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I am Constitutionally Eligible to Stand in 2021-President Lungu

Headlines I am Constitutionally Eligible to Stand in 2021-President Lungu

FILE: President Lungu with Sports minister Vincent Mwale, PF Deputy secretary General Mumbi Phiri during a rally in Mambwe District on Wednesday, August 3,2016-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has declared that he constitutionally eligible to stand in the 2021 general elections.

And President Lungu has challenged individuals in the ruling PF who feel bigger than the party to leave.

Speaking when he arrived at South Downs airport in Kalulushi this afternoon, President Lungu announced that he had read the constitution and that he is eligible to stand in 2021.

Mr Lungu also said that he is fully aware of all that was happening in the party on the Copperbelt.
He challenged all those against this position to go to the Constitutional court and seek the interpretation.

“I am eligible to stand, if you want, go to Constitution Court and they will tell you I am eligible to stand in 2021 and God willing and if people allow I will stand,” declared President Lungu.

And President Lungu says he is well aware of the happenings in Luanshya and Chimwemwe townships of the Copperbelt.

He challenged all Individuals who feel they are more PF or bigger to leave the party and stand on their own.

“I know there are people on the Copperbelt who think they own the party because they were the first consecrates or recruits of the party it does not happen like that. I want to make this very clear that even in the scripture in the Bible, we learn that Jesus had 12 disciples but how many are we today if not for recruitment and growth. We welcome new members,” President Lungu said.

He added, ““I want to sound this very clearly, this man Bowman Lusambo came from MMD….But it does not matter what matters is what value are you bringing to the party. If it was not for partnering with MMD, we would have not gotten the 50 +1 to win elections.”

He noted that he governs with the will of the people and not individual ideas.

He noted that an individual alone cannot make a party.

“Umunwe umo tausala nda iyo (One finger cannot pick lice) Let us value the people who matter, people will determine who will take over me not an individual saying no nebo byabufi……. So if anyone thinks he his bigger his, better alebepafye, only when people say you are bigger and better….. I know what is going on and I am in charge,” President Lungu said.


    • Keep forcing yourself on people and watch what happens. They say experience is the best teacher for a full.

    • Oh please before 2021 there is work for you to do Mr. Lungu. Please provide direction to this nation instead of engaging in useless debates. Look at how dirty your country is. Provide leadership and ensure that the energies of the Zambian people are focused on productive activities.

    • Its suprising how people cry for HH when they are the ones being affected by EL visionless stay, Think about the country not HH, Where is the country going with EL, Hate HH but this will not bring Job, Medicines and food for the poor who can not even afford a bag of maize meal.

    • Well, when we expect the President to comment on matters that impacts the ordinary Zambians, Mr. ECL is either silent or uses his spokesperson. Never says anything.
      But when it comes to ” ka position” or power, then he is the first to comment.
      Mr Lungu, you will not get it on a silver plate, you are already fighting the Kambwili`s, this time it will not be easy walk and Dununa Reverse will not help. So far not much is being delivered, it has been full of Chipate pate leadership. And you are being criticized by your PF members more than never before, and this is just the beginning.

    • 2021???? That’s extremely far.
      Mushota, Nubian and others can be pregnant twice, and someone is already campaigning.

    • CK is rattled and unease that his so called Party has been hijacked.
      100% correct bo ECL: that there can only be one president for a party at any given time. I wonder who has been misinforming CK that he can get to the PF presidency. Its either he humbles himself or be taught a (Guy scott, Miles sampa, Mulenga Sata, GBM) lesson.
      100% correct bo ECL: that PF could not have made it to the presidency had it not been for RB, Siliti, Mutati, Vincent, Lusambo e.t.c, simply put, MMD. It goes moons away to show that CK is dull.
      95% correct bo ECL: that people will have to decide who rules or leads the party. The other 5% is attributed to the violence and acrimony obtained from conferences.
      100% correct that you can stand for the second term in your…

    • Cont’d..
      … party and a somehow third term bid at the presidency of this country.
      Its important to keep your house in order. Like others are calling, you have more work at home than going abroad. Believe me if your current foreign policy handling is any major campaign issue, I will withhold my vote KALEZA!

