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Davis Mwila is telling President Edgar Lungu lies that I am undermining his authority-Mwenya Musenge

Headlines Davis Mwila is telling President Edgar Lungu lies that I am undermining...

President Lungu with Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge during a tour of Mukuba Secondary school pupils. This was when the Head of State visited his former school in Kitwe on November 2,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: President Lungu with Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge during a tour of Mukuba Secondary school pupils. This was when the Head of State visited his former school in Kitwe on November 2,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davis Mwila is my worst enemy in PF because he is always backbiting and telling President Edgar Lungu lies that I am undermining his authority when in actual fact my loyalty has always been to President Lungu,’ PF Member of the Central Committee (MCC) Mwenya Musenge has said.

Efforts to get Mr Mwila for a reaction proved futile as his phone went unanswered despite several attempts to get him.

Mr Musenge said Mwila has always been his worst enemy in PF dating back from 2009 and 2010 when they ganged up with former Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to fight him, but he was vindicated when Mr Kabimba was fired and almost every PF member celebrated.

The losing Chimwemwe PF parliamentary candidate was reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s statement that he was eligible to stand as Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate in the 2021 elections and that those who were not happy with his leadership in PF should pack up and go.

Addressing PF cadres at Kalulushi South Down Airport on Thursday, President Lungu said he was aware that some people in Luanshya and Chimwemwe in Kitwe were holding dark corner meetings to undermine his authority, but warned them that they would not succeed in their mission.

But in response, Mr Musenge accused the PF Secretary General of being behind the spreading of falsehoods that he was holding meetings to undermine President Lungu’s authority.

He said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that he did not understand why Mr Mwila has always hated him so much to the extent of telling lies to the President that the former Chimwemwe MP was undermining his authority. “Without going round circles, Davies Mwila, the PF Secretary General is my worst enemy in PF he has always been telling lies about me. He started in 2009 and 2010 when they ganged up with Wynter Kabimba to expel me from the party when I said Kabimba was not the right Secretary General.

“Even now, Mwila is behind these falsehoods been spread against me. Nshaishiba ifyo uyu Muntgu ampatila ine(I don’t know why this person hates me) He is also not a good Secretary General and he should also be removed in the interest of the party or else, we will have problems as a party,” Mr Musenge said.

He said the issue of him holding clandestine meetings in Chimwemwe constituency or at his chillers club were falsehoods which should be dismissed with the contempt they deserved.

“At no time have I ever held a clandestine meeting in Chimwemwe constituency or Chillers club. What i know is to sit here at the club and drink beer, but it is sad that people want to spread falsehoods that am holding clandestine meetings,” he said.

And commenting on President Lungu’s eligibility to stand in 2021, Mr Musenge said the President was a lawyer who had understood the constitution better and so if he was elibgible, it was important that PF members supported him to serve his last term.

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    • Wanzelu.

      Why should LT ban NEZ, he feels aggrieved and has the right to express his griviences.

      You want to be like PF and lungu were all critics are banned and avenues of expressing ones griviences are blocked ?

    • kiki spaka leave this boy wanzelu. Wanzelu i have really annoyed you. I warned you that with me I dont stop until the truth comes out. Lusaka tims can block me but i will be back within seconds. We have a powerful IT group here. You will just die of heart attack. Be careful,

  2. If i would find these two i.d.i.o.ts fighting, believe me i would even put pangas in their midist so they i.d.i.o.t.s can kill one another

  3. Ba Davies Mwila, you don’t divulge details of the disciplinay charges involving Nathan Chanda versus Chishimba Kambwili. You cant start saying, he said Nathan took a file to the President for Chisimba Kambwili to be fired. In public, you are supposed to give scanty details

  4. Kikikikiki To be fair to Davis Mwila, President Lungu does not even remember him. He only appointed him to that position to appease people from Luapula. When he went to the copperbelt, president Lungu stated, and I paraphrase ” I have pardoned the independents that used to be PF, even the independent that defeated up mr. Davis Mwila.”

    President Lungu knows the art of politics kikikikiki.

  5. This is the reason President Lungu is appointing MMD members to positions of power in the government. Any sane person can see that the only reason most of these PF members operated under president Sata, was fear of him. President Lungu needs people that know how to run a country, i.e Mwanawasa’s MMD, with the exclusion of Dora the explorer and Kaingu lol.

  6. Am happy to see the beginning of the end of PF. Lungu thinks he’s consolidating his power by letting his thugs fight each other. one thing for sure he’s scattering his base and diminishing his influence. It’s a good thing he’s not smart enough to foresee the consequences of his own greed


  8. The government through the Ministry of Higher Education must quickly work on water articulation at Kitwe Education College ladies hostels before we experience outbreak of water related diseases. I learnt this with sadness that such an institution whose administration was busy collecting tuition and lodging fees from students will ignore the recipe of diseases at the college. I suspect this problem has been there for a long time as observed by the responses we were getting from college management. I further suspected that it was not only ladies hostels but also other hostels. The college in front looks very beautiful but what is hidden behind is a shame to our country especially after 52 years of independence. It is a typical of service servant approach to work. Can the ministry of higher…

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