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UNZA unions accuse new Vice Vice Chancellor of spending vast amount of money on himself

General News UNZA unions accuse new Vice Vice Chancellor of spending vast amount of...

UNZA Vice Chancellor Professor Luke Mumba (centre) and Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Amb. Peter Kasanda (right) learn more about the latest broadband technology from a Huawei employee.

Three unions at the University of Zambia (UNZA) have cautioned the new UNZA Vice Chancellor Professor Luke Mumba against lavish and extravagant expenditure.

The three unions are the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU), University of Zambia Lecturers Professional Staff Union (UNZAPROSU) and the University of Zambia Lecturers and allied Workers Union (UNZAWU).

This is contained in a letter addressed to Professor Mumba dated 3rd January obtained by QTV News also copied to Higher Education Minister and the Permanent Secretary signed by UNZALARU President Evans Lampi, UNZAPROSU President Michael Kaluba and UNZAWU President M. Kapatazi .

The three unions allege that since his appointment, Professor Mumba has so far spent a total of K3 million on his individual items that are out of sync with his conditions of service.

They have stated that the Vice Chancellor has spent funds on a personal to holder vehicle which is a way far beyond his entitlement alleging that so far he has spent K1.3 million on a VX8 in an institution where others are told to save.

They claim that he has used university funds to purchase an industrial generator for his residence at a cost of USD 15, 000 when most of the union members have inadequate office space and students’ classrooms have no teaching aids.

The three unions are furthermore claiming that as that is not enough, he went ahead to connect his residence to the University of Zambia power grid at a cost of K400, 000.00.

The letter also claim that recently, Professor Mumba’s recent trip to China was fully sponsored by his hosts, but that he and his entourage got paid per diem from UNZA for 12 days each contrary to the regulations and his own austerity message.

They have furthermore stated that the K3 million spent on his personal items could have offset a number of unpaid gratuities or pension thereby relieving the institution.

They have since advised Professor Mumba and his management to kindly reflect on his spending and assist the university to settle its debt owed to retirees than entrapping the already debt trapped institution into a further debt doldrums.

Meanwhile, Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza has asked the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate such revelations coming from the three unions.

Mr. Mwanza says UNZA has been facing a lot of financial challenges and it is unacceptable for Professor Mumba to be spending funds like that.


    • Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala, the professor is not an exceptional besides he is a bemba.

      Above is my assertion, correct me if I am wrong .

    • @kasuli:
      In the case of this ka little monkey Mumba, the same Bemba saying should be: “Ubomba mwibala ANYA mwibala”
      Ka Mumba kaisa nya mwibala futi!

    • @Kasuli, the surname Mumba is found in the Northern, Eastern and Northwestern Provinces. So your assertion might be wrong

    • This is the Entitlement Culture found in most Zambians including former First Ladies and civil servants and of course politicians:
      ME FIRST !!

    • @ Kasuli. He is not bemba but Nsenga from Petauke where BIG Brother comes from. Even his coming to UNZA has those Wako ni Wako conitations.

  1. The story is one sided lets hear what he says. He may be entitled to the expenses incurred on things he has done. In Zambia there is no office abuse. Those are wild allegations without facts. PF has fixed all problems at institution of higher learning in Zambia as promised. UNZAWU, UNZAPROSU and UNIZALAWU should focus on their members to work than wasting PF government time.

  2. Yes this is a poor story that wouldn’t see the light of day in serious countries. A story needs both sides to comment before being published otherwise this is all libel.

  3. It seems no efforts was made to get the otherside of the story else it was to be mentioned. This story is one sided or I’ll intended.

  4. There is no smoke without fire . Academics are the worst managers ever. Other that it widely reflects what most Zambians in top manage are typically known to do, even in parastatals. We are not result or performance oriented and shamelessly this will repeat. Even in the days of Lungwangwa, etc these things were common place. Professors in Foreign countries drive modestly, li

  5. It sounds like, walks like, and looks like another case of Prof Clive chirwa. Legally okay, but morally questionable.

    There was a time when men and women with a chain of letters at the end of their names like Prof Luke Mumba symbolised moral astute, exemplary, above reproach, etc.. to an extent that such an individual could vouch and authenticate affidavits, etc.. and it felt clean and heart-warming to the recipient. I wonder whether that feeling still holds now, or whether a recipient is left scratching their heads… as is the case with some of our so-called Pastors.

    • This is the same all over Africa. There’s that Nigerian professor ( Umaro Dikko) who as Transport Minister stole millions of dollars and then fled to UK when Buhari staged a coup in the early 1980s. The African academics are not beacons of integrity. In fact because Africans believe that more education means more money to be earned, that’s why this entitlement culture is so entrenched.

  6. Retrogressive this is what happens in africa if someone has ideas to transform the lives of the people,if these guys start frustrating the work of the prof then UNZA will ever remain in a mess forever

  7. Typical of Zambians and that’s how Zccm failed to tick. Instead of concentrating on production, we went straight on enhancing entertainment, personal conditions etc.

  8. Most of the comments above show blantant tolerance to corruption in Zambia and Africa in general. Corruption in Zambia is revered and has been elevated to higher levels. Please educate yourselves on these matters before u rush to comment. The unions have played the role of a whistle blower and it is up to the relevant authorities to take up the matter. These unions are on firmer grounds on these matters than most of u *****s making vile comments in favour of the professor. We all know that PF stands on the side of the corrupt against the ethos of justice. We have so many examples attesting to that fact. The case Naison Ngoma of Zambia against the union in 2015. The PF government is led by people that condone corruption. They have appointed people to run the public universities who behave…

  9. Comment:
    let’s not complain when racists say Africans don’t think . whatever level. whether politician or academics.
    what greed and insult to well-meaning academics anyway let there be facts to ascertain those claims. if it is true the man should resign on moral grounds and should be made accountable for that mess. no wonder trump feels Africa should be recolonised. it stinks

  10. He is entitled.How do u expect a professor to be load shaded every day KK used to say stupid *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is nothing come to Zambia state Insurance general and see how the md and his cartoons live lavish lives whilst the workers suffer, Nonde stop horseshoe and visit some of these parastatals

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