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Gang of white men beat up a Black Zambian in racism row at Horse Shoe on New Year’s Eve


Manda Hill Police Post

A group of four white men ganged up against a defenceless male Zambian beating him up to pulp after an altercation at Horse Shoe restaurant in Lusaka.

The unidentified white men beat up the Zambian only identified as Eamon mercilessly after they differed over parking space at the restaurant on New Year’s eve.

Some eyewitnesses narrated that the incident started after the white men reversed in front of the victim’s car and scratched his vehicle.

The victim was offered a mere K300 to go and have it painted which he turned down saying there is nowhere he could pay K300 for car painting services.

At this point, the white guys convinced Eamon to jump into their car so that they could go and discuss away from the crowded car park.

And Eamon confirmed that the white men ganged up inside the car and started beating him up and ended up disfiguring his face.

“They told me to get the K300 and used racial remarks and that I can report anywhere in Zambia and nothing will happen to them,” Eamon narrated.

Eamon and his friends however later managed to apprehend one of the white men and dragged him to Manda Hill police post where he was detained.

But to his shock when he went back to Manda Hill police post, Eamon discovered that the white man who was in detention in the early hours on New year day which was a Sunday had been released as his friends paid bond for him.

Eamon is now demanding justice and wondered how a suspect could be released from custody on a Sunday when the Officer-In-Charge was off duty.

He says he can identify one of the assailants who was taken to the police if asked to.

Efforts to get a comment from Police and management at the Horse Shoe were futile by the time of publishing the article.

Horse Shoe Restaurant has been in the news over the past few weeks following reports of alleged racism and ill treatment of workers by management official who are believed to be Coloured Zambians.


    • The PF is a failed trial of leadership. The rule of law is dead under these bandits of visionless Lungu & here is a simple example below.

      “They told me to get the K300 and used racial remarks and that I can report anywhere in Zambia and nothing will happen to them,” Eamon narrated.

      You will how bandit Joyce Simukoko Nonde will unleash the unprofessional PFolice bandits on the victim after chewing corruption money from a shoe of a skanking horse. PF bandits of blind Dagama will defend this hooliganism under their porous nostrils & corrupt hunger stricken bellies.
      Hey PF bandits the presidential petition must be heard & visionless Lungu of violent PF bandits to give power to the speaker, as the constitution mandates so!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Just plant bullets in the heads of Boers and Coloureds in Zambia if this useless PF government cannot tame them. After all, how many of these Boers and Race-less bastards are there in Zambia? Let’s clear the dirty. This is not cape town or indeed South Africa.

    • This happens. I have seen blacks beating whites here.

      Let them go and that beaten black man should grow up and not provoke them me thinks.



    • Skeleton key you are an a*s*s*hole. What has this story got to do with politics and Lungu in particular? Zambians lets go the Robert Mugabe way and treat these white maggots the way the should be. Even in South Africa, the black people are regretting forgiving the white parasites. Aluta Continua Viva Mugabe

    • Ba Lusaka naimwe bumbuli, nganiku Kitwe bambuli aba ngabali ichindika! Ati they managed to apprehend one and took him to the police………..pwa ha ha ha ha. You should have beaten the racism out of him. Man up naimwe ba Lusaka, muletusebanya.

    • This has everything to do with Lungu and PF. The lawlessness in this country is shocking. From electoral and judicial fraud, nchekeleko starting from state house to the lowest civil servant, fantastic corruption, openly abusing national resources to benefit a few, targeted application of the law, rampant nepotism and tribalism etc… how do you expect such things to happen? Zambia is more than a failed state, its also a joker state.

    • “At this point, the white guys convinced Eamon to jump into their car so that they could go and discuss away from the crowded car park.
      And Eamon confirmed that the white men ganged up inside the car and started beating him up and ended up disfiguring his face.”
      So this Eamon was still negotiating price in the third party’s vehicle with his friends…whatever happened to just exchanging insurance details? Zambian journalism needs to move with the times and stop churning out half baked, ill investigated stories with terms like white men, coloureds etc which only provoke people. Of what importance is the race of the owners to road rage incident in the car park. Why did they not get more details from the Police.

