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Sylvester Mwila crowned Mr. Zambia for the 8th time


The 2016 Mr. Zambia bodybuilding competition was successfully held on 30th December at Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.  The event had a number of sponsors including; OD General dealers , Mad Max auto spares Ltd , monarch premium quality aged malt whisky, Pro gym and fitness center, Lamasat , highlife investments , National sports council ,china henan, Muvi TV ,ZNBC ,CBC TV ,P rime TV,daily nation newspaper, Zambian Daily mail , Carousel shopping complex, Lusaka royal casino, chelstone auto spares ,among others .

The day started off with Pre-judging or prequalifies which were held at the Carousel shopping Complex from 10:00hrs – 14:30hrs. Among the 50 bodybuilders that participated, 15 were chosen to compete for the title of Mr. Zambia

15 of Zambia’s top bodybuilders battled it out with various poses to display every inch of their muscular physiques. In previous years competitions there have been categories i.e. Heavy weight, light heavy weight, middle weight etc.  This year’s edition was open to all weight classes.  After the first round of flexing, the top 10 was selected.

The completion finally came down to the top 3; Clement Shamboko, Emmanuel Mwale and Sylvester Mwila. Mwila was crowned the champion making it his 8th title!

Here are pictures from the event:

Top 3 Emmanuel Mwale (l) Sylvester Mwila (c) Clement Shamboko (r)




    • The men need jobs and not beauty competitions like teenage girls. Body builders use steroids which stop them from being men down there if you know what I mean. They become consumed with building muscles they stop being men!

  1. See this is a better way of “wamuyayaya”. The guy is working very hard to sustain his position. Now look at our politicians. Well done, Sylvester! Inspire, inspire, inspire! Proud of you!

  2. This is backward and disgusting. Why can’t we as a country change these titles to reflect contribution to nation issues in addition to physical ability. To me these are just beef heads. I told me daughter that men who grow muscle have insecurity and cannot hold down a conversation. I told her to avoid then at all costs. Any dumb person can grow biceps but only real men can change their country

  3. …by the way, what is so entertaining about this sport….nearly all participants do not develop such muscle without the injection of steroids…even if it was a free entry I wouldn’t attend such rubbish…only mad people like mad max would sponsor such a sport…Mad max, there is junior tennis tournament can you please consider sponsoring that to this crap….

  4. Eight times Mr Zambia? Mwebantu twafweni. Should the gentleman not retire? Certainly those muscles have reached their limit. That is quite alarming that the man can’t retire. Lets all PROTEST. Mwila no nineth term!!!!. Go back to the land. Those muscles can feed the Nation. My slogan “ba Mwila ubulimi busuma” e good bode building.

  5. I admire this guy’s build and the hard work he has put in there. Let him contest in regional meets as he has clearly no match locally. Body building is a sport like any other and it gives our youth something to do. I don’t believe that everyone should go back to the land or every business should sponsor tennis. In first world countries they have hundreds of sports which we do not do here. Leave Mwila and body building alone. Everyone can’t be a boxer or tennis player. No wonder the national team on swimming is full of white people because of such mentality shown by some bloggers.

  6. It is very sad when people come on line and say s*hit they have no idea of or have knowledge in this field. First thing I need to educate you is not every body builder uses steroids. If one knows how to eat right and build muscle they can do it through dedication, hard work and discipline. Second thing some d*umb people on this forum fail to realize is this can be tourism related and we can bring people to Zambia to compete and can also work with sports but we are too dum-b to realize the potential and our ministers are uneducated. So please just keep quiet if you have nothing to say than display your ignorance. Mwasebana nomba for trying to be smart!


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