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Zambia remains indebted to the Chinese government for its continued assistance


President Lungu Meets Chinese Foreign affairs Minister Mr Wang Yi at Statehouse in Lusaka 4676 2

President Edgar Lungu has said that Zambia remains indebted to the Chinese government for its continued assistance. President Lungu said that Zambia has continued to benefit from the relationship with China through assistance and investments.

The President said that Zambia has so far recorded over five billion US dollars of Chinese investment from 320 companies that have created over five thousand jobs. The President was speaking when he held talks with Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi at State House.

The President disclosed that it is for this reason that government has started implementing projects under the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation -FOCAC- Summit which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in December, 2015.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping for a state visit to Zambia at the convenience of both leaders. The President said that the Chinese leaders’ visit to Zambia will further cement the two countries’ relationship.

President Lungu also said that government was grateful for the support China has shown towards the construction of a Conference Centre in Zambia for hosting of the African Union Summit in 2022.

Mr. Wang has since concluded his two day official visit to Zambia and has proceeded to Tanzania on a similar visit. The Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister was in Zambia as Special Envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping.


    • How are china benefitting from this ? Nothing !

      You as Zambians are being used – simple as that.

      Let a white man who liberated you. Who built Lusaka, zambia and the rest

      China is an appalling country and their human rights alone are inhuman.

      You have been warned.



    • Lusaka Times why don’t you report that Hikainde Hichilema~HH has built two schools in Western & North Western Province respectively?
      Its such a shame that your impulses of propaganda is only about visionless Lungu & his PF bandits all the time!
      LT, open your eyes wide shut open & report about important issues such as the building of 2 schools by HH.
      Don’t choose to turn a blind eye about this reality & only report about nondescript of corrupt PF failures. Lets be honest & fair for once LT, common!
      By the way, how much is mealie meal today & the economy doing?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Mushota has won both 2016 Most Irritating Blocker (MIB) and 2016 Best Blocker (BB). So she will be writing ati MIB,BB 2016 after her comments,,,kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Breaking news! After losing on LT awards NEZ has collapsed and has been rushed to hospital. He can’t just stand being a national example of a failure, having failed as a strategist, at Tumfweko and now at LT. He has since been replaced in UPND.Kikikiki.

    • Let’s just get organized and rid ourselves of the poverty mentality.
      We can work hard as a government and prosper our people.
      We have to get back our dignity


    • This is a sad sight …let me tell you this long as we keep waiting on a rescuer from the sky nothing will ever change. Our liberation must be grounded in reality with restored minds WE are rescuers we are waiting for…for me I see nothing in this utterly weeak lazy tin Lungu he is likened to a reckless caretaker, a caretaker can not pay rent or repairs or plan for the future he is simply a care taker.
      The moment is now to prepare for leaders of the future..forget about all these masquerading selfish ***** both in opposition and ruling party.

  1. You remain a slave of your debtor, its that simple. Putin(Russia) for instance cannot utter such words.. Liberate this country by being self reliant and you will have a lot of countries indebted to you.

    • Bbouy: no country in this new era sorely depends on itself for all its needs. Integration and mutual benefit is the way to go. What we should aim at is to try identified the missing needs of China and explore possibilities of exporting that side. Who imagined that Saudi Arabia would be in need of goats from Zambia. Let’s continue exploring potential in exports to other countries and we shall be a better place. Being negative all the time won’t help us at all

  2. What a Sichopet headline! Grammatical errors aside this means nothing:
    Zambians remains indebted to the Chinese government for its continued assistance

    • A good place to start is to read what is written and not what YOU think is written. You clearly did not do that.

    • A free lesson in syntax ba Baithewee is this: The “its” is Equivocal. It could refer to China or Zambia and thus disturbs the intended meaning of the sentence: Zambia remains indebted to the Chinese govt for its continued assitance

  3. Of course you are indebted you Lazy Bum Lungu have turned our unborned children into China’s slaves.
    Useless man!

  4. Am sure arms (brown envelops) were handed to his excellence, always begging. When are we going to be self sufficient and behave like a respected country instead of always being indebted all the time. Nothing good comes out of china, if you see the kind of investments that these people have brought to this country, you will cry. They are selling chickens, roasting maize by the road side and digging dungeons in the name of mines. Focus on what you have an not always asking for arms.

    • How can you talk to someone with hands under the table…really laughable…dont you know that criminals keep 12 Guage Shot guns under there!

    • What do honestly think he is…if that Chine told him to frog jump ..he would swiftly jump all the way to Woodlands Supermarket and back!

  5. Working hard & having vision is only solution – Not handouts. Handouts won’t take ZED anywhere.

    Anyway you voted for the PF fools & thieving Bembas – so, enjoy the fruits of your stupidity.

  6. Now, let’s look at the road ahead: – China has been an all-weather friend. Zambia is indebted to China to such a magnitude. One of China’s big problems is lack of space, with its dense population of 144 people per square kilometre. whereas Zambia’s least problem is precisely space, with it’s population density of only 23 people per square kilometre.
    So, what would be Zambia’s response if China decided to tie its deals in exchange for space to solve its big problem? i.e. off-loading part of its population on Zambia vis a vis dual citizenship? Will Zambia be an all-weather friend too? Or will Zambia do a runner?

  7. People that are not business minded will never see how beneficial China can be. You can never compare a business deal you can get from China to the one you get from USA. And please don’t fight back If your shirt or underwear lining has a “made in China” tag.