    • Close the Restaurant because its serving its purpose and next time you capture them, don’t take them to the police, instead dump them in chibolya compound nature will sort them out.

    • Comment:@ Mushota
      No wonder your comments always end with the remark BB 2014. you were BEST BEFORE 2014 apa washala fye ilalabo. your senseless comments surpass the scope of irritation and disgust. we just wait for you to be deported tukembeko aphiri anabwela…

    • Eaomon the name sounds white and gay to me, which black person goes by the name Eaomon? are you sure people it was all about the car simple scratch, why someone accept to ride in a car with 4 unruly white gangsters? OK on serious note am not interested in all this horse shoe saga.

    • This has nothing to do with Horse shoe, Road rage happens everywhere, Go on you tube and watch how people react on the roads even in developed countries, This is human nature, Humans have failed on how to manage their anger, It be white, black, yellow or blue. This is not a racist attack, Its all about anger management, Zambians fight everyday so what are you going to be calling Zambians who fight each other, I think the reporter here is the racist.

    • Lazy ignorant corrupt disgracing police offers with their little GRZ, that’s I used to take it in my own hands. Used to shake off cats like those.

    • In other countries you are only given two options, to choose between black and white, ask Barack Obama, there is no such thing as colored.

    • Why do black Zambians continue going to this facist, racist restaurant? Serves him right for jumping in a vehicle full of racist *****s. He deserved the beating. It’s difficult to feel sorry for the poor chap

    • Welcome to the new Zambia. Remember, this will get worse and not any better. Whites migrating into the country, from any part of the world, need to be watched closely for these kinds of racist tendencies. Racist white people do not care that they’re in your country. They don’t respect blacks period and do not hesitate to show it. Most leaders in political offices in Zambia have never lived anywhere in countries where racism is widely practiced such as the USA and some parts of Europe. So they have no idea how to deal with it. And what these racists in this story said that “nothing will happen to them, even when reported,” they’re telling the truth. It’s because they know most people, including the police, do not understand how serious racist crimes are — until it happens to them…

    • (Continued)… In America, this would have been considered a “hate crime,” which is a very serious offence.
      In Zambia, there is still that respect and primitive fear of white people, even white criminals or racists. Of course not all white people are racists, but you have to be aware that white racists who believe in white supremacy exist, and they need to be put in their place. Zambia needs to enact tough racism and hate crime laws, and investigate racist claims seriously, and if it’s proven that someone is guilt of racism, they need to be deported immediately. Otherwise, Zambians will be demeaned, insulted with racial slurs, looked down and spat upon in their country, while the political leaders, who are supposed to be protecting them by enacting laws and enforcing them, are fast…

    • Why is it about horse shoe restaurant when the incidence happened at the car pack not in the restaurant? and why is it reported as racism when the matter has not been investigated? alot of things can be said if people differ

    • Mushota, you have disappointed me. The man’s car was bashed by the White Gang, they offered him what could not put his car back to it’s original appearance, He told them they had to involve traffic so that Insurance could be brought in to do what it knows best. They wanted it their way and even abducted the man and assorted him. They could have killed him and left him for dead but thank God they realised that People had seen them.
      If the Police can be paid to release criminals in the manner this Guy got released, where are the poor going to take their cases? Police need to reform and be objective in their work. It is not right and Nonde should see that the money she ate has is blood money. People will die because she has been bought.

  1. What a bunch of utterly corrupt police officers, labour ministers and investigators we have. If this story is true it should have the common man worried as you will now see that these invading, terrorist mercenary Boer thugs like Gay Scott Mmembe can buy their way out of trouble while ordinary Zambians get beaten to a pulp.
    Kampyongo should trace these 4 horsemen and met out justice on these Gay baggers. Eamon and the other whistle blower need to be protected.

    • Iwe’ Kudos, please use your brain Not your Butt0ck2 to reason ala!!
      What has this story got to do with Guy Scott??
      You are a shame to humanity you Makaka -Kolwe!!

