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Justice Katenekwa calls for expansion of Kitwe High Court

General News Justice Katenekwa calls for expansion of Kitwe High Court

KITWE High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa has for expansion of the court to accommodate six judges.

And justice Katenekwa has appealed to the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to provide land for the construction of offices and for the for the judiciary to enable them execute the plan.

“Due to the increased workload in both civil and criminal this court is now manned by six judges. The building has remained the same since it was established.

“This means that the institution faces serious office accommodation situation. To solve this, it is imperative to provide a suitable piece of land to build other offices,”Mr Katenekwa said.

Speaking during the ceremonial opening of the high court held the court grounds, Honorable Justice Katenekwa said it was necessary to make the provision of infrastructure for the judiciary to rank among the priority national projects because without the infrastructure, all good intentions will not be achieved.

Mr Katenekwa said government has built new local courts in a quest to bring justice closer to the people adding that the institution has not been expanded at the same rate resulting in the new courts not being adequately staffed.

He further appealed to the Zambian people to respect the judiciary and allow it to operate freely and independently.

The Justice said for the judiciary to carry out its mandate as entrusted by the people, there was need for good will, respect and acceptance by other government arms.

Mr Katenekwa said the resourcing the National Prosecution Authority, Legal Aid and the Correctional services was needed for them to work effectively.

And Elijah Banda, a state counsel who spoke on behalf of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), said that sufficient and sustainable funding should be provided to enable the judiciary perform its function to the highest standards.

Mr Banda said the inadequate resources might make the judiciary vulnerable to corruption which will further result in the weakening of its independence and impartiality.

Meanwhile Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kango’mbe said government will continue to ensure that the judiciary remains free and independent from other government arms.

“My Government places great importance on the rule of law and recognizes the Judiciary as an important arm of government and that for it will always strive to ensure that the budget to judiciary is met,” Mr Kango’mbe said.


  1. The High Court has done an excellent job over the MP Petitions arising from the 2016 Elections so far. A number of MP Petetion Judgments remain outstanding and we wonder why these judgments have been susoended.Are the High Court Judges now being compromised in their work? Judges should deliver justice without fear,favour and prejudice. It seems our Constitutional Democracy is under threat following the disputed 2016 Elections. Instead of delivering Justice some of our Judges have ceased being “Justices” in pursuit for financial gains. These are sad devts in the growth of nascent Constitutional Democracy. The MP Petition Appeals at Concourt are taking a long time to be heard. Are MP Petitions not time bound? The wheels of Justice are turning very slowly in Zambia. Time will tell!!

    • Why does he talk to the public as though it is the public that builds government offices? He has a Chief Justice who sets the budget and there are the President and a Finance Minister who dish out the money after setting out their priorities. At the rate this disorganisation is going, we will be hearing the Speaker saying that the Parliament building is too small. Next President will also be complaining that Stae House is too small. When they make districts, they do no consult the people. Iyi BOMA is confused.

  2. “He appealed to Zambians to respect the judiciary and allow it operate freely and independently ”

    Respect should be earned mr judge, currently the Zambian judiciary nothing but a circus full of clowns putting on court crowns, just a few days ago someone was bragging about how they woke up a high court judge at 03hours , to push for someone’s presidential ambitions.

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