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Govt to start ranking local Universities-Prof Luo

Headlines Govt to start ranking local Universities-Prof Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo
Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has announced that government is in the process of grading all universities operating in the country.

Prof Luo said government is developing systems that will ensure that both public and private universities are ranked according to excellence.

She said the move is part of measures aimed at improving the quality of education being offered in higher learning institutions in Zambia.

Prof Luo said government is concerned that some of the universities operating in the country are offering substandard services.

The Higher Education Minister was speaking this morning when she featured on the Lusaka Star radio programme on UNZA Radio.

“It is very worrying that in some of these universities mushrooming in the country, you will find a person with a first degree teaching someone in a Master’s Class. That is unacceptable anywhere in the world. We have to put a stop to this,” Prof Luo said.

She added, “The grading system will soon be introduced and right now we are working on systems. We need to do the rankings and publish these based on set criteria, we need to know the best university in the country and the worst.”

Prof Luo said university rankings is a common feature of higher education in most developed countries.

“When you are in England for example, they will tell you how Oxford is ranked, how the Cambridge is ranked or even the ranking for University of London. This is what we want to introduce in our country,” she said.

Prof Luo further said, “Most of us believe that the University of Zambia is the best in the country, maybe that is not true anymore.  It could be a false assumption. So we need to put UNZA to a test and the results will reveal the facts and these tests will be done on all the universities we have.”

She said the rankings will also help prospective students pick the right universities for their studies.

And Prof Luo has dispelled reports that a good number of first year students awarded bursaries to study at UNZA and CBU for the 2017 academic year are children of Ministers serving in the PF government.

Prof. Luo said she is not aware of any recipient who is a child of a Minister and urged Zambians not to demonise Ministers and their children.


  1. It’s not the job of the government to be ranking universities. That should be done by independent bodies devoid of government interference.

    • @ The Chosen One, I totally agree. But she’s looking for ways to get bribes from universities. This is exactly what happened when ERB started ‘grading’ fuel service stations – a little something always improves your grade.

    • Government or any institution can set the criteria for ranking, and then an independent body can do the ranking based on that set criteria.

    • Welcome addition by the outgoing Minister

      Always wondered why this never happened.

      Personally, I got 23 Points and refused to go to UNZA or CBU and straight came to Europe so i can find a college that will challenge my intellectual thinking capabilities.

      And yes, it seems I made the right decision.



    • Andi oloso zozi ministaz who lost petitions and should not be in office, is oloso not acceptable anywhere in the wild.

    • Several private colleges for accountancy,nursing , teaching etc are providing sub -standard education. Most of the lecturers are are not qualified to be teaching subjects at the level of education expected. It is common to find a lecture with a bachelors degree teaching a masters student. It is the same for primary and secondary schools. You find teachers who failed subjects like science and maths teaching a -level / form 5science and maths . When I was at primary school the majority of my teachers had degrees in education.

    • @Mushota Iam now beginning to understand why you sound very frustrated and inferior. So you got 23 points and expected to be enrolled by either UNZA or CBU? That’s impossible! You failed, that’s why you were not picked. You did well to go to a non ranked college out there.

    • you idi.ot professor, the university of zambia is still the best. so no. 1 is taken! CBU and the other small institutions can compete for the other positions. you get it?

    • I agree with Mushota (for once). Did you know that the UK does not recognize any degrees from Zambian universities, including UNZA? If in doubt, please ask UK NARIC – the independent body which evaluates qualifications from outside the UK. ALL Zambian university qualifications are not recognized abroad.

    • In my opinion, GRZ must first ensure that right individuals of high calibre coupled with right skills and qualifications are put in institutions of learning starting with ministerial positions.

    • The government itself is substandard that’s why the so called prof is clinging to a govt job even when her seat was nullified for violence and corruption.In the UK she referring to she would have stepped down and not even offer herself in a bye election,not this professor,has been MP from 1991.She has participated all the corrupt governments.I remember that ka zalo ka kafupi when he was officiating at manda hill shopping mall she sat carelessly and zalo saw and commented about fi tumbuwa.Go and rest mambala.

    • Am an competent candidate as supervisor!! Enough experience in education science theory and practice!! Am the woman just let me know!!

      Well, funny that this is when Zambia is waking up. I had a teacher in G6 who couldn’t read properly, I couldn’t read better than him and because I once said his English was bad, he beat me up (btw that was 1995)

      Further, I wonder how narrow minded some Zambian masters candidates are who comes to the Erasmus university Rotterdam. Shameful

  2. In the first place, how did these tutembas masquerading as universities get their licenses from the Govt? What academic, professional, infrastructural requirements did they meet to be registered by Govt and operate as universities?????

    • @DITTO, there are many! I visited one during their so called residential schools, I almost cried! A diploma holder was giving “lectures” to BA students. Don’t ask me about their library or classrooms! It’s pathetic!