    • why would you even want to go to Horse Shoe after all that racism debacle? Zambians, have pride. This same guy who was beaten is a dunderhead. He was bent on getting cash instead of getting the plate number or details of the owner so that the insurance takes over. Learn to do the countdown at home or a friends house with the family.

  2. If this is true then that is multi-sad indeed; mistreated, underpaid, insulted and then culprit prematurely released- probably kapokola bribed.
    Do peple in Zambia not know how to boycott? Boycott that Horse Shoe Restaurant, (probably feeding you imported horse meat).
    Their power is in people walking through the doors to eat, without that they are importent. That is the best way to teach them a good lesson

    • @Mangwamu, you are very right. That would have been the right thing to do. But you know what? This same place has been used by all Zambian Presidents year in and year out, starting from Kaunda to Lungu during the Commercial and Agriculture Show. So this stupidity has been encouraged by State House itself and former and current Presidents without exception. So to dine there, some Zambian people think it is raising there social standards. Foolish!

    • Boycott then they achieve what they want and the place will be free of indigenous black Zambians. The only solution is to get to the bottom of it. I would rather the place is closed or guilty management deported than Blacks boycotting.

      We need actions

    • Why is this saga being termed as racism, for Judas sake it is assault. Arrest the flipping so called John whites and charge them for assault. Ma Zambians.

    • @ Mangwamu I concur with you, boycott can be accompanied with negative publicity which the media can task management for answers to while they claim inclusive patronage why is it that a certain section is not frequenting the place which must imply something is not right! It would be up to management to take interest if they mean well to dig deeper and make amends that would in turn make visitations to the restaurant conducive for all who care to be there! However I also wonder why with all technology available that is currently misusing social media with viral postings can not provide the same facts on Horse Shoe! Guys when I’m home don’t consider taking me to socialize at Horse Shoe! Hmmm! Give some thought for @ Divide & Rule (1.11).

  3. BAfikala!! This is getting out of hand, a foreigner can even have the guts to say nothing can happen in Zambia even If a Zambian is assaulted? Wow Koffi was solted out in Kenya even if he is a celebrity and yet tuba zungu can afford to bribe our useless cops.. shoe horse should be closed…

    • This is what happens when you ignore incompetent corrupt ministers….this thing Lazy Lungu should have acted swiftly against his incompetent minister to pave way for investigations but because he is inept and a waste of space this issue will keep resurfacing.

  4. Why does the black man leave his restaurant and wants to go to the muzungu restaurant? Give business to your own! Buy Zambian and be a proud Zambian. Waona manje wayamba kulila lila. You go where you don’t even know the parking order.

    • Its our country and we must access everything in this country without intimidation nor fear. We need to deport these racists, how can you allow such lawlessness in the land? How do people come here and have more power and authority than us surely??? This is bloody unacceptable

    • No @The Real Quest, Zambians have the right to eat anywhere they want to and can afford! it is up to the owners of such establishments to respect and treat every person (black, yellow, white, green, brown, and every shade in between) who shows up at their doors for a meal the same. Why should Zambians be restricted or segregated, or discriminated against in their own BLOODY country?

      I am sure you do understand that Zambians are not going to the Horse Shoe for Charity. They are spending their money like everybody else. Here in America, this “joint” would be looking at a Colossal Lawsuit which would effectively shut them down.

    • @ The Real Quest..Idi0ta. Black Zambians should be feel FREE to patronize any business place they desire in their own country, without fear of discrimination. What do you want to see next, Jim Crow laws in Zambia? Why should we have virtual “whites only,”places in Zambia? When are black people going to be totally free to access any business place they desire, if they can’t do it even in their own country? If you’re white or any other race other than black, and you set up your business in Zambia, you should expect your business to be patronized by black Zambians. If you don’t want that then stay the hell away from Zambia. Wake up people!! Remember, white supremacists have a tendency to practice segregation, and if they don’t do it by enacting laws (USA and SA), they’ll do it…

    • (Continued)… with no written laws. And if black Zambians stop patronizing places where they’re being discriminated against by racists, then the racists will have achieved their goal.