    • @Nubian whatever, how has HH been erased? Even Lungu is not talking about HH here! He is talking about the Kambwili PF faction! Do you think with your heart or brain? Go back to school and learn the science of Analysis.

    • Kaunda taught us that even a FROG is eligible to stand. It all depends on whether we vote for it or not.
      Who will be the frog in 2021?
      Icipingo cilanda ati, ‘Wilaingila libili libili mu ng’anda ya mubiyo, epali akutendwa akupatilanapo.’

    • Any time lungu to a bemba thief.

      If the alternative is a bemba, lungu will do while he decimates the bemba thieves from PF and implants MMD and RB.

    • Lungu keeps fighting as if someone out there is delegitimizing his presidency! He seems shaky on whether he really is the leader of the nation that he should at every turn keep reminding people that he is the president! However he should be very careful with his utterances as it is too early for him to start trying to decampaign some people in his party for they may strike a deadly blow lest he keep cheating himself that the majority of Zambians will be scrutinizing his performance this period till the next elections for people are now becoming wiser and sympathetic to their own livelihood cause! At least Lungu knows his climb in Dundumwezi is 90 degrees steep and the population in this constituency already have benchmarks in place for the next elections!

    • The president is right, and this is good.

      The president says is eligible to stand for elections.

      He did not say he will continue to rule without elections.

      If people are want him to be president again, they will vote for him.

      If people vote for him then they love him and want him to lead them.

      So if they reject someone for a number of times then they don’t want him.

      I tell you that Zambians love ECL. Of course they love other people also except they don’t want those other people as leaders.

      That is why those other people are rejected from time to time.

      So who wants to force himself on Zambians? Is it not those that are rejected?

      If people line up to greet a celebrity, and the extend their hands to greet him, how can you say the celebrity is forcing himself…

    • Which Constitution did our friend read? Consideting that he couldn’t properly interpret the issue of his Ministers’stay after parliament was dissolved. Sober up Lungu and read properly. We will ask Laz to help with interpretion

    • Joseph. Learn to read and understand what ECL said. He clearly said that God willing and if people want I will stand. He didn’t say even if people don’t want I will stand. Kindly read clearly what people say. Simply put if PF wants and God willing come 2021, he is standing. But if God and PF don’t want he will not stand. Whilst the onus is on PF God will also play a part. So let’s wait for PF and God to provide the way forward for us. Simple

    • Constitution of Zambia (amendment) Act no 2 of 2016, page 45; Section 106 subsection 3 states;
      A person who has held office twice as President will not be eligible for election as President.

    • ECL is now vindicating the bootlicker Moonga who woke up one morning and told Zambians to give Lungu a third term in office PF and all forward looking Zambians, let’s reject this Kabila-style matrix or machinations. We did it against Chiluba and together we should do it against Lungu, Rupiah Banda and Dora Siliya. Zambia is for all and not for Easterners alone! I am seeing the official launch of the 3rd term debate here. Abash 3rd term, Abash Lungu PF faction. Forward with the UPND, Forward FDD, Forward Chishimba Kambwili PF true greens, Forward NAREP, Forward Dr Nevers Mumba MMD Faction, Forward the entire Zambians!

    • The simple fact is that Lungu will not even make it to 2021!

      Long before that Zambians will wake up in poverty with no jobs and no food and this thief will be booted out like never seen before in Zambia!

      He will flee the country or end up like Gaddafi or Mussolini.

      Mark my words!

  1. Edgar is a thief, Edgar is a thief, Edger is a thief. Him and Dora have been banned from entering Malawi

  2. As I have repeatedly said – Zambians are fools & very tribal.
    No doubt LsK, Central, & CB will still vote for Lungu & PF in 2021.
    Very retrogressive fools indeed!

  3. And so it begins. He is just from an election, instead of focusing on fulfilling the promises he made, he has started preparing for the 2021 elections. What sort of leader is?

