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2016 was a successful year in taking development to the citizenry-Information Minister

General News 2016 was a successful year in taking development to the citizenry-Information Minister

Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga

THE Government has described 2016 as a successful year in its quest to take development to the citizenry, and is optimistic that the country’s economy will continue flourishing next year.

Chief Government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said despite global economic challenges that had not spared Zambia, the Government had performed fairly well in its quest to improve the livelihood of all citizens.

Ms Mulenga, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said in an interview yesterday that in view of many economic gains that the country had recorded, the Government was confident of doubling its success next year.

“I am happy to state that the Government has this year performed fairly well in its implementation of various programmes of development and we are very confident that more economic gains will be achieved in the coming New Year,” she said.

The minister said the massive infrastructure development the country had so far achieved was remarkable and had assured of remaining committed in uplifting the welfare of all citizens.

The Government’s continued investment in infrastructure projects such as health and education, she said, had been key in helping to uplift the living standards of all Zambians.

She said her ministry would remain committed to ensuring that the implementation of phases two and three of the digital migration project became a success.

The digital migration project is being implemented as part of the global decision to execute the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) resolution which was passed in 2006.

This involves change of television broadcasting system, from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting, and the Government has decided to implement the project in three phases.

Ms Mulenga assured of the Government’s commitment in improving the welfare of the public media institutions, namely, the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

The minister called for peace and unity, citing the need for all citizens to remain committed in helping realise the Government’s national development agenda.

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  1. Kikiki it is really sad when a government is living in utopia. You have made youselves believe your own lies that people are happy and yet the opposite exists on the ground. You lost these elections you silly failures. Vote nez best blogger

    • I don’t like that minister Kampamba Chilumba.
      Why didn’t Edgar appoint Mumbi Phiri or Frank Bwalya as information minister?

    • barabas we know that the PF crooks have been voting more than once and are trying to cheat their way through voting for a chap like sinkamba. Funny you have not mentioned anything to do woth lungu’s very embarrasing performance. How can a president who just supposedly recently won an eleciton only garner a mere 9 percent of the votes in a poll.THis shows the lack of confidence in him. I say let us impeach this man

  2. Is this Zambia that this woman is talking about?

    The “developments” I have seen are the development of –

    Zambias debt! How much kaloba do our children have to pay back now?

    Load shedding! How many more years of this incompetence ?

    Breakdown of Law and Order! Today in Zambia the guilty walk free? Elections stolen and corrupt Courts?

    Joblessness! A million jobs promised but all we see is more job LOSSES!

    Are these the the DEVELOPMENTS she is proud of?

  3. Brazilian President got impeached for giving false economic statistics during elections. Here in Zambia, LUNGU & PF can get away with lies bcoz Politics is still primitive & Zambians are generally docile. KK & UNIP ruled for 27 years on a promise of providing 1 EGG/DAY to every citizen while the economy collapsed.

    You don’t need 3 brain cells to know that the economy has collapsed under PF. Most Chinese funded infrastructure projects have halted as contractors have not been paid for almost a year now. Soon those substandard Chinese roads will be pot-holed as Govt is too broke to provide funds for road repairs.

    You can’t measure your performance on Chinese loans. Every African country got loans from China.

    • Other Countries invested the Chinese Loans wisely in projects that will bring in money immediately instead of useless Roads & Stadiums:-
      NIGERIA = $12billion Coastal Railway
      TANZANIA= $7Billion Bagamoyo Port
      SOUTH AFRICA = $7Billion Modderfontein New City
      KENYA = $3.1 Billion 609Km Railway
      DRCongo = $6Billion for Mining infrastructure
      CHAD – SUDAN 1344Km Railway = $5.6 Billion
      DANGOTE CEMENT = $4.34 Billion Expansion into African countries including Zambia
      MOZAMBIQUE = $3.1 billion Mphanda Nkuwa Dam and Hydroelectric station project
      MALAWI = $667.2 million coal-powered station at Kam’mwamba
      SUDAN = $3.1 Billion Port Sudan-Khartoum Railway

  4. Really laughable..another comedian..they only thing that has developed is her monthly salary and allowance despite the economy.

  5. Madam minister, you’re cordially invited for dinner at the now famous “DONKEY SHOES RESTAURANT” in lusaka this weekend. Please remember to bring extra eating utensils especially, knives cos; they save ‘HORSE MEAT’ dishes as part of their menu…

  6. Madam come to solwezi and see for yourself if what you are saying is true,in solwezi today you will not find any normal roads just ditches and pools every where especialy township roads are so bad and yet the PF lied through their teeth that a contractor was paid to do these roads.Can some one explain where the money meant for solwezi township roads went.

  7. Cont: You say you want to panish the people of Solwezi but the oposite is true because most of the people who are here are not actually from here, most of the people are coming from the copperbelt where they voted for you and they are the same people here who are using the same roads, unless you tell me that there are roads for Pf only.So you do roads on the copperbelt and neglect the roads in Solwezi and then the people you were trying to please on the copperbelt have now flocked to solwezi where you planned to punish the people for not voting for you, so in the end who are you punishing,is it not the same people who voted for you?

  8. Meanwhile Edger Chokolwa Lungu is scheduled to be on the plane flying to Las Vegas for a “weekend State visit”. This is not to be made public to the nation as Mr. Lungu is supposed to be “meeting” with very important USA officials IN LAS VEGAS.

  9. Show us the statistics that indicate that we are better off than we were the previous year – personally I can’t feel the development: fuel is up, borrowing is expensive, some relatives are out of employment, groceries have nearly doubled and am still driving on potholes now big craters!

  10. Madam Kampamba: I wished you came to Kitwe and saw the road from Bushi, pass Kwacha East UCZ, Changa Namai to Bulangililo then go to Kazembe Road: Awe Nisonta apo wabomba. Amabwe yaba mumusebo very powerful DEVELOPMENT. well done PF putting more stones.

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