  5. Docile Zambians we are, too much muzungu anikonde, even Eamon is very foolish, why even get in their car? every day ni horse shoes, insapato ye horse itu shupe sure? you can’t even close down a f##king restaurant? what kind of leaders do we have in this country? what are we waiting for? a life to be lost? get the workers, integrate them into the Hostels Board and shut down that thing!!Malabishi

  6. Please relive that police officer of his duties , anyway ninjala pakapokola its hunger so he was offered 1000 pin can

    • Which laws? The ones opening High Court Registry at 03.00? Or the one which refuse to hear cause? Or the one which allows Police to commit murder with impunity?

  7. @the fox and the real quest…this is Zambia our own country,if you can’t enjoy what’s built on your own soil then where are you going to enjoy from..we in Zambia accommodate everyone from all over the world does it mean they should now eat up our peace,NO
    Pf police are the worst corrupt materials we have in Zambia,surely how can you release a suspect on a Sunday when CIO is off duty…fyakana
    Now let’s hear from madam Nonde what she got to say on this one..

  8. NEXT11
    I have NO Sympathy for Eamon whatsoever!!
    Firstly what was he doing @ Horseshoe Restaurant, with its recent reputation?? Dont cry when you get bitten by vipers, when you deliberately go into the Vipers pit.
    Anyone who gets involved will find themselves the victim , with a Government minister ordering their arrest for “disturbing the peace of the aggressors.
    Moral of the Horseshoe story & similar incidents is; TO BE BITTEN BY A DOG IS SAD & UNFORTUNATE, BUT TO BE BITTEN BY THE SAME DOG TWICE IS PLAIN DAMN STUPID!!

    • @Keleni, that’s idi0tic what you just said. Zambia belongs to Zambians, and black Zambians should be free to access any business establishment without fear of discrimination. With your kind of reasoning, I’m sure you would be comfortable if racist whites started to practice Jim Crow segregation laws. Because after restaurants it would be schools, hotels, parks, etc, where black Zambians will begin to “stay away,” from, because if they go there, they will be discriminated against. Thus, Zambians will lose freedom of patronizing some public places in their own country. Do you think that’s okay? If you can’t be free to patronize any restaurant you want in your own country, then where are you going to free to do so?

  9. President Sata dies in London 7 in order to find his way back to kwaNabwalya, his soul heats up lodges itself a hot air balloon. Of course he rises 7 heads due South East-East but after weeks in the air, he realized he was lost. He lowered his altitude 7 spotted Mazoka in a boat below. He shouted to him:
    “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised Chagwa I would meet him in Zambia, but I don’t know where I am.” Mazoka consulted his portable GPS & replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 13.1339° S latitude & 27.8493° E longitude. Sata rolled his red eyes & said, “You must be a UPND cadre. “I am,” replied Mazoka. “How did you know?” “Well,” answered Sata, “everything you told me is technically…

  10. … correct. I have no idea what to do with your information, & I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.” Mazoka smiled & responded, “You must be a naBwalyanese PF.” “I am,” replied Sata. “How did you know?” “Well,” said Mazoka, “you don’t know where you are — or where you are going. You’ve risen to where you are , due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, & you expect me to solve your problem. You’re in exactly the same position you were in B4 we met, but somehow, now it’s my fault. Now, fuc.k up”

    • No @Buleecha, Zambians have the right to eat anywhere they want to and can afford! it is up to the owners of such establishments to respect and treat every person (black, yellow, white, green, brown, and every shade in between) who shows up at their doors for a meal the same. Why should Zambians be restricted or segregated, or discriminated against in their own BLOODY country?

      You know, these Zambians are not going to the Horse Shoe for Charity. They are spending their money like everybody else. Here in America, this “joint” would be looking at a Colossal Lawsuit which would effectively shut them down.

