ICTs central to Zambia’s economic growth – Vodafone Zambia

Vodafone Zambia CEO Lars Stork

Next generation operator champions ICTs increased role in economic development in line with CSO recent findings

According to Vodafone Zambia, the information and communications technology (ICT) sector continues to offer unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and development for Zambia, and these services are an essential part of how the nation’s economy works and functions.

The comments come in light of recent revelations from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) that in 2016, Zambia’s ICT sector was the fastest growing sector at 40.2 per cent accounting for 1.2 per cent of the nation’s total GDP for the period.

Company CEO, Lars Stork said: “ICT has become a key priority of the 21st Century. The CSO’s findings validate the sector’s transformative power as an enabler for economic growth, making it an essential tool for empowering people and triggering positive change in society. As a company that operates in the ICT space, Vodafone Zambia recognises this and is working towards being an integral part of Zambia’s growth story through its next generation data services.”

Globally, the economic impact made by the ICT sector over the past several decades, with its significant contributions to gross domestic product (GDP) and its fuelling of innovative industries, has been massive.

According to CSO Director John Kalumbi the Zambian economy expanded by 4% to $6.4 billion with ICT being the fastest growing sector at 40.2 per cent making up 1.2 per cent of the total growth rate number. The Central Statistics Office – CSO is now able to compute GDP projections on a quarterly basis.



  1. When ae they rolling Vodafone to other town outside the rail line like Mufulira, Kalulushi and Solwezi?


  2. Good news…… But why does the heading and this story start off by giving the wrong impression that Vodafone Zambia are ALLEGING that ICT sector continues to offer unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and development for Zambia??
    The story then goes on to give data from Central Statistics Office Director J. Kakumbi, which data proves unprecedented growth. This is the same data Vodafone Zambia has been given, and have come up with their strategy. So, how can it be “According to Vodafone Zambia”?
    LOL – A bit like showing a Mr. X your time on your wristwatch, he tells you the time and you then announce to all bystanders that the time is according to Mr. X. …. Reminds me of Mr. Bean…Hilarious!


  3. As long as it develops in line with healthcare, education, business opportunities and jobs etc. ICTs are not a magic bullet to bypass other necessary development as some would try to sell it



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