  3. University Advert: “Enrolling first years, Business Studies, come to Room 201, Findeco House, We also sell Freezits”

    • Universities like; Copperstone, University of Africa, Kenneth Kaunda Metroplolitan, Citizen, Pamodzi, Royal, Robertson and the like should be closed forthwith they are a BIG JOKE chunning out quarter baked graduates. In-fact they do not even qualify to be called universities. In these so called as long as you pay you are sure of graduating, ask my big man Kambwili he will agree with me.

  4. There should only be two Universities UNZa and CBU, the rest should be Colleges.

    They are not fit to be Universities at all.
    Then bloody rank the lot- but I wonder how and on what basis you would be ranking them.



    • The minister has got her facts wrong. What is needed is accreditation by a body created specifically to overseer quality rather than grading and it is long overdue. This is what suprises me about Zambia. Qualified people like Luo don’t understand simple things. Mushota please help them.

    • For some time it felt the same when former polytechnics and colleges in the UK became universities. You soon get over it. Unfortunately for Zambia and PF, you may be surprised to find Unza and CBU at the bottom of the league even below Copperstone and others. How can universities be randomly closed just because students are protesting? How can 4 year degrees take 7 years to complete because of student and lecturer strikes and irrational closures by politicians?

    • The University of Zambia has gone down because the people that are supposed to be there are denied bursaries and those who enjoy connections with the PF thugs are enjoying free education . Look at ZESCO for instance. It has become a PF employment agency .

  5. The last Sentence is interesting and dangerous

    Prof. Luo said she is not aware of any recipient who is a child of a Minister and urged Zambians not to demonise Ministers and their children.

    This is a dangerous statement to come out of a Professor. You can’t defend a position based on your awereness. As a prof, she needs to defend the position based on facts or at least offer to investigate than being dismissive based on her hunch

    • And the the way , the allegations are not about children of Ministers, but rather relatives of PF inner circle. I don’t think the people who made the allegations are that naive

    • The Bursary issue. I know a family whose child is very intelligent. The father retired some 7 years ago, worse still, he is bed ridden. The mother of the child is unemployed. She sells paraffin in bottles and some self-made cobra, at her house. Ala mwandi the child went to Social welfare, took all the necessary proof that he is vulnerable. But to my dismay, the child’s name does not appear on the list of those who have been given bursaries. Why on earth could this be? The child has been accepted in School of Natural Sciences. Now, where is he going to get the monies to pay the huge amount of fees in the School of Natural Sciences. My heart is troubled and I think anyone else’s heart out there is touched. Mwana achoma alila day in day out. Parents are hopeless and help less! I have…

    • I would term that as a limited or lack of , ability to express herself more coherent and cogently.

      Being in Zambia and someone saying ‘ I am coming’ does not from experience mean they really are on their way – they likely implying , they will be coming.

      If I were you, being smart as I am I would read that with a pinch of salt.
      For instance the chap on the first line says ‘It’s not the job of the government to be ranking universities’ what he really is trying to say is ‘It should not be…

      Do you see where i am coming from?



    • I have advised the boy to appeal to Bursaries. I just hope he has done so. Message to Government: Zambians had to put you in to power so that you help us. But with such, we lose confidence in you. And I hear most children out there, who have genuine evidence of vulnerability have been left out on bursaries, let alone accommodation at UNZA. So Sad!!!!!

  6. Being a CBU graduate i do not agree with people saying UNZA, CBU and Mulungushis are the only good universities. Did you know that the UNIVERSITY OF LUSAKA if grading is implemented as suggested will surpasses most of these so called Government universities. Am impressed with this University and they are not a Kantemba but with good structures and rich curriculum. Just check African University Rankings – Zambia and you will see that my beloved CBU is now third after UNILUS.

  7. Ranking Zambian Universities is a waste of time. Alot of rubbish has characterized those institutions. How would the government rank universities that share common interest of stone throwing? Unless the government wants to know which one destroys more property during protests. Secondly, how do you rank dilapited and insufficiently funded institution? How do you rank institutions where citizens have no equal entry opportunities? How do you rank universities that cannot attract international studentsglobal and they are ranked the lowest in Africa and not mentioned at global level?

  8. It is a proven FACT for instance that engineering students from unza out perform their counterparts at masters in south africa and europe. Just go birmingham( England) and stellenbosch (RSA).

  9. This is long over due , please make sure you implement as quickly you can. So many fake colleges and universities cheating unsuspecting chaps out of hard earned cash. Just imagine they even have the audacity to sell application forms at kr200 to entrants with 2 O’levels ! Out from their sham graduations these are the many quacky, teachers, nurses, lawyers, etc roaming the streets and trying all means possible to get govt jobs by oiling someone at PSMD. It’s a vicious cycle!

    • george we use kr 200. Its just K200. Information Communication University should be on the top 10 list of universities.

  10. Universities are all over Lusaka. Even houses have been turned into Universities. Small boys who completed grade 12 about five years ago are called Doctors. That’s Zambia.