    • As for the “White Crackers” exporting their RACIST attitudes to Zambia, in civilized societies, it is Govt who would be in the forefront combating such vices through VIGOROUS PROSECUTIONS so that there is NO AMBINGUITY as to what the Country stands for and what behavior can NEVER be tolerated. But with Ministers such as Simukoko in charge, what hope do Zambians have? And you wonder why these foreign thugs have the B@LLS to taunt openly Govt that even if they are reported to authority nothing will happen to them? And it is true, Police “corrupt” actions proves them right!

    • @YambaYamba I agree with everything you said, except the part where you say,..”it’s up to the owners …” to treat everyone fairly. No, it’s not up to the owners. It’s up to the government to enact anti discrimination laws and enforce them. Remember, prejudiced, racist people will continue to practice racism–until laws are enacted to stop them. That’s the language they understand. Tough anti discrimination laws should be enacted by the government, and lawyers should get busy suing any racist establishments out of business. That’s what happens in the USA and it works.

  11. You all prayed for rain, the lord buckets it down and all he gets are further complaints now about flooding. Just what manner of fo.ols are Zambians sure!

  12. Shut it down. Where are the PF youths. PF is directing its energy on wrong people. Here is the problem. Please shut it down.

  13. Meanwhile Zambians worshipping white Jesus and don’t know why they fear muzungu. Christianity has shackled negroes more than slavery,colonialism

    • So what has Jesus got to do with this story? I wish you understood the teachings of Jesus . You would not make the above comment.

    • @Nakalipa – which teachings?? ironic that you call them that…you mean fiction narrated in third person tense in a novel further doctored by the evil King James…really laughable.
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • Nakalipa – you are telling us that your ancestors who have lived on African soil for thousands of years developed a rich culture were waiting until as recent as 150 years for the missionary to bring them these teachings of White Jesus to save them.

    • Yes because of Christianity-Islam too- blacks feel inferior since they are not named in the bible as the chosen race it follows they are the cursed race. The guy is right

  14. Imwe bakapokola how do you release an offender without the consent of the complainant! Very corrupt chaps! That nearly happened to me last week Friday 30th December, 2016 when I was a victim at a mounted police road block in Woodlands where Burma road joins the other road from Woodlands shopping mall. The female police officer thought I could easily give in to pay a bribe so that she could release me! To her surprise I insisted that we should go to the police station where I paid and got a receipt. Corrupt copes!!!!!

  15. What is so special about Horse shoe restaurant is it also bringing more revenue to our nations basket? if not close & erase it period. We can’t tolerate modern slavery in our own backyard, nga bowa ne fisashi twakulalyafye to hell with the racists, chuck them out so that they can go back to their ghetto’s back home. We all know that some of these bazunguzi live pretentious lives when they are in our continent back home they are nonentities.
    Just because they are white we humble ourselves in their presence, close the stinking horse shoe place period……

  16. This must be a lie .ask UTH how many accident and assault cases the received on new years eve going into New year?because it only involved black people no one is talking about them.we have women killing husbands and boyfriends .if a white person is involved then it becomes racism. We have to be careful the way we report things.many people had cars scratched and accidents over the festive period and fights took place but beca use a white person is involved you say Racism.it’s sad that LT you are not being objective

  17. This is too much. They even know that they can get away with whatever they do? What a shame. We need justice to be seen int his country please. This is so annoying


  19. Like someone has suggested above that cannot be allowed on the Copperbelt…How do you watch someone being beaten and you stand akimbo…that’s being hopeless and useless…

  20. We must hunt this pigs and so that justice meted. This not RSA or USA where blacks are on receivibg end. With or without pilice the *****s must be fished out. Even the guy was foolush to have jumped into their car, all he could have done was to get their Car reg. Zambians in lsk wake up and cobfrobt the

  21. Wow so from tribalism, nepotism now to racism. KK used to speak of poverty and its off shoots of tribe, disease, nepotism and corruption….we used to mimic him and conclude he was out of it but today we see what he meant. We laughed when he called the MMD frightened little men who feed on lies in the morning, afternoon and evening. How right he was when 10 years later FTJ was facing courts. We smiled when MMD Sec. Gen MCS, annulled the ward elections in order to block Mazoka from entering the political arena. We are laughing now but for how long? 2021 Zambia Forward new leadership….

