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State drops case against five Radio Mano Journalists


Radio Mano Journalists during one of the court appearances
Radio Mano Journalists during one of the court appearances

The Kasama Magistrates’ Court has dismissed the case involving five Radio Mano journalists that were accused of using insulting language against two Patriotic Front officials.

Resident Magistrate Barthromel Kaongo noted that the state has discontinued the matter after receiving instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) not to proceed with the matter in the interest of press freedom.

The five Radio Mano journalists were arrested by police in Kasama on November 15th 2016 and pleaded not guilty to two counts of using insulting language, contrary to Section 179 Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

The five accused were News Editor Tobias Mangani and his Assistant News Editor Patrick Kabwe.
Others were Henry Kangwa, Nzala Hangubo and Abigail Musonda.

In the first count, facts are that on 9th November 2016, the five journalists jointly and whilst acting together did allegedly use insulting language against Charles Kashishi, by saying “mwe mbwa mwe, muli fipuba,” which is directly translated in English as “you dogs, you are fools”.

While in the second count, facts are that on November 9, 2016, the five jointly and acting together did allegedly use insulting language against Yona Chishimba by saying “mwe mbwa mwe, muli fipuba” which is directly translated in English as “you dogs, you are fools”.

Magistrate Kaongo said trial could not commence after the DPP chambers communicated that they will not be proceeding with the matter.


    • This antiquated law should be gotten rid off. You cannot criminalize insults, as that violates freedom of speech. How can you send someone to prison for simply insulting another person? Doesn’t make any sense. Please do away with this senseless law. We hope people don’t go around insulting each other, but if they do, it shouldn’t be criminalized. Otherwise, you’ll have to arrest the whole world, because people are constantly insulting each other online now.

    • Being prosecuted when you have done nothing wrong is pure harassment. When the case must be heard, then the idyotic DPP puts in a nolle prosequi after wasting people’s lives for months, even years. This is a cynical way of governing a country.

    • Buck Teeth Lungu, you are a perfect example of an armchair critic. I wish you can become a political leader so that I can see how you criticize yourself.

    • Yes shu shu shu Buck teeth and that War for Zambia who is a wolf hiding in sheep skin. He calls himself peace for Zambia

  1. Now the the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) wants to be a champion of Press freedom. ati”.. not to proceed with the matter in the interest of press freedom.”
    Stop speaking nonsense it was ILLEGAL to charge these journalists. It is against our constitution to interfere with Freedom of expression. It was silly in the first place to arrest them. Govt wanted to intimidate citizens armed only with pens. Government wanted to show it has power to harrass journalists so that journalists can start being as scared as those in DeadNBC

  2. The stupidity by these journalists to use such unprofessional language is really interesting – just because somebody gave them a few pieces of silver. Do these characters know what their friends in Rwanda did to contribute to that human catastrophy?

  3. Good evening zambians. I greet you from the comfort of my holiday home in mauritius. Well in this article talk about calling a spade what it is. If you think and act like a dog, then it is only right that we address you as one. This is so especially for the pf leadership. If anything i believe my dog is very well mannered and trained to be compared to the lousy pf crop of leaders. Meanwhile i ask you to vote nez as best blogger 2016

    • Hard work and determination. I have worked for international organisations for many years and now manage my own independent strategy firm for various sectors

  4. Being let free in the name of press freedom is one thing and using the wrong combination of words is another and can be costly. Suppose the five characters were railway Engineers, were they going to be let free in the name of Engineering freedom? When the Bemba tribe says “akachepa kakufwala” does not imply that you can have sex with a minor in the Bembaland. An insult is one but an insult. This is bad precedence.

  5. It’s not the DPP who dropped the case. IMF conditions for a loan demand that journalists must not be harassed So Lungu is window dressing for the loan

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