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Government awards 2, 009 UNZA Scholarships-Luo

General News Government awards 2, 009 UNZA Scholarships-Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

2 009 students at the University of Zambia have been awarded scholarships for the 2016/2017 academic year. Minister of Higher Education Nkando Luo said that a thorough screening process was undertaken to give deserving students the scholarships.

Professor Luo said the list of students that have been awarded will be published in the print media tomorrow. The Minister was speaking in a press briefing in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary Henry Tukombe has implored churches to partner with Government in constructing more schools across the country.

And Mr. Tukombe has commended churches that have constructed schools in some parts of the country.

He was speaking when he toured Gibeon Adventist Secondary School being constructed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mungwi District.

And Northern Province Education Officer Jobicks Kalumba has praised the Zambian contractor constructing the schools.

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  1. Nkandu holds on to a job and pretending to be working very hard when no one wants her and so does Margaret. These two are stubborn or seem stubborn for nothing. One wears lipstick well the other does not but they both behave alike. Ukutumpa.

    • No need to wait the whole thing is flawed before it even starts. It’s as flawed as her lipstick that was poorly applied, the stolen Munali election and the fraudulently occupied ministerial office.

  2. Can we also be given a break down of who they were awarded to and on what criteria because we know these always go to undeserving people through corruption and greed.

  3. Edgar Lungu please stop this illegality now!!!! These two,Luo and Margaret are illegally in their offices and itsus the taxpayers who are paying for this nonsense.
    Margaret and Luo must stop occupying ministrial offices now!!!!!

  4. It is about time Zambians rose up against the awarding of GRZ loans to only 2,009 (at least according to today’s Daily Mail of 30.12. 2016) of the over 6,000 students admitted to UNZA for the 2016/2017 academic year. What this means is that over 3, 991 of candidates admitted by UNZA have been left out. This is despite PF telling us it is a pro-poor government and what we experienced the last time when a female candidate who was admitted to UNZA committed suicide after having been denied a bursary. It has been clear from the very beginning that Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo was against UNZA admitting over 6, 000 school leavers as she blasted UNZA management over this and told them government had money for only 2,000.

  5. Is it therefore surprising that only 2,009 candidates have been given GRZ loans? Where do the other 3,991 selected by UNZA then go? Prof. Nkandu Luo is an arrogant woman who did not leave behind a good record at that ministry when she was there before. We are told from the ministry she even came up with her own committee ignoring the existing one at bursaries in picking candidates to be awarded loans. She did not even try to convince her colleagues in cabinet to allocate more money to GRZ loans going by her earlier position on the matter. President Lungu should know things are not well in the country and what government has done over our children will make them even more unpopular. President Sata was certainly more caring than extravagant Lungu.

    • How has she factored in the 9? Does she need change to sort out her lipstick problems? Peter Mandelson will source £2.5m for Scholarships for the uni. where he’s chancellor, other former UNZA lecturers will support UNZA lecturer training and her, she just goes with a plate to the govt. in a dogmatic way. Kupusa.She knows UNZA problems very well but decides she does not for now. We’ll meet at UNZA again bamayi to talk about how things should improve in the tertiary sector. I’ll be that guy saying lipstick in my arguments.

  6. This is not about which tribe and which party one belongs to. It is about the future of our children. Let us all unite and send out a clear message out there that what Professor Nkandu Luo has done over our children is an injustice. If it means going out on the streets to demonstrate against this uncaring government, let us do it all together. I have given out the facts about the extent of the injustice by showing how more than half of those who were admitted by UNZA have been left out. If UNZA was able to admit all the over 3,991 who have not been awarded GRZ loans, it shows the public institution was ready to take them on board and is more sensitive to the plight of Zambians than Professor Luo and President Lungu’s government.

  7. Uyu ni Prof. Wopusa, HH would say. In this day and age all eligible Zambians should be graduates unless they choose not to be. Why should this Prof of utushishi be determining how many Zambians are graduates so that she can seem to be elite? She’s not up to the job and is clinging on. Is this what she earlier called the student loan scheme. Lungu is equally wrong to be holding on to dead wood. At this point Prof. Luo should be offering 10 or more scholarships to UNZA from her own sourced money, thieving Dr. Kambwili, 20 for specific research etc. and a vibrant young minister should be sorting out a scholarship revolving fund scheme.Now look where we are with this parasite (micro-biological) minister who wants to hold on and feed on govt. is doing, clueless like her boss.

    • I suggest Luo and Mwanakatwe step aside to allow a fair legal process. They fear that other vibrant minister might surface to make them irrelevant and there are only limited positions about.

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