  22. A lot of nonsense seems to be going on at Horse shoe restaurant but unfortunately the labour minister is one of them. Now the police has also joined them. This is the problem of having people in influential positions with inferiority complex. My advise to the assaulted fellow is that get a medical report and demand that the police apprehend the spoilt white racists and sue the bloody uncircumcised white foreigners!

  23. This incident has nothing to do with the horse shoe restaurant. The incident if it occurred took place in a car. This ***** Eamon should have just taken the number plate and presented it as evidence. In any case why were his friends not helping out. Then he says he later apprehended one white guy. Fake story by my party UPND

  24. You see what poverty can do? People can’take even analyse issues. If I receive a bribe on Independence Avenue, does that make State House and it’s workers/residents accessories to corruption?

  25. @13.1 Jay Jay,
    Just what the hell is wrong with that? If you cannot take satire, don’t blame me for that educational inadequacy. And considering the kind of things characteristic of Zambia since 1964, it’s way too rich for any Zambian especially one from the Northern caucuses to accuse anyone of wasting time. You Katangese are the worst time wasters universally.

    • Now you know my tribe…I didnt know I was from there – this exactly what i mean….excercise your small brain by reading instead of wallowing in tribalism. Infact i have time for such little people my generation didnt have such rubbish.
      Wake up!!

  26. …it was going to make sense to publish the disfigured face than the picture shown…..police posts operate 24/7..how did the reporter fail to get the comment…prisons and police cells are meant for poor people…FACT
    …the only aspect which makes this article sensational is the mere mention of Horse Shoe…the victim should have just rang Joyce Namukoko this could have been corruptly resolved without being facially disfigured

  27. Ati ba Lusaka very hopeless will came and discipline you be the kopala way wake up. Police will not help you waponoka wakwata na chance. Even people watching are also I*d*I*ots

  28. I am so baffled by such ill journalism after reading this story and some comments. Please help me understand this, how can one identify a ‘Zambian’, by the pigmentation of one’s skin? I don’t condone racism but the motive of this story, in my view, is to raise outrage against horse shoe. Some ‘black’ Zambians are so pompous, he might have angered those ‘white’ Zambians. Who knows?

  29. Why should I believe this story with one source? No scratched car or disfigured face or confirmation from Eamon NoSirname’s friends or witnesses? Sure, it’s a sad story. But the facts are scanty and unsupported. And we should focus on assault and offence related to accident first because this Eamon hasn’t even said what racist things were said to him yet this story seems to be more about racism than anything else. As black Zambians we do beat up each other over nshima or kandolo. So not every beating by another race should be interpreted automatically as racism.

    • Yes the story needs to carry more beef I agree but I’m sure the racist incident happened because police are quoted.

  30. So why didnt this Eamon organise a bunch of black toughees to beat the living daylights out of this bunch of white “toughees” and settle the scores. “Spare” the police naimwe, they have too much on their plate with UPND cadres. Just do what is necessary. Even today is not too late. Next item please!

    • Am falling to understand this story. This guy is accusing the said whites for racism yet has failed to just mention one racial remark against him? Come on guys. Who knows it actually happened? Did he check the credentials of the said guys who beat him up to verify that they work for horse shoe? Be serious and real.

    • Who quoted them is it a witness? If Eamons face was “disfigured” show a picture…thats how you write a story…we are not foools who have to believe everything like the fictional stuff in the bible back up statements with photos or a vehicle registration.

  31. Following opinions expressed over this sad story tells the nation as Zambians do not have cohesive manner of analysing issues and have become vulnerable to be ruled by any demagogue.
    At this rate bet the next president will not only be visionless but psychotic relegating Mugabe, Amin even emperor Bokassa who cannibalised fellow citizens. Such racists acts should be a warning of failed leadership, a prerequisite of anarchy in the offing.

  32. Just close the phucking place. Too many contradicting stories. We shall not know the truth so only solution is to close the place get on with our lives.