  4. This is very good coming from the President. This issues has now been tabled. Now all those with issues with it, line up at the Constitutional Court. I certainly wont be in that queue.

    I think we need to resolve this issue now, than in 2020 or 2021 when emotions and tempers will be high and sanity out of the window. Lets put this issue to be now in the constitution court

  5. He has made the declaration, if the Concourt rules otherwise can he be impeached for not upholding the Constitution he swore to uphold?

    • Taking this matter to the Kangaroo Court early is a mistake because Lungu can then rig the Constitution afresh in Parliament. The opposition should always assume that Lungu will stand in 2021. If the matter is taken to the Kangaroo Court very late then either he will be barred and it will be too late for him or he will qualify, in which case the opposition will be ready for him. Just don’t allow him to temper with the Constitution afresh to address the so-called lacunas.

  6. Oh power,oh sweet power…look what you have done to this man called lungu,,,,before even delivering what he promised some 4months ago to the people of Zambia,he’s started already preparing for the next farming season..kkkkkkkk viva lungu

  7. Leave the stage while still hot. Don’t be falsed out its not worth it Mr President God has given you this time don’t disappoint him. Remain well.

  8. The same EL told the nation that he was a lawyer who understood the law when he advised his Ministers to stay on after parliament was dissolved. And what happened? He was caught with his pants down. I do not believe him, let the courts interpret this and i will believe.

  9. We are all strongly advised to say …God Willing. Tomorrow,be it the day after tomorrow,next week,next month,next year i do this and that.Human life is like a mist,showing up today disappearing tomorrow.

  10. And just like that, war was declared!! Musenge and Kambwili might be fulls but they also are from the komboni where the PF’s support is. Unfortunately, this is also where the harsh economic policies of this government is biting the hardest. Once you lose Chimwemwe or Mikomfwa and the rebellion spreads to other parts of the Copperbelt, then you know that your days are numbered. Good luck….btw, that is why independent MPs did quite well on the C/belt and other areas.

  11. This is the worst time to talk about eligibility to stand in 2021, apart from the fact that it is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too early is the president in touch with the filling of the masses in this country, does he know how much misery has befallen this great nation ever since he came into power. How come he is imposing people like max to be DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly this is so irritating, mwebantu please help our president to take the leadership of this great nation seriously….. he is surrounded by lots of unwise people who are taking Zambia to the early stone age. David in the bible surrounded himself with extremely wise people to offer direction now ours is surrounded by the like of maxwell chongu from big brother!!!!!! anyway….

  12. Elo lwanyaaa!!!! Constitutionally elligibilty
    Awe, we have better candidate who can stand on PF Mr. President…

  13. Some people are beyond redemption, you have not even worked and already you are talking of standing in 2021, does this man have advisors. It is very embarrassing for us PF members. And due to cowardice, he is failing to name Chishimba Kambwili but attacking him indirectly

  14. Gambia and Zambia can you spot the difference? If it is not very big, then you know what I am talking about. If Chakolwa is popular why have we seen an army of paramilitary in Kitwe town centre as if they are preparing for war? That is just the price you pay for imposing yourself on people who you fear may throw stones on you.

    • No difference if you are west African you will say Gambia and if you are from the south of Africa you will say Zambia, just the pronunciation everything is the same. What is the biggest army worm in Gambia?

    • Comment:Chikukalipa…who imposed himself on pipo..
      President Lungu was elected by pipo of Zambia…we still love him… only haters cannot distinguish sense from nonsense… some pipo ar like a repeater at school.. where by yo young brother passes an exam and stil bost ur intelligent… why cant u agree that Lungu is President.. we love u Mr President..

  15. “I am eligible to stand, if you want, go to Constitution Court and they will tell you I am eligible to stand in 2021 and God willing and if people allow I will stand,” declared President Lungu.

    Constitution court judges were appointed by him,they will favor him just like the last election petitions.Kawalala…

    • People, do we really have this piece of paper called constitution sure? If we really have a constitution around some where, why did Patrick Matibini not act as president when ECL’s election was petioned? It is only a constitution when it favours the PF! Ati constitution, my foot! Even the so called constitutional court, even the Lozi kuta is more credible!

