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Zambians fight Dora Siliya for taking selfies with Mike Tyson, while Army Worms raid farms

Headlines Zambians fight Dora Siliya for taking selfies with Mike Tyson, while Army...

Dora Siliya meets Mike Tyson
Dora Siliya meets Mike Tyson

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya has found herself the target of outrage from some Zambians after photos of her posing with former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson emerged on social media.

Ms. Siliya who is currently on holiday is pictured smiling for the camera with Tyson in an undisclosed location.

The photos were first released by the PF Media team but do not show the details such as the date when they were taken and the occasion.

The Agriculture Minister has been away from the country for the last two weeks and his counterpart in charge of Livestock and Fisheries Michael Katambo has been acting in her absence.

The timing of her holiday has however riled some Zambians who have taken to Facebook to request that she cuts short her leave and returns to the office as the country battles ravaging army worms.

The outbreak of army worms which has been declared a crisis by Vice President Inonge Wina are threatening to wipe out the country’s planted Maize for the 2016/2017 farming season.

Some of the bloggers said it is unfortunate that the Minister in charge of Agriculture is on adventure in Los Angeles and taking selfies with Tyson when farmers are calling for intervention into the army worms eating their maize.

“We have a crisis as a country and she is nowhere to be seen, only seeing her posing with Mike Tyson. Whoever the admin is (the PF Facebook page) has brought this at a wrong time,” wrote Wanda Phiri.

And Chota Ngulube wrote, “You would expect the Minister to cut sort her holiday. Army worms are disaster in the making in relation to food security of our nation. Anyway, what can you expect when she announced that government will do away with Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP)”

“This is indeed comedy. There is an issue in her Ministry to do with army worms and she is away posing with people who do not even care what goes on in our country. Sometimes those in power must sit and think why all these army worms are coming to Zambia. Lack of seriousness on the part of leadership. Very shameful,” wrote George Lorain Kapi.

But Ms Siliya received some sympathy from some bloggers who defended her stay out of the country during a crucial planting season for most farmers.

Mwape Panda wondered whether people expected Ms Siliya to be in all the farms waiting for army worms.

“Where do you want her to be? If we all followed news in Zambia, you will agree with me that the issue of army worms is being treated with respect it deserves. Dora has done nothing wrong by posing with Iron Mike,” he wrote.


  1. Mike did wrong things to Washington and is a drug addict

    I dont like Mike Tyson and this world is better off without him

    I wish nothing good for Mike or his followers



    • This guy abused women when he had the money, Why pose with him, He is like general kenani, He beats women, Anyway what do you expect from EL’s vision-less friends.

    • Dora why insult Edgar in such a manner. Even if you drink together this tooooo much. RB demanded a job for you, and no appreciation at all.
      – maize is stolen and sold to Malawi
      – Southern Chiefs are at war with Frank over late seeds
      – Armyworms, no comment. We will hear from Amos Chanda.
      At least Kambwili we just speculate, but not ifi Dora atampa its terrible abuse of office.

    • At times like this you would wish KK or Levy were president. They wouldn’t tolerate this nonsense. An Agric minister on holiday during the farming season was never heard of. Perception is everything. The army worm & the malawi maize gate scandal are on & Edward allows his minister to go party it out with conman Mark Ode Mubalama. What a shame.

    • PF media team is bunch of wankers, i mean on a serious note, just yesterday their president was whining about his MPs not doing anything about the army worms in their constituencies, just a day after his lamentations bang they release a photo of one of his MPs on a holiday, to make matters worse she is his agricultural minister. Everyone would want to meet the great Tyson for Dora not this time.

    • This is the price of appointing play girl in a ministry which requires a worker. How can a minister go on leave during the planting and harvesting season, later on when we have a calamity in the sector. Army worms and shortage of inputs.

    • Knowing Tyson’s excessive s~ex libido and the s~ex starvation of Dora who only relies on married men for escapades she must have been wired hard!

      You can even see how happy she is salivating for a fling with Tyson who seems already used and tired from supposedly an earlier bout of S~x with another woman!

      Tyson is too strong and can injure her no matter how wide. Let her ask Desiree Washington!

    • A cabinet Minister clamoring for selfies with Tyson a convicted rapist and ear biter is too morally shameful!

      Worse more she even posts it to internet! or at least she should have kept for herself in her phone for future as memories are for those who make them.

      If it was a selfie with the Pope it’s acceptable.

    • Eat the army worms. They are full of protein and will serve lives.

