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Mvesesani Launch – The dawn of a new beginning for Zambian music


Mvesesani is a technology company with the goal of building digital infrastructure which will allow the music industry to grow and thrive in Zambia

Co-founders Jeremy Chibuye and Twaambo Haamucenje believe that the availability of an online sales platform for the first time in the country will give artists the opportunity to make their music available for purchase allowing fans to directly support their favourite artists. Through that support, artists will begin to receive revenue that they have been lacking for a long time.

In addition to the sales platform, Mvesesani will be maintaining a content publishing arm through an industry focused blog whose purpose will be to provide readers with industry information from an insiders perspective through interviews with key figures in the music industry, editorials & more.

Currently, the platform accepts credit and debits cards as a means of payment for content on the site; with a view to add more payment options in 2017 that will serve users of mobile money. Mvesesani is determined to make sure that the many Zambians who are not formally banked are able to be part of this new movement.


Our aim is to be the authoritative platform when it comes to Zambian music.” With that in mind, we have endeavored to find music from the 1960‘s to present spanning all the genres in the country. As the site grows & evolves over time, more music will be added to the platform.

Jay Rox – LUSAKA Album Cover

Mvesesani is launching the platform to the public with a special one day pre-order for Jay Rox new album LUSAKA on the 30th of December 2016. On the 31st of December 2016, those who pre-order the album will receive a Limited Edition Mvesesani Exclusive copy of LUSAKA featuring a bonus track that will not be found on the regular album that will be released on the 1st of January 2017.

We do believe that with the launch of this platform, this is the beginning of a paradigm shift in which artist s are able to sell their music online and devoted fans can purchase and support the artist they love.


Mvesesani is based in Ndola and was incorporated on the 7th of January 2016.


  1. Good initiative. The more payment channels (other than cards) that it can support the better. The planned integration with mobile money is a step in the right direction. If such a platform plays its cards well it should position itself as an online market-place but not only music but other virtual content also that can be easily accessed by Zambians without restriction of payment channel.

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