  16. Why are people wasting time talking about 2021? Lungu stole Elections in 2015 &16 and unless stopped he will still Elections again in 2021. With a PF Majority in Parliament and his friends and “Night” Judges at Concourt Lungu is assured stand in 2021. However Lungu is casting his eyes too far. He has just stole and started a New Term and there is no guarantee Lungu will even complete it. While Lungu has been able to rig elections he cannot rig the economy. With illegitimacy Lungu will struggle to turn around the collapsing Economy. The Petition remains unfinished business and without Hearing and disposing the Petition, Lungu will find himself isolated and no Western Financial Assistance will be forthcoming to Zambia. Arab Aid will not rescue the situation. 2017 and the Years ahead will…

  17. Ba Edgar, please inspire your people rather incense them. The is no way in hell you will win 2021 elections. As much as you might not like to hear this HH’s popularity has been increasing while PF is on the descending. In the last elections HH had about 1.7 million votes compared to PF/MMD’s 1.8 million votes. The point is PF and MMD’s combined stolen votes were too little combined to HH’s considering that just in 2011 he had about 500,000. Said another way HH in 2016 election had more votes than Michael Sata had in 2011 when he won the elections. Everything said and done HH is on the rise and the more lack leadership Edgar shows by sideling PF members the better for HH, watch the space and see how PF will lose power to UPND!!!

  18. Always focussed on the wrong things Ba ECL this is not the time for Politicking. Get to work and stop talking about standing in 2021, time for that will come.

  19. Lungu is saying he has got Concourt in his pocket and his Judge Friends will rule in his favour. If Amending the Constitution is necessary he has a majority in Parliament to do so. Furthermore, Lungu as Commander-In- Chief he is in control of the State Machinery to steal the Vote in 2021 again. ECZ has perfected the Art of Rigging Elections so Lungu is assured of retaining power in 2021. The only obstacle to his power retention is the sick economy. However with Arab Capital Lungu will turnaround the economy and his critics will be shamed again.

  20. Are we that dull to deserve such a leader sure? A whole president being in the centre of maize deals and bragging about his eligility to stand again 4yrs from now sure?? The country is in shambles and this is what we get … what where you thinking t0 vote for this …

  21. This Lazy Bum is likened to a Zimbabwean ruling party cadre who wanted land to be grabbed but has no clue what to do once its handed to him except selling it…how did we end up with this awful candidate as a President in the first place.

  22. its too early for this we have big problems in this country that need solving now and the president is talking about 2021…

  23. They are scared to relinquish power becoz they know PRISON is waiting for them. These are the fruits of Stealing & corruption.

    His friend in GAMBIA is also refusing to step down even after losing elections due to atrocities he committed.

  24. Ba Lungu instead of inspecting maize fields affected by army worms as you said, you are busy talking about Kambwili, please work first and if you inspire pipo things will just work on their on. It is too early to start talking about 2021 if you are not careful you are going to destroy PF.

  25. Surely heat’s boiling in ECL’s Head? Ba yamba ma campaign! Does he think he will be able to Rig in 2021? Emwe Bantu bushe are we supposed to be pleasing one person ECL or what is good for ourselves as Zambians. Bemba is very much vocal but bene ba NYANJA owners of Child ECL are moderate. Just observe turn of events as we move along the rough road to hot 2021. I ll be there live.

  26. He might not even reach 2021 he is not God.Man’s plans are not God’s plans. God will intervene he will not allow a thief to steal votes again bcos there is no progress only confusions in the Country. The forty days for the thief is coming.

  27. ECL you have just declared your exit pass!Zambians wont tolerate you for another five years after 2021. Be careful and remember Chiluba,s third term.

  28. It is only in PF where you declare to stand and continue ruling before delivering services to the voters. Cry my beloved country. Farming input distribution is in disarray. Army worms are busy terrorizing crops.