      What’s wrong with Dora being on holiday? Its not like she does any work when she is in the office anyway!

    • Give the minister a break! Soldier worms are being wasted chemically in an unprecedented deworming exercise. Do you expect Siliti to be weeping while under enormous pressure of paying farmers for their last farming season. Please understand that this ministry is too tough for her.

    • She is sourcing those anti-army worm from Barack and Donald. She apparently bumped in Mike the ear bitter get it? You too can’t resist that mouthwatering selfie with the Champ now can you? Haters wanna hate probably UPND bitter pills. What the heck!

    • Do you have any followers or just your fellow family members in need of your little foreign money???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Lets be serious people! Our leaders should be in the fore front showing leadership! No one is against Dora taking a vacation and doing whatever she wants with her private time but fact is her ministry’s business is tied to seasons and when it is most demanding that she leads in guiding her party’s policies when it matters it should not be the time to be gallivanting elsewhere! Anyway the buck stops at her immediate supervisor who authorized her absence when she should have been around to see to it that her ministry was on top of things leading to a bumper harvest! Alas, we elect them to enjoy! Anyway thanks to whoever informed the nation through the picture as pictures give much more information than text!

    • Siliya is grossly obese. She will have a heart attack soon. She is also at risk of diabetes. Her arteries must look disgusting blocked with fatty deposits. Maybe she was getting advice about how to loose weight.

    • How many leave days do Ministers have in a month. If am not mistaken, these guys were appointed in October. But Dora has been out of sight for a long time…is she really on leave and when did she earn those leave days.

    • @Bemba man Read full story on Facebook/Zambian Eagle. She took another woman’s Husband (a Kasai CONMAN married to Namibian President’s daughter).

      Whilst the Agric sector is in a CRISIS, in a State of Emergency with late delivery of inputs, Army worms, she can afford to go on a SEXpedition, splashing Govt funds on a married CONMAN Kasai Gigolo.

      As if it’s not enough VASCO DAGAMA-LUNGU is on Friday running away to Ghana on a private Jet.

      What a SHAMEFUL Govt & their PF00Lish followers.

    • What a weak excuse for having no morals and integrity! So you won’t judge a public officer who is misbehaving just so a nobody like you is not judged (by whom anyway? Your wife or husband or family?).

    • @3.2 What I meant to say is that, my deeds don’t matter to the public and don’t impact on people’s lives. If you are in public office, you life should reflect as such. If I go on holiday during a crisis only my family will suffer, but Dora’s actions are impacting on the entire country as we all need food to survive.

  2. So if Dora took selfies with me you might not have commented , you are so foolish , Mandela took pics with a lot of celebraties whilst allot of people where swimming in poverty .
    Stop being ignorant

  3. While Rwandans are now producing laptops and Ungandans are producing a bus the president and his ministers just love being tourists instead bringing development to Zed which brings in forex. Now Zambians will be weeping up to buy Rwandan assembled laptops while Lungu and his ministers will keep on touring other countries wasting Zed forex

  4. I don’t know why you folks are complaining as if you don’t know that Siliya has just organised Mike for an Agric title match against de Army Worms. We just have to hope his 25kg blow will clear them off. Otherwise don’t hate the player, hate the game! We Zambian are just too envious and that just sucks! Always whining and complaining god damn-it! Why don’t you just come up with a recipe to cook and eat those Army Worms???

  5. I have always said that Dora she is so shameless, In fact Dora she is a failed minister not once but several times I even wonder what else Mike did to her after that photo. Shameless Dora siliya seducing poor Mike Tyson

    • Why did Lungu appoint Siliya agriculture minister? He has no common sense. Siliya has a background in journalism not agriculture! Chikopo Lungu should have appointed Dr Austin Sichinga as agriculture minister. He had years of experience and high qualifications including a PhD in agriculture. He has years of hands on experience and as probably seen such infestation before and knows how to solve this problem.

    • Its the president that should be fired! The President should know critical times of each Ministry hence when approving any leave, one should look at that. Every manager worth his salt should know this. Also every serious worker should know when to take leave. An engineer who has been working as a project engineer on some construction of a plant would not go on leave when its time to commission the plant. So if there is a time that the Ministry of Agriculture is busy it is this time. Thank God ZCCM gave us a good and disciplined experience. Yes she is entitled to leave but even then analysis of timing is critical. I thought with there bountiful of prayers they should be able to understand and apply what they read in the Bible coz Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 tells it all.Aba bena ba Boss na…

  6. Sonta leadership! They move loads with their fingers. Just ask her to sonta and all the army worms and stalk borers will disappear!

