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CSPR shocked with the maize scandal-Govt to Govt maize deal was a lie

Economy CSPR shocked with the maize scandal-Govt to Govt maize deal was...

The  Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) is shocked with the
rampant corruption and theft in the Country.

CSPR Advocacy and Communication Programme Coordinator Maxson Nkhoma
said at a media briefing in Chipata that the revelations about the maize cash
gate scandal made by the Malawian Parliamentary Committees on Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development Committee as well as the Public Accounts Committee of the Malawian National Assembly  is unfortunate.

He said the scenario have not only exposed corruption and theft in the maize deal
but has also made it known that the Government to  Government maize
deal was a big lie and born out of malice and with intent to defraud
the Zambian Government of the taxes generated from the
sale and export of over 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia to

“CSPR has in the past few weeks been following the Parliamentary
debates in Malawi’s National Assembly where revelations that a Zambian
private company named Kaloswe Commuter and Carrier Services was
engaged as a middleman to facilitate the maize deal between ADMARC of
Malawi and the Zambia Cooperative Federation(ZCF) involving
K26.Billion which amount was paid up front to ZCF with a reported over
payment of K 9.5 billion which has angered several stakeholders in
Malawi including civil society groups,” he said.

Mr Nkhoma noted that the revealations have casued   the Head of State
to appoint an independent commission of enquiry to
investigate the purchase of maize from Zambia to Malawi.

He said  CSPR was happy that Malawian  President Peter Mutharika whose
efforts in the fight against corruption could be seen by setting up an
independent commission of enquiry to investigate the maize Cash Gate
scandal between the Zambian and Malawian government.
Mr Nkhoma noted that the Civil Society movement in Eastern province was
ready to work with the civil society groups in Malawi over the matter if they
would need any help over the said maize deal.

He said the revelations made in the Malawian Parliament were shocking
s because Zambians were told that the maize deal was a government- Government

He said the revelations further exposes the ZCF over its delays to pay
farmers from whom the 100,000 tonnes of maize on claims that they have
not yet been paid by the Malawian Government when in fact not.

“CSPR questions the extent of involvement of the state in the Maize
deal and calls on the minister of Agriculture to give the official
position on this matter without further delays. This maize deal has
caused non repairable damage to the image of international community
on our country’s weak governance structures and confirms the existence
of rampant corruption in the Country,”he said.

Mr Nkhoma called on the Government to give an update on the missing
relief food maize in Eastern province meant for the people of Malambo
constituency which was allegedly sold to Malawi at the expense of the
poor and suffering people of Malambo Constituency.

He said it was  regrettable  that while President Edgar Lungu  has been preaching
against corruption his government officials were on top of the heal
singing praises of how good corruption has made them rich over night.


  1. The problem we face in zambia is we have a tribe who hero worship stealing. To them stealing, fraud, corruption and looting is being clever.
    To the Malawian you need to study zambian surnames. If you find the company you are dealing with is bemba, run. You might as well be dealing in Congo. Most people with those surnames live by stealing. Stealing is in their DNA. even the colonel British branded them as lazy and untrustworthy.

    • I hate this tribe. Stealing is praised in this tribe. The reason why Zambia is not developing is due to this cancerous tribe.

    • When you grow up drinking se.men from your father instead of breast milk you think like this. You mongrel. We all hate stealing

    • As things stand at the moment, Zambia is a nation and sanctuary of thieves and the corrupt. You can’t survive if you are not one.

    • Thumbs up to Saviour Chishimba who brought this scam to the fore.
      Instead of reacting to Saviour’s revelations Edward decided to go & drink with Kasolwe, now the malawians are embarrassing us. Mad Tayali had warned us about how Given Zayelo had become corrupt, Edward rewarded him by appointing him Justice minister. What a curse.

    • Shame on Lungu, he is quite coz he knows the people behind this?? yet they restrict people not to export and then do the opposite themselves. RB at work. Lubinda should explain otherwise he should go.

  2. Malawi needed maize so it’s up to them to source it in any way they want. If their officials cheated it’s a Malawian problem. NFU is a government agent and it can transact. We don’t expect the President to collect, deliver the maize to Malawi and collect the cheque. If someone at NFU played a fast one he’ll be flushed out in due course.

    • You are just inherently corrupt, without ethics. That’s your problem and people like you who think that theft is about being cleverer than the other people. You thief!

    • Maize was supplied on agreed terms. No issue here. Everybody knows that before the export ban _ several Zambia thieves had export quotas from FRA. so why is there an English term # commodity broker# similisi.ya.nyoko

  3. Who are the shareholders in Kaloswe Commuter and Carrier Services? Someone do a search at the registrar’s office and let us see who was benefitting from this deal. Once we know this, it will be clear as to why a middleman was engaged.

    • Just by looking at the corporate name, you get an idea of a bus company that has been turned into commodity trading by chance. Dealing with such shows lack of seriousness by all concerned. But hey! Only in Zambia and Malawi will this be allowed to happen.

  4. The problem with zambians is we want to rush to be clean when we have dirty linen too. Cspr is that clean either. Tell us when you were audited by your sponsers . Loud mouths

  5. So any behaviour connected to stealing is aligned to the Bembas! What a shallow and idiosity way of thinking. You think other tribes do not steal! That is stupidity at its climax to whoever think in that line. Some of the opposition political leaders have fattened their accounts and have gone further to amass wealth through stealing from privatization that was championed in Zambia in the 1990. Can you call those caps Bembas. Do not pass silly comments over the Bembas just because you are born a tribalist.

