five times, best is to go back to the drawing board and restrategise, ask yourselves whether you have the right candidate, is he doing the right things, is he willing to let other people take over, especially the monkeys in the maize field, is he burning markets, is he bringing down power lines so that people who did not vote for him suffer, is he sponsoring rioters to break the High Court, is he defending such…

  13. Contd…
    …is he sponsoring rioters to break the High Court, is he defending such rioters?
    You see, if it was not for GBM standing beside him, HH would easily have called Justice Mwila Chitabo a monkey eater. But don’t be fooled, HH still uses those terms when he is in his clan and inner circle or when he is sleeping. The language is still very much alive and part of his nature, just wait for him to differ with GBM, VERY SOON, and you will hear him. Didn’t he do it with the fallout of Canissous Banda?
    But Mr HH remember that we still the two maximum security prisons intact, don’t be fooled by the change of names to Correctional services, after all you have refused to be corrected. So for your evil actions and crimes against humanity Maximum prison will still exist!

  14. UPNDonkeys, are you confirming now that you are happy about KCM mot paying the contractors? Of course we know you are since you saw an opportunity for riots last week. Yes the workers will demonstrate and demand their money, but they do iy for themselves and their families….NEVER FOR HH WHO IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS LIKE A TERRIBLE DISEASE!

    • KCM has not been paying contractors on PF’s watch. PF has been running Zambia for 6 years. If KCM has not paid contractors for 8 months, who is to blame? Where was govt? Yaluma has been played by the Indians. He should have kept to his word and not left Chingola until everybody had been paid. I can assure you, he will be there for the next 6 months waiting for KCM to pay every supplier.

  15. Government has not paid us FRA Transporters , please Mr. Minister help us recover our moneys we have been waiting for , for years .

    • @mulenga mulenga:
      Dont be an Ar.rse!! Go to Dora, the Minister of Agriculture….Yaluma is minister of mines!! You are the idi.iots that go to Gynaecology when you have a tooth ache instead of seeing a dentist!! Are you on expired drugs and cant think properly!

  16. I bet some of the KCM unpaid contractors are owed by Govt as well, and Yaluma sees nothing wrong and hypocritical about that. The fact that he has even failed to follow the Law of the land pertaining debt collection says it all.

  17. There is NO WAY Yaluma is doing this for altruistic reasons/ out of the goodness of his heart. That is NOT in the makeup of the P.F minister / official.
    Once you dig deeper you will discover Yaluma is barking loud coz like Kambwili, Chagwa, Chikwanda, & most P.F crooked officials, they are the same suppliers of K.C.M by proxy, hence they have gone to lengths to shut down vocal uncompromised independent media, these dishonest P.F, Kawalalas!!

  18. I have said it before and will say it again, KCM has never been good for Zambia and Zambians. These Indian have no business running those mines in Chingola and Chilis. Not only have they destroyed the environment and wildlife, they have polluted the air causing various illnesses of the poor , humble people. The farmers have had their fields destroyed and the fish in the rivers is there no more. On top of that, they steal our resources, cheat on the taxes and pay our fellow citizens peanuts. If this is investment, we can do without it.

  19. KCM has never been good for Zambians. PF has never been good for Zambians. Rupiah Banda has never been good for Zambians.

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