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ERB threaten to close Service Stations that have not reduced fuel prices


Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has threatened to close down Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) and service stations that have not reduced fuel prices that came into effect at midnight, Tuesday.

This follows complaints from members of the public that some OMCs and service stations have not reduced pump prices.

ERB Senior Manager Consumer and Public Affairs Fred Hang’andu says the energy regulator is concerned that service stations have in the past been quick to adjust prices when there is an increase, but very slow to do so when prices are reduced.

Mr. Hang’andu says ERB has since dispatched inspectors to monitor adherence to the directive made on Tuesday to ensure that rights of consumers are protected.

He said failure by OMCs and service stations to reduce the pump price constitutes a violation of license conditions which attracts sanctions which include closure.

Mr. Hang’andu said this in a statement issued to ZNBC News in Lusaka.


  1. Nothing is going to happen. You people in authority you just know to threaten but no action: Proof – how may times have labor Ministers in Zambia said NO MORE CASUALISATION. WE SHALL CLOSE COMPANIES. Nothing has ever happen. NOTHING: In Kitwe some have not reduced pump prices until old stock finishes. Look at HORSE SHOE RESTAURANT, a black Muntu is beaten by whites.

  2. This ERB is as moribund as others. What energy are they regulating? As at now, I expected ERB to take government to court for cheating the people during election campaigns that load shedding would be a thing of the past in a few months as Mamba was coming on board. Nothing has ever happened and this toothless ERB is watching. Very hopeless and helpless

  3. That is what you need to do. What is wrong with u people who always speak negatives even to something good. Learn to appreciate what is good.

  4. In a poor economy why waste taxpayer’s money on uneconomical building designs with unnecessary pillars. A lot of space is wasted in between so many pillars holding offices 20 meters above just to achieve ‘beauty’.

    This design and building itself may have cost Zambia a fortune yet its unimpressive. The building’s beauty cud still have be achieved by an economical trade-off between proper utilization of space and beauty with regard to cost!

    What’s that filling station canopy for? Is it to symbolize that ERB deals with filling stations or its a working filling station?

    This was an unnecessary extravagance! Useless building design!

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