  29. The whole thing is staged. Nobody should go to the constitution court now. Let go to the constitution court at the time of filling the papers in 2012. I think PF want to do it early so that in case they lose that in the constitution court they can then try to change it through the parliament. That is the reason they are trying to pardon the independent MP now who they despised few days ago.

  30. Mwebantu Edward dint say he will stand. He said God willing and if pipo allow.very gud choice of words. He might stand.problem is the guy is contemplating standing.too early Edward work first….

  31. That puts and end to kambwilis aspirations and any other bemba.

    I don’t like lungu but if the alternative is a bemba I would rather have lungu and MMD in power any day. I will vote lungu.

  32. Dear Mr. President see you in court you are ineligible to stand you are serving your final term we are engaging LAZ to put you in your place. Why do you always read the provisions of the constitution wrongly, but I salute you for coming out in the open on where you stand. Sir on this one we shall once again defeat you and your national chairman the one who inserted what he believed but it read different. Shalom 2021 Zambia Forward under new leadership.

  33. If he is eligible to stand in 2021, why does he say ‘God willing’ and ‘If people will allow’? There is something wrong here. He knows that what he is embarking on is a desperate attempt to shield himself from the constitutional atrocities he has committed. And why does he say ‘go to the constitutional court’? It is like he has already decided for the con court judges about the outcome and they have to follow in tow! This is both nonsensical and preposterous. How did he even clear the bar exam to become a lawyer?

  34. He hasn’t done any work at all and he is already dreaming of 2021. Aren’t there more pressing social and economic issues to tackle?

  35. The president is right, and this is good.

    The president says is eligible to stand for elections.

    He did not say he will continue to rule without elections.

    If people are want him to be president again, they will vote for him.

    If people vote for him then they love him and want him to lead them.

    So if they reject someone for a number of times then they don’t want him.

    I tell you that Zambians love ECL. Of course they love other people also except they don’t want those other people as leaders.

    That is why those other people are rejected from time to time.

    So who wants to force himself on Zambians? Is it not those that are rejected?

    If people line up to greet a celebrity, how can you say the celebrity is forcing himself on people?

  36. Iwe Lungu focus focus focus focus. You havent even done half your term and you are srguing about the future. Be practical solve the problems that confronting you now before crossing a bridge you havent reached

  37. Iwe Lungu focus focus focus focus. You havent even done half your term and you are arguing about the future. Be practical solve the problems that are confronting you now before crossing a bridge you havent reached

  38. Pombo wi bilima! Aba bilima tabaya! GBM started a campaign at one time when he declared king kobra as candidate for 2016. We know what happened. God is great because he has hidden the future from man. Are you God to tell if EL will be there in 2021? Let us take one day at a time. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. Take it easy and address current problems that need urgent attention!

  39. Zambia is cursed. Where did you find this man who is only obsessed with power and not serving the people who feed him? Which constitution did he read? Why is he so sure the ConCourt will interprete it his way? Lungu is indeed a very dangerous man to the country. He must be stopped at all costs. Even the little respect I had for him has completely eveporated.


  41. Bafi.co.l.o.r. bahaamba ukulwa! am loving this drama. Kambwili ati shani apo. Umusula munobe aaisa kutukila ku bedroom yobe, bonse tumfwe nomba kolwe iwee. U see HH is not your problem

  42. Lingu mune dont think people love you because of your scattered tooths,people vited for you because of of people and sata but as things stand, you are now on your own and you risk making PF lose on 2021 if you are not careful because with we did not vote for in 2015 or 2016 because we love you or you are clever but because of PFm Know you are now forcing us to start looking ag satan HH, after all he is Zamabia and his dransgretions are human which can be forgiven!