    She has gone to try stronger men like one Mike. She is not bothered by small things like army worms back home.

  7. Look at the picture again and see the vice-like grip he has on her fragile fingers. I don’t see her coming back till he is done with her. LoL.

  8. Dora Siliya deserves a holiday worked so hard to win an election, become minister and revamped the agriculture sector in a government of visionless that is an achievement. However the inferiority complex of having a selfie with Mike Tyson is beyond me. Surely there more important people and places in America for a selfie. Its only fitting to show people in Petauke that she went to USA for holidays.

  9. What Rubbish, now someone cannot go on a vacation? Zambians why are we so much of GOSSIPERS(KACHEPA). We are so good and pulling other people down instead of building them. Is the Ministry of Agriculture run and managed only by Ms. Dora? She works with a large numbers of people who can help, its called delegating . Don’t you all go on leaves?. Please people get a life, and stop character assassination others. Why dont you get happy when you see others happy?(Witchcraft mentality). If any of you had found MIKE TYSON on the streets of Lusaka, You would want to take pictures with him….Learn to mind your own business people and stop finding faults in others…

    • A minister must know she is not the ordinary man in the street. Mike Tyson or no Mike Tyson she should behave. What is being spoken here is not rubbish and theres no gossip here the pictures are there to be seen and the army worms are here too and the person supposed to fight them is nowhere near to be seen

    • She is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. As a leader she should have dropped whatever she was doing to sort out a crisis. Unless of course she was consulting him on how to solve the army worm problem and in the process got a selfie!

  10. Point of correction: Thats former World heavyweight champion, youngest ever world heavyweight champion ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. The man deserves respect or else……. boxing history cannot be written without mentioning him. As for Ms Siliya I will point out that government is a fail-safe system hence someone getting some allowance while you enjoy your leave, please enjoy and keep us posted!!! While you’re on this boxing fan thingy, remember Galagatha here and do something for him, he’s just around Intercity…

  11. In this photo, Iron Mike Tyson seems to be thinking of the next move!!! For sure the Minister’s smile seems to suggest that she is not likely to come back home anytime soon.

  12. LT have chosen to self-censor themselves & only given u half the story.

    The main problem is that she’s on a S3X HOLIDAY with Husband to Namibian president’s daughter.

    Its all over facebook or u can read full story & fotoz on wwwDOTzambianobserverDOTcom/ or Windhoek Observer

    • Thank you @Maloza. I wondered what was going on when I saw this version on Lusaka Times. The true story is out there people. Disappointed with Lusaka times.

  13. To begin with, that’s not a selfie, (google selfie and you will understand) secondly, I don’t know why you are losing sleep over Dora not being present…she literally has no knowledge in agriculture, let alone how to fight those army worms, so her presence wouldn’t make a difference.
    Last but not the least what happened to the power of delegation?

  14. You Zambians, do you know why the Minister can not cut short her holiday. She is with the husband to the daughter of the Namibian President. This woman is breaking the marriage of the young girl who got married in 2016 and has now been grabbed by Hon. Dora
    The woman has complained to her father the President of Namibian to have a word with ECL to tell his Minister of Agric to stop but you know once you taste the sweet fruit can you stop. When the man is even drinking roots for bushmen, fire x 20 (6 rounds per night)

  15. Even if she comes back what is she going to do? You people don’t understand the role of ministers. Ministries can run without ministers so live Dora alone you UPND chaps

    • what has upnd got to do with a pic released by the pf mediocre team just after your president’s lamentations about his MPs not doing anything about army worms in their constituencies.

    • Shu shu shu, yet you’re the same people who were saying that ministries could not run without ministers when the government was in transition just before the elections. Hypocrites, you only pick what suits you at that particular moment….fact is we have a disaster in the agriculture sector and the ultimate person responsible is doing “chilepule baby…chipange pizza ” with Tike Myson


  17. I don’t know why most people talk about this woman, Dora siliya has no manures the problem is that whoever she finds, she wants to make every man her boyfriend no wonder it is difficult for Dora siliya to avoid contracting sexually transmitted infection because of her conduct one time I almost fell in the same trap as Mike Tyson she was enticing me so that we can sleep together but I was brave enough I managed to avoid having sexual intercourse with her so lets be careful Zambians with this woman

  18. Frank Bwalya will issue a statement 2moro that Southern province chiefs have planted army worms in peoples fields and they are jealous of Dora Siliya. Infact Dora is in LA to ask for money from broke Tyson to buy chemicals for farmers, which chemicals Tonga chief will tell their subjects not to collect/use so that there can be hunger in the land. That the calibre of people you have running govt!

