Thursday, June 13, 2024

Charcoal Association formed in Choma


A Charcoal Association has been formed in Choma District in Southern
province and tasked to be engaged in legal production of the commodity
using sustainable methods.

The Association has been formed after a two day workshop organised by
the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Zambia National Farmers Union
(ZNFU) and the Forestry Department in Choma.

The Association which was the first in the district would be headed by
Mr Ackley Munga who was the chairperson and  vice-chairperson being Ms
Stella Nguni.

FAO Forest and Farm Facility Facilitator Vincent Ziba said they
decided to organise the workshop so that the charcoal business could
become sustainable.

Mr Ziba said charcoal business was allowed in the country as long as
it was done legally and the workshop was organised for  participants to
sensitise them on sustainable methods of the environment in charcoal

“Charcoal business is allowed in the country but the problem is they
do it illegally,” he said.

Participants had been urged to participant in tree planting and on the
right procedures of cutting trees.

Speaking at the same Workshop Forestry Officer Ireen Chilundika urged
participants to follow the procedure in the production of charcoal
which would enable them to earn enough revenue from their business.

Ms Chilundika said the charcoal traders needed to follow the procedure
so that the business could be successful.

She urged the participants who were drawn from various charcoal groups
in Choma District to conserve the existing trees by using the
sustainable methods.

“We need to manage what is there so that we can save the resources for
the present and future generations,” Ms Chilundika said.

She urged the groups to share the information to members of the
community so that they know about sustainable charcoal production.

The participants were drawn from Mbabala, Sibanyanti, Masopo, Kabimba,
Mbole, Sikalongo, Tandabale, Hamubbwatu, and Chuulu.


  1. Since load shedding is here to stay contrary to the lies from the President during campaigns, the Charcoal way is the way to go.

    • let them not make charcoal by way of cutting tree but by way of using biomass,saw dust,forest leave ect then the environment will be protected.Let FAO and forest department engage out professional in renewable energy train these villagers on how best the they can use agriculture and other biomass in production of charcoal which is eco friendly. Otherwise this workshop which was held and formulation of charcoal association will just increase deforestation.

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