  33. It is important racial behavior is dealt severely by closing the club and deporting the *****s back to their blood cold holes. You can not do such in Dubai.

  34. If this restaurant is not closed by authorities, Zambian citizens themselves will close it down – and make no mistake about it, the citizens know exactly how to do it. It’s just a matter of time.

  35. How exactly do you define “white” mu Zambia ? Even barack Obama would be a muzungu in zed. Maybee those “whites” were actually “black” ? Race is an extremely social construct and has nothing to do with skin color, im very very suspicious of how those “whites” actually looked like. Cause that behaviour sounds like typical Zambian christmass new year bad behaviour.

  36. I am Christian, Jesus was not white. All you catolikas on this Lusaka Times and Anglicans awake from your slumber. These idio–ts need to bee found and taught a lesson. Zambians only Jesus was perfect, even he used to savuka when provoked. If the government does not do anything, you they people should rise up and go and man handle those four magggots.

  37. Zambia needs an independent ethics body that is not appointed by government however I am not sure how one would go about establishing one. There is just too much disregard of moral standards be it in politics, credibility and, upholding laws of good governance! All systems are in a putrid state.

  38. Ba Eamonn nabo utulo. Why jump into their car? But from now onwards we will go to war with them. Kale bamwisa baletwikato bulofwa, Nomba iyoo Mayendele muno Zambia, Mayendele!

  39. I am also a witness of this incident and telling you the truth this guy Emon was asking for 10000 kwacha he was saying he need to paint his whole car as if he will paint only a small part then it won’t match with the rest of the car.white guys offered him 1000 kwachas and Emon started telling them that he will send them to jail and police will only listen to him.white guys were saying that “this is blackmailing then this Emon called the tall white guy “stupid” and then they started beating him. It’s true they beat him but he provocated them. He used this racism thing just to extort money. Pls don’t fall for it

  40. Utter disgrace, but this what happens when poor African gov’ts pack the country full of Western or White investments. It’s clear we are back to gov’t with a colonial mentality. Foreigners first.

  41. The problem we have in zambia is the not following up of cases by the media, please keep on reporting on this case until we as a nation see where it ends up and we shall then judge for ourselves where the case will end. And we shall expose the people handling such cases ,but the moment the media shifts it’s focus to other things of less importance such cases will be buried and someone, somewhere will cash in on the case. Let’s fight for the voice less through the media and expose the bad eggs in the police service and government at large.Please follow this case till the end and for the victim please don’t give by getting cash or anything to make you close the case ,because you not doing justice to yourself and would be victim. We are a loving country ,but let’s not let our peaceful…

  42. This guy was trying to extort money from the muzungus. Why did he not take pictures , every one has a phone camera. And do you think black zambians would be watching their fellow black being harrassed ?

    A story of blackmail gone wrong. A story meant to awaken the PF thugs like kambwili.

  43. Coloured chaps are a condemned product. Muzhiba these fellers are a lost breed… No colour, No tribe, No origin, No culture… Just a bunch of unruly crooks who seek recognition. Chifukwa ba Zungu bamene banaba bala don’t like them then us blacks no no no no we don’t like their unruly character. I think the combination of BLACK &WHITE bood is a terrible off spring that has no base. They want to stay on their own…dirty, filthy, scruff enviroment poor dressing drinking. Fighting, no going to school, Am sorry about this breed.

    • Iwe ka chale, mwana I personally have worked and lived with coloureds who are some of my best friends many are hard working. Its not wise to generalise, just as we should avoid generalising on tribe- not all Bembas are thieves, not or Easterners are liars, not or Lozis are dirty,not all Tongas are backward, not all Lambas commit incest and of course not all whites are intelligent. The curse of foolishness knows no race or tribe, anyone can be a fool and likewise anyone of any tribe or race can be wise.

    • We are going out of line now. Why are we hurting one another. Two wrongs never make a right. Enough of hate speech . Forget about race,tribe or color.there are only two kinds of people the good ones and the bad ones. Even yourself you belong to either the bad ones or the good ones depending on what you do to your fellow human.