  19. Not surprising at all…. this is what Lungu appointed as his minions. If he has balls let him change leadership ASAP.

    Amos Chanda – A Digrace
    Davies Phiri – Cluess
    Frank Bwalya – A used mop
    Kaisa – A chief thief
    Dora – a tourist in disastrous times
    the list is endless …
    Lungu wake up! ….

  20. In times of crisis no one should be allowed to go on leave let alone pose on Facebook especially ministers…The President must vent his anger on this Minister for bringing his appointment into disrepute…

  21. And Lazy Lungu is calling for all hands on deck including MP to go and spray army worms…really laughable…any Dora has nothing to lose she is MMD only helping the empty tins.

  22. i see alot of haters of Mike Tyson. The man was sent to prison by dumb lawyers. His did not commit a crime with Washington. She led him on like Givens did and changed her story afterwards. sudden fame never lasted for Washington or Givens.

  23. Not worth commenting. This is a half baked story. Sometimes I wonder what makes LT editors not to report stories the way they happen. What is it that you are afraid of?

  24. We all don’t like Dora but come on guyz just because you can’t afford a vacation is a reason to attack her,worms or no worms vacations in most cases are planned in a year so the President approved her vacation so she is good. We don’t know maybe she is working remotely from the first country in the world and asking for help from the US government on how to deal with the problem. Not taking anything away from the situation i’m sure the President and the VP they know what they are doing. sometimes take a step back,breath and see things from another angle, her being here in the states might even be lucky to get the much needed help fast because that situation is serious

    • @Zedian in the USA

      “…..i’m sure the President and the VP they know what they are doing”

      Lungu and his assistants absolutely know nothing. He is living up to his vision-less, clueless, completely idea-less drunkard that he confessed to be.

  25. She looks good in the picture. Though her arm is same size as Tyson. I would not mind Dora just for fun.

  26. @34. Do agreee with you been dreaming about her for ages. Approached her romantically but she has not done what you are saying. Sad


  28. She would have earned her self great respect if she chose to be in photo with the likes of Gracia Machel, Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma, Angela Merkel and other high profile personalities or then social activists such as Malala Yousafzai etc. Not a rehabilitated convict with appetite for punching everyone who rubs against him in the streets. Or better with Sepp Blatter, Koffi Annan or wife to Banki Moon. On the extreme case, the photo of the most impoverished families in the country, would have worked better for publicity. Such can carry political elevation. Not this expose. She doesn’t know how to balance her public office with private elements. Sad.

  29. @ Kachana Banda, you are very right. There is nothing wrong with going on holiday. The ministry comprises of a lot of people. Are they also on holiday? She has an assistant who should also prove to be helpful. criticizing her is a village mentality. Wake up you fellas and think for a change.

  30. Leave her alone. Who wouldn’t want to take such a pic with former world Champion. The Minister does not go to spray chemicals to kill army worms, but her professionals in the ministry, under direction of policy architectures and custodians in Permanent Secretaries. Let her enjoy herself after all she gets briefings on the subjects on daily basis, and in turn briefs the President. Bafika…ala where is internet?

  31. This same Dora Siliti once said her legs is a reason why the late ba Sata will never be President. now she is enjoying in the same party (PF) which Sata formed with Guy Scot and Kambwili.She is not ashamed. Folitiya did well to chase her.

  32. Ifyo namona bane, kwati paliko na ka kalijo apa mwe, mwati ma comment fye aya? Ati umunabo ali pa US of A, bena balelya umulembwe, awe mwandini pa Zed.

    In fact if you look at the picture very closely, you will observe that Dora is not actually with Tyson. Its like she spotted him and sneaked on a selfie. We all do that when we see great personalities dont we? Nothing abnormal. Unless you have never travelled. And who said that Dora os on holiday, you or her? She could be on a short sabbatical taking a course, maybe an MBA? Or PhD like Dr Kambwili? Whatever, they cannot hold back their envy? Mulekeni umwaice, she is ambitious and wants to succeed in life, noti ukunyafye ifisushi chila bushiku mu ma court like ***Donkeys.

    • PF army worms are green, and their only specialty is eating and sh *tting other people have sweated so hard to build.

  33. ………Dora’s timing of going on leave, if indeed she is on leave, is poor. Why not go on leave during the harvesting time, being Agri Minister in a poor country like Zambia. No minister goes out of the country without permission from the president. let us wait and see what the president will do to her on this score.