    • China is going to want its money back at some point…what are you going to do? Plead for a debt write off again?

  8. Chinese are smart business guys and one does not need to be a rocket scientist to know and understand that.They are not crazy to travel thousands of kilometers to come and improve the living standards of Zambians. They are here for business and make “super profits” .Were you have a 20 Chinese working on a project , you need 50 Zambians who are always complaining about condition of service , human rights abuse, holiday , working conditions .We appreciate investors but who told the intelligent, wise and educated people of Zambia that these guys are here to en rich us???????????????.Democracy and human rights are good but not to blind us. if there was too many human rights and Democracy issues , the pyramids of Egypt would not have been built. Zambia will only be developed by hard…

  9. Yes we need to liberate but hypicritally most yappers on this L.T. have jobs by foreign companies. The so called educated zambians are the most less useful to any Dev debates

  10. Africans shall never seize to amaze me… typical example of someone selling a land full of Gold for few pieces of silver. Do you really think the Chinese are so dumb and generous that that they would travel miles and miles away to come and help Zambians and only to walk away empty handed..??..its time we started to see beyond our noses….
    there have been more talk on mukula tree illegal trade…all we need to know is what the Chinese use it for…if its for rail sleepers or tooth picks or chopstick…we just ask the Chinese to construct a factory/industry to manufacture the same right here in Zambia so that we create employment and export the product…
    …the Chinese have already smelt a rat on KCM, I wont be surprised if Edgar tomorrow or the other day adds a voice for KCM to pack…

  11. Lungu always looks overawed and meek when talking to other leaders. His posture doesn’t suggest someone who knows what is being discussed.

  12. 2017 Global growth will be around 3% with EU and Trans pacific Partnership accounting for 40% of that global growth and a third of global trade So when discussing with China, you need to see your contributions and benefits China is taking excess capacity and plants for instance to Ethiopia and Tanzania effecting positives growth and employment in all sectors in a syncclonised manner as compared to this ZAMBIA ONE BELT road approach that is pantry compared to the massive corporate and sovereign debt alignment to china The economic Zones being created and being created cannot be comparable to the China Industrial shift to Ethiopia
    When you…

  13. talk about global risk posed by our traditional partners that includes China, over exposure could pose a significant risk Moody’s is likely in 2017 make key call ratings on brittain,south Africa and China and that should be seen as to the systematic effect on Zambia exposure in those downgrades especially with subdues and weak corporate business growth against a stronger projected dollar with increased costs of borrowing and hedging amongst the emerging and frontier markets we trade in It will pose to be a killer for highly leveraged countries like Zambia Therefore over exposure to China may not be a good Idea 2017 is likely and projected to be…

  14. be economically volatile for Africa
    There is need to diversify the economy away from the traditional China model and balance the exposure in all regions 2017 and beyond
    A country just like a corporate ought to be competitive in long-term and a country that balances risk and opportunities remains competitive always
    For 2017 Nordic countries appear attractive as engines of global growth and the US with the Trump prospects outbound will exemplify

    Looking to China and rebalancing to make the most opportune gains for Zambia in 2017 global should be the Idea The…

  15. commercial prospects and opportunities must be aligned to the DEVELOPMENTAL
    The efforts by China to take plants and economic activity as a way of rebalancing its economy should equivalently and should TANGEBLY result in ZAMBIA economic diversification and trade with the WORLD in measure Those plants and production shift from SOUTHEASTERN china should be value for ZAMBIA That should be the focus to shift production from CHINA to ZAMBIA and trade with the world not in resources and commodities to CHINA currently

  16. Balance the exposure read the global markets and emerge well of for long-term avoid GET the confidence and respect from those partners and protect what is yours and see the long-term implication

    China s Investments and others should always be welcome so long as all parties and counterparties remain well off with mutual respect and understanding

    Its common knowledge like others have shared that China is looking for space to reduce its cost of production and reallocate its plants especially in the Southern eastern but ZAMBIA has not received that MANUFACTURING TANGEABLE investments from CHINA that TRANSLATES in JOBS FOR MANY OF OUR PEOPLE


  18. Just to divert, Tufweko REPORTS THAT;
    Lusaka based Businessman Mark Ode Mubalama has disclosed that he is indeed dating Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya, in an exclusive interview with Tumfweko , mark disclosed that he is dating Ms Siliya .

    Mubalama in December 2015 married Nangula Geingob daughter of President Hage Geingbo of Namibia and had a wedding ceremony in August last year .

    The low key wedding took place in New York City , USA.

    Mark who is currently on holiday with Dora Siliya in Las Vegas Nevada, in the United States opened Up to Tumfweko reporters reporters for an exclusive interview .

    Siliya has been accused of being away with a married man “playing” while her work is being done by acting Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo ,

    In their defence the new couple…

  19. ….. alleges that Mark is estranged to his wife and Mark’s marriage to Nangula Geingob is facing a divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

  20. Jonathan and the scrutinizerer have analyzed and spoken sense and that is what we need to discuss and educate our selves on social media. It might appears to be mere talk with no action at present but even marriage start by meaningful discussions and later, marriage itself. Soon what we as Zambians are talking about and analyzing will result into action and will improve our country. Hope our national leaders both from the Government and opposition will learn something from such analysis before striking deals with foreing investors. Everyone listen when advise like this is given in a more, loving, respective and knowledgeable manner and not insults and name calling.Thanks Guys for your positive thinking and wise comments.

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