    • Are you Bemba and have stolen before or planning to steal?

    • You have had 6 years of controlling state instruments of power and you have failed to prove your stoopid allegations. What more do you want? Just throwing bombs around hoping to injure some reputations? Sata tried and only ended up with bank statements that Miles Sampa stole from Finance Bank. Just admit that you are too incompetent to back up your rumours.

  6. Why do people want to hate other tribes? No one chooses which tribe to be born in. Just like families otherwise poor people wouldn’t have children because all of us we would choose to be born in Bill Gates family.

    • All this started with one Chishimba Kambwili who was in an influential government position. HE WAS DAMN CARELESS WITH HIS TRIBAL TALK. What we are witnessing now is a reaction to that.

    • Your tribe is hated because you hate other tribes. Why do you force other people to speak your language? Why do you insult other tribes? Why do you look down upon other tribes as if you are blameless, superintelligent or hard working? All the abusing and rubbishing of other tribes has come back on you. Get used to it, you thieves.

  7. @panama papers and mana from imf, your tribal comments are divisive and place in Zambia and will not win you support for your candidates from independents like me.Is Ndambo Ndambo at ZCF bemba? He hails from Choma.Corruption,thieving and prostitution has no tribe.Reconcile with biggest tribal grouping and stop the hatred if you hope to get in power.It is not Bembas who are currently ruling but you keep on insulting us as a collective.Grow up

    • it is no write to talk about the tribe ask your tribesmen who in Bembaland how happy they are.Do not think that all citizens think like an animal like you

    • You have had 6 years of controlling state instruments of power and you have failed to prove your stoopid allegations. What more do you want? Just throwing bombs around hoping to injure some reputations? Sata tried and only ended up with bank statements that Miles Sampa stole from Finance Bank. Just admit that you are too incompetent to back up your rumours.

    • Any idyot can see that Lungu is ruling at the mercy of Bembas. That’s why he is trapped and being controlled by his Bemba handlers.

  8. you can cut my D***k off! Lungu cant fire Lubinda who was part and parcel of this scum. We are better off all eating doom! …

  9. I hate people who acuse HH for things he is not involved.HH is an international and should not be compare with locals .

    • They have had 6 years of control of Police, ACC, DEC, OP etc but they cannot prove their lies against HH. If they have failed to prove their allegations, why don’t they bring Interpol, CIA or MI6 to beef their feeble efforts at maligning him?

  10. In 1990 Chiluba was president of Zambia. Never heard at that time H Hakainde as a govt employee. However, was already working for KPMG as accounting consultant. Valentine Chitalu was heading privatisation Zambia. Valentine Chitalu (a Bemba) negotiated with others the sale of Zambian copper mines. All these lies of HH selling Zambian mines is a figment of dull people who even today will say Sata was not a Bemba. That is how this barbaric lie has been spread by Bembas. Leave HH out of this mess we are in as a nation, lest you begin another lie to your children history that HH was president during Zambia’s economic disasters.
    It has been Bembas through and through lies and stealing in the nation. Where does Valentine live today – in South Africa. Where is Nshasonga today in UK. Some PF…

    • HH worked at Grant Thornton and not KPMG. HH is not an Accountant but economist. HH was an economic advisor (consultant) to ZPA. Sata is Bisa from Mpika and certainly not Bemba. Attan Shansonga hails from Namwala. Interestingly, HH is a board member in a number of companies privatised by Valentine Chitalu and so is Chitalu himself! Let us not twist facts just to massage our desire to hate others.

    • Correction: HH worked for Coopers & Lybrand at the privatisation time. He and his partners only started Grant Thornton in Zambia when Coopers merged with Price Waterhouse internationally. As advisor to the ZPA, he was just that – an advisor and not agent. There were Bembas, like Valentine, Francis Kaunda and George Sokota, who were managing the privatisation but somehow are not being fingered now. Why? And why hairsplitting about Sata being Bisa when clearly he identified with his fellow Bembas and gave only Bembas serious govt jobs and contracts? Isn’t he the one who introduced Bemba as the official language of Zambia?

  11. Some PF officials live in South Africa and commute to work in Zambia at INDENI. That is how daring thieves can impress us. When we the common Zambians question the riches of some, we are branded as bitter losers. Today we are told Chishimba Kambwili was already a business man when he entered politics. What type of business? stealing copper wire and railway line from Luanshya – thieves.
    Zambia has been ruled by thieves both the living presidents and the dead presidents. What a shame, because the Kingdom of God does not belong to thieves worse still, stealing from poor Zambians.

    • These thieves are playing a dangerous game of winner take all. Zambians will live to regret this one day. Don’t complain when tables will one day be turned against you. No one wins forever, especially in politics.

  12. Its amazing just how toxic our discussions have become. Rigorous debates based on facts should be encouraged as they will build our country, but divisive comments that are not based on truth, sow seeds of discord that with time will lead to the downfall of a nation. Lets preserve our beautiful country.

    • Isn’t it funny how the same argument can be divisive when it comes from one quarter and genuine comment when it is from PF supporters! There’s so much self righteousness and a spirit of deserving to lord it upon other people from some tribes in Zambia. For how long can this go on? A fight back is justified.

    • @ba buck teeth, Given Lubinda is Lozi, RB is form the East. It seems Umubemba girl rejected you and you take it on her tribe. Your anger towards Bembas is abnormal. You need counselling.

  13. Kaloswe is owned by Edgar’s son. The one who used to work for ZRA but has now stopped coz the father has amassed extreme wealth. He is even involved in the black mountain scandal with his yellow fleet of tipper trucks.

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