  34. The worst disgrace here is that we have Zambians apologising for Dora and her appointing authority. Justifying the poor judgement of her escapades. Even without alluding to the shambles going on in agriculture, Dora should not be anywhere near a ministry – let alone most of the ministers in this government. The fact that we have people burying their heads in the sand and defending the indefensible at every turn, is one of the reasons Zambia is where it is. We know the PF government is sh**te, but it is not helped by people who accept mediocrity and corruption as normal. Zambia has always had potential, but until most Zambians accept this and analyse that the current lot of leaders are not what the country needs to realise the said potential, we are doomed – soon and very soon.

  35. This is a planed move by the so called GMO seed producers, what ever they may be called they have infested warms in the country to make you accept there new seed they have manufactured which they say is draught resistant and free from any infestation.

  36. This simply indicates the type of government tht is ruling Zambia today. really a honourable minister being found in such a situation, doing useless things while millions of people are crying in th country. shame to u who is heading and who gave this lady such a ministerial post.

  37. Look ?, two *****ic fools hanging out! But Dora’s obesity is reaching colossal proportions, she looks even bigger than Iron Mike. You bet Chagwa is not happy his sperm chamber is chamfering around the Iron one!

  38. Leave the iron lady alone, Dora your funs have missed you please come back soonest. Dora cannot leave the country when it is going through tough time there must a good reason for her to be where she is, so back off, is it only Dora who can perform miracles if she is not here nothing can be done what if she is there on medical grounds, some of you just miss her without her no story. Do not worry much I am sure she has head she might be in the country already.

  39. Mark is a serial crook. The Namibian President even refused to attend the wedding for the daughter in protest to the choice of the husband the daughter picked. The same Mark was long time boy friend to Annita Tjombe who was the professional boxing promoter and manager for Hurry Simon the Namibian terminator. Marked made Annita bankrupt and now he wanted to have a Visa for America and the only way to get it was to manipulate Nangula into marriage of convenience because Nangula is an American by birth. They are no longer together. For the same reason Mark knew Tyson through his previous girl friend and now he is luring your Minister into fake lime light connections and if she does not wake up, this Mark guy will cost her the political Job. The Namibian government cannot interfere in such…

  40. The Namibian government cannot interfere in such but it defeats the strength of diplomatic relationships and friendship if the Zambian president will decide to ignore this. Very sad. He is not a good person for the Minister.

  41. Let’s respect people regardless. Everyone has dignity which shouldn’t be violated regardless of who they are. Christ treated, even the worst of sinners with the highest regard to their value as human beings made in God’s image. Lest respect our Honourable Minister regardless of our disagreement with her, either personally or technically (the way she conducts herself as a leader)

  42. Coming to the conduct of Hon. Dora Siliya (MP). The Hon. Minister must at all times be aware that she is a leader of a ministry of very critical importance to the wellbeing of millions of Zambians even beyond.

  43. I personally think in as much as any person has the freedom to pose on a photo with any anyone anywhere at any time, for a public leader at her level; the timing and manner or media with which she has chosen to share her personal social life as regards taking a photo with Mike Tyson (former world heavy weight champion), Its vital for her to learn that; a leaders life is public. Due regard to good public taste or welfare is paramount.

  44. The higher the leadership ladder the more one losses certain personal freedoms or preferences. A good leader always looks at what’s good for the public and right before God, whenever making any decision.

  45. Coming to army worms. This mater has a character that we can’t completely relate or attribute to our national leaders. Army worms are a creation of God for a very vital purpose in biodiversity sustenance. Its food for birds and a variety of insects among other living organism. Amy worms are key to ecological integrity.

  46. That’s why I disagree with the idea of eradication or divine intervention being proposed by government officials and others, for tackling this wicked problem.

  47. Pest Control and management is the key word. Lack of good stewardship of the ecosystem by human beings has greatly contributed to the problem. Let’s take the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Strategy. Lest relook our current agronomic practices. Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) is another key word that needs attention. Policy and political will are also vital. We need also to diversify our staple food.

  48. Maize eventually will prove not only, expensive to grow but also, difficulty in the long run due to its vulnerability to climate change. Crops like cassava and rice are not a choice crop for armyworms. We have both a challenge and great opportunity before us. No blame game. We are all part of the problem and solution. Zambia is a great country with brilliant people; we will rise to be a beacon of hope and light to Africa and the rest of the world.

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