  44. Guys,
    You sold your soul with privatisation.
    There is exploitation in all quarters of this ONCE-GREAT nation, such as:
    1) Chinese abusing school girls in Luanshya
    2) Indians exploiting house girls in Chingola, and
    3) South Africans demeaning female youths in Solwezi
    They will be;
    1) Jailed in Indonesia
    2) Deported from Sri Lanka, and
    3) Flogged in Saudi Arabia

  45. So what most of you are saying is its okay to beat up a person by 4 white guys because he was trying to extort money out of them? What about the police who let a suspected criminal out of jail? Why are we failing to address that? It is not up to the police to let him go but by the judge in court. Let the law take its course and if we are going to agree with saying the Zambian deserved it then we are wrong. We don’t know who this ROBIN is who came up with a story or whether he is one of the white guys or a friend of his or whether someone from the US. was asked to post an article. What happened was a criminal offence by beating a person to a pulp. If extortion was involved then let’s take care of that in court. Those white guys need to be behind bars. Case closed! This is all happening…

  46. This is all happening because of a failed labour minister. Now whites feel invisible. Had she tackle the problem from the beginning by sending a message that ill treatment of Zambians will not be condoned, this would not be happening. It is because of a failed leadership by people we consider ministers is the reason Zambia is in the mess she is in. When you hire people with an education such a a degree or masters, they will have an idea of how to handle such situations. When you have a failed police force that is week at the sight of white people is a big problem. Let’s start holding ministers and the police accountable for their actions. Of course we have a very week president who is too afraid of disciplining them. Maybe he too is afraid of white people.

  47. photo you’ve chosen speak volumes about the quality of reporting on this story. Please stop using the same writers from t.umfewko and stop allowing newcomer sickminded t.umfweko bloggers such as Nez on this forum. I’ll always be against imperialists! Be they capitalists like Hungry Hyena or apparently these same white chaps that thumped this Eamon character but there is 2 sides of the story! Elo imwe guys that are insulting coloureds, coloureds are part of Zambia- Mazabuka Tonga coloureds (eg Masha Chilemena), Eastern coloureds (former sports minister Mwale), Lozi coloureds (Lubinda), Luapula coloureds (Kriticles Mwansa), Nw coloureds (Kazala), to insult coloureds is wrong many of the most hardworking Zambians are coloureds.

  48. Whoever wrote this useless story must be a tribalist oh I am sorry racist. The article is full of racial undertones. We see fights at clubs all the time may be next time there is a fight between chaps of your colour you can also say some bemba speaking man beat a coloured. Lusaka Times I know you can do better.

  49. This journalist should be fired, what a useless person trying to make something that is clearly not racist out as racist, and the comments of the racists are coming out in the comments, why make boer comments, what if the whites were the russians who supplied weapons for the liberation struggle, etc. etc. 4 men got in a fight with 1 man, end of story.

    • The reality is that this was a hate crime; in order to bring that point out, you would have to disclose the race of the perpetrators.

    • Careful Zambians a lot of foreigners have come to zambia all races and they want to take over running away from fights from there countries. Some have come in peace and some will stop at anything to make a living and been peaceful nation doesn’t mean they have to take us for granted. I know they will take advantage of the poor by buying them to turn against there own fellow citizens . We must be kind to foreigners but firm when it comes to dealing with those taking the law in there own hands.

  50. It is a pity that Zambians are taken for granted even in their own country. Imagine them foreigners daring you to report wherever you want and assuring you nothing will happen. We are slowly losing our dignity in the country. We must gang up against bamwisa before it is too late. That restaurant should burnt down so they know we are angry at them and they need to calm down. Poverty is really terrible!

  51. So what is the jist of this story? The whole nation went up in arms due to Mika and yet there are people who still go to the Horse Shoe. Zambia is a democratic country if you believe you are being persecuted by a zambian who is not black take them to court for descrimination. It ends there. So the guys car was scratched exchange insurance information and file a claim, what is there to discuss. Half baked journalism is what this is.

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