  11. People why are you so naive ministers do not send their children to our local universities which they have ‘finished ‘ they go to China and other places. They do not send them using own money but from scholarships given by those countries. Zambians wake up and smell the coffee these people do not have our interests at heart

  12. The ranking will not stop these pre-schools from being called Universities. The govt must set minimum standards to be met by any institution of learning to be called a university. Universities are not just places of learning, they are also there to generate knowledge through research and therefore the rankings should take that into consideration. Various independent professional bodies must also be involved in the accreditation of courses offered at these buildings!

  13. We already have The Higher Education 2013 Act Number: Act 4 of 2013

    Date of Assent: 21st March, 2013.

    An Act to provide for the establishment of the Higher Education Authority and define its functions and powers; provide for quality assurance and quality promotion in higher education ; provide for the establishment, governance and the regulation of public higher education institutions; provide for the registration and regulation of private higher education institutions; repeal and replace the University Act, 1999; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

    ENACTED By the Parliament of Zambia
    Acts of Parliament (Post 1997)
    Prof. Luo has already has forgotten what she supported just 3 years ago. Trying to sound has if she is working.

  14. Guys don’t keep on arguing check this out, lets support other universities so that they start giving quality Education. University of Zambia

    2 University of Lusaka

    3 The Copperbelt University
    Kitwe …

    4 Cavendish University

    5 Mulungushi University

    6 Rusangu University
    Monze …

    7 Northrise University

    8 Zambia Catholic University

    9 DMI-St. Eugene University

    10 Lusaka Apex Medical University

    11 Copperstone University

    • Kalyabune : Unfortunately no Zambian university has been ranked in the top 1000 universities globally both past, present and possibly future rankings. Dear Zambian gents and ladies, surely are Zambian Universities existing?

  15. What is required is to weed out Ministers who should not be ministers using the data/criteria already available THE LEGAL proceess then do a perfomance MANAGEMENT from top to bottom ref: KBF and CK, (2016). The the rest will follow from there. Zambians are getting a raw deal on the leadership front and that is the biggest problem at the moment. Prof. no one wants YOU,. Your llipstick problem is under control at the moment and that is a good start.

    • I have recently taught in a UK based institution and two out of three times the best students in Engineering have been Zambian trained students. Now leave these institutions for now and let.’s improve the quality of political leadership first and the rest will follow. Prof LUO is waffling at the moment how will she marry her standards with the rest of the standards the already exist. Is this her ‘Obamacare’ or Luovarsity standardisation? No one wants you, you need to step down standardise your lipstick consisrently for the rest of the Parliament then come and try what you are talking about. A young vibrant minister will have done the standardisation by then anyway. So just go away!

  16. @KALYABUNE I AGREE WITH YOU. I CHECKED THE 2016 Top Universities in Zambia

    by 2016 University Web Ranking THAT IS THE ORDER

  17. How were most of these institutions registered as universities in the first place? Who determined that they had standards that merited them as a ‘university’ before they even begun running?

    I do know that degrees from UNZA were highly considered even in the UK in the eighties and nineties (someone above, says not anymore – I am not aware of any down grade to the extent of non-recognition, please explain if that is the case)

  18. Ranking is a great tool for checks and balances on University performances and an informative selection tool for potential students. About time especially since we now have a great number of universities in Zambia.

  19. Sorry some of those aren’t universities but colleges. If the qualifications aren’t recognized internationally then why boosting of having 11 universities. These Universities don’t even the equipment and infrastructure to be called a University.

  20. Mayweather Jr, you check the ranking of Zambian University against each other, but didn’t check the ranking of your Universities in Africa. The University of Zambia is 89. Rwanda have Universities ranked above your best University. It’s not the number of Universities but quality. You don’t want theoretical Universities but Universities with infrastructure to practically lectures students. I am doing Economics and Finance at Melbourne University, in Tutorials classes we use the same stock trading platform top Banks use. No surprise when I get into employment. I remember when I was at University of Zambian we didn’t even have some of the chemicals to do experiments. I left the university after 2.5 year and went aboard. Gosh…I made a good decision of my life.

  21. Indeed University of Lusaka should be up there, TOP, proper infrasructure, clean, even new buildings with quality finishings at Bauleni Campus. A breath of fresh air . Give due where it should be. UNILUS Vice Chancellor a job well done ! Ni Unilus chabe ——

  22. Harold Muna, even now they are still recognized. Zambians with Bachelors degrees ( from both public and private universities) are still being accepted and even sponsored for Masters study in the UK.

  23. The minister is talking about two things here.

    One she is admitting that her ministry has been pathetic at regulating Universities. How can a minister disclose that some universities have Bachelor Degree holders Teaching Masters students. When she could simply tell us that such and such an institution was closed for the said reason.

    Secondly the Ranking.
    The ranking wont improve the quality rather the regulations will. When you win the rat race you are still a rat. We need the ministry of Higher Education to regulate these institutions very well and impartially.

    Our Universities must engage themselves inactive research and publications this will improve international rankings.
    The University of Zambia the oldest and largest University has had less creative and pro-activity…

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