  43. Well done ECL!!this news is for PF members.the president has done well to declare his intentions for 2021 now so that all those who want to stand also can leave PF early to avoid confusion closer to 2021.Any expert in constitutional law will tell you that indeed ECL is eligible to stand in 2021 because he only served for less than 2 years after replacing Mr Sata.even UPND before 11/08/2016 stated that ECL is eligible to get presidential pension because he has not served a term which must be 3 years or more.so if ECL lost in 2016,he could have not gotten presidential pension.RB served for 3 years after Mr Levy Mwanawasa death in 2008.hence getting a presidential pension after leaving office in 2011.AS FOR HH,WITH ECL ON TOP OF PF IN 2021,UPND MUST AS WELL FORGET ABOUT WINNING BECAUSE ECL…

  44. Ati am eligible!!!!! Uko kwamene kuli VI PF vilibe nzelu Koma ukawalala. Stick to your constitutional court with judges who are best in errors not adjudicating.

  45. you cant start talking about 2021 when the current term is not even settled if HH goes to international court, we can have a rerun and any right thinking Zambian can not vote for PF and Lungu so its too early to talk about 2021 the best he can do is to try to unite the nation and his party and pretend like he is a good person then in 3rd or fourth year he starts talking about that may be it would have made sence not now let him work Zambia needs direction

    • I know why you say so.

      In Africa people are not use to strategic thinking.

      They always say fikayisova nga twafikako.

      Lungu is strategic, and if we had many like him we would develop Africa.

  46. I have not bothered to read a single comment by UPND cadres because I know it is the usual ati “visionless Lungu”. O.M.G.! What else can you expect from a futureless UPND?

    • As you are always against classification of “visionless Lungu”, tell us about his vision after two years of presidency?

  47. Between now & 2021 is a whole ocean in between riddled with so many hurdles of political & economic heartache & pain for Zambia. Already, Lungu’s performance on most score cards is abysmal. To imagine all he can think of is re-election in 2021 is most shameful indeed. By the way, what a coward, why can’t he just mention Chimbwili by name as opposed to vacillating in cycles? Levy told Chiluba right in his face that he had a forked tongue, kona maemo a munna sakata!

    • I know why you say so.

      In Africa people are not used to strategic thinking.

      They always say fikayisova nga twafikako.

      Lungu is strategic, and if we had many like him we would develop Africa.

    • Strategic thinking? You 1mbecile, which thinking you are talking about? How to create nation of destitute, uneducated, unemployed and starving citizens? There is ONLY ONE thing Lungu has achieved in his parasitic life, get CONVICTED as EMBEZZLER!!!

  48. Wouldn’t he have served 2 terms already in 2021, albeit the first wasn’t a full term, but still a term nonetheless?

    He’s talking like a guy who’s afraid of his own shadow, a result of stolen elections perhaps. The guy actually sounds like a coward blowing his own trumpets and beating his chest while being scared deep inside. He’ll be haunted by the stolen elections.

  49. Seriuosly… That’s your biggest concern… If in 2021 you can run…. How bout you do your job today so poeple beg for you to run again

  50. Leadership in africa seems to be sweet,let the visionless president die before 2021 zambia shall be saved,

  51. Ba Lulu stop campaigning and start working. Campaign through hard work and if it positively impacts onto the Zambian people’s lives no one will doubt your candidature for 2021

  52. We told you that Lungu is a disciple of Mugabe and Mu7, there you have it for your selves.
    Lungu’s audacity statements are based on the weak judicial system in the country. The Con courts, LAZ and the judges in the nation are weak, bought out and divided. My profound concern of Zambia’s incapability to hold any credible elections is being vindicated. We have wasted so much time, efforts and resources to improve our democracy for nothing to show up. Its a disgrace to Zambia.

  53. ECL is speaking without reflecting on the problems encountered in the last elections. His Presidency is disputed, that’s a fact. Humility is called for here. Those in the know recognise that he endorses lawlessness and undermining of non-executive arms of governance. What’s also starkly obvious is the lack of checks and balances in the governance system. Everyone’s expectations are on HH to provide the counterbalance. It’s an absurd and dangerous situation because ECL has no clue how close we’re to the cliff as a nation. People like Kambwili are hyenas. As long as lions hunt, they’ll eat. It’s time for a new movement to bring about change.

  54. Bless yourself for the hard time you’re going thru and expect more to come in the government you voted in.how much are school fees;meal meal etc.

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