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Let’s create counseling homes and safe spaces for couples in Zambia-YWCA

General News Let’s create counseling homes and safe spaces for couples in Zambia-YWCA

The Couple during happier timesYoung Women Christian Association (YWCA) Lusaka Region President Phosile Sichinga is advocating for the quick setting up of counseling homes and safe spaces for Zambian couples.

Commenting on the matter involving Sabena Kabamba of Kafue District who is alleged to have murdered his wife on 25th December, 2016, Mrs. Sichinga noted that it was regrettable that Gender Based Violence where spouses have died on the increase.

“Let’s create counseling homes and safe spaces for couples in Zambia” Mrs. Sichinga said

Meanwhile United Party for National Development (UPND) Katuba Member of Parliament Patricia Mwashingwele stressed the need to launch the save the family campaign from all sectors of life in Zambia.

“We need to launch the save the family campaign from all sectors of life in this country” Ms. Mwashingwele said

And Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Executive Director Engwase Mwale has called upon Government to facilitate a national thinking and reflection on how to curb the vice which has become a national crisis.

Ms. Mwale said the incidences clearly indicate that there is a serious breakdown of spousal relations and family ties in Zambia, given the unprecedented reports of wife and husband battering and lately killings.

She said this surely is no longer an advocacy issue by few organizations, but a matter deserving full national attention – the church, NGOs, business sector, associations and unions, the media, public service, law makers, civic leaders, traditional leaders and the executive all need to come together.

“National leaders should facilitate a national thinking and reflection on how to curb the vice which has become a national crisis” Ms. Mwale said

And Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) President Kelvin Esaiasa echoed sentiments by YWCA Lusaka region President suggesting for the creation of institutions that addresses family affairs.

Commenting on a social media platform dubbed “Dynamic |Analysis Zambia”, Mr. Esiasa said insisted that the challenge about spouses in Zambia is because there are no institution that address family affairs.

He noted that in Zambia Families are living in isolations from main stream activities, adding that in United States of America there is a department of Family and marriage which ensures that families in disputes are given a lecture.

“In Zambia today a family lives in isolations. No institutions are addressing matters” He said


  1. Why do these women show concern over GBV only when a man kills his wife, and they are silent when a wife kill her husband?

    • Sometimes LT is very dull. They should have put ‘File picture’ and put a caption. The wife killed her husband in that picture by driving him over. Case still in court.

  2. Comment:most counselling should be done to women because men understand most of things and ve ignorance.Women are short tampered creatures that’s why they will finish men by killing them.

  3. Ba LT,
    Please please please ba LT, think about the future stigma and damaging effects on these children when you keep on exposing their faces over and over, story after story, on murder cases of one parent by the other.

    All you need to do is blur their faces because they are below age of consent. Why is this so difficult to do? Do you have children of your own?

  4. Not only is gender violence the concern but crime in general is on the increase. Lets start by terming ourselves and the families we preside over and am sure a reduction shall be scored.

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