ZAMBIA Police in Southern Province has identified the suspected
escapees from Sinazongwe Police Station.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonnie Kapeso said the suspected
escapees were facing charges of stock theft, theft and unlawful entry
into the national park.

Suspects facing charges of theft and stock thefts are Wiver Kafuno and
Starford Masanga.

The rest charged with unlawful entry into the national park were four
and include  Gilbert Siambozia, Simon Chanda, Tomazini Sialemu,and
Hammershod Siamupa.

He said the quartet were taken to the Police Station by officers from
the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

“I t has come to my attention that the number of escaped suspects
from police custody in Sinazongwe is actually not 10 but six.

The six escaped from police cells by cutting burglar bars and removing
pan bricks from a window,” he said.

He said the suspects could not be described as dangerous criminals
because they had no offensive weapons in their possession.

He appealed to members of the public to report any person responding
to the above names mentioned to the Police Station and the Department
of National Parks and Wildlife.

The incident happened between December 25th and 26th at Sinazongwe
Police Station and not at the Zambia Correctional Services as the
institution did not have such facilities in Sinazongwe district.

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    • What does the story mean by “identifies”? The police just identified the jailbreakers and left it there?


  1. Where were the police officers on duty in that shift? The tendance of leaving the office and go for issues by officers is becoming worse in some police stations/posts. Secondly, police officers don’t check properly on certain types of food brought to inmates especially (bread) someone can put an arcksaw in a loaf of bread.



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