Cadres will not run bus stations – Kabwe Mayor


From (right) Central province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Kabwe DC Dominic Mulenga and Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe flagging of this year's independence celebrations in Kabwe
From (right) Central province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Kabwe DC Dominic Mulenga and Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe flagging of this year’s independence celebrations in Kabwe
KABWE Mayor Prince Chileshe says the local authority will not allow political cadres to take over the running of bus stations and markets in the town.

Mr Chileshe warned that those found interfering in the running of bus stations and markets would be reported to the police and be brought to book.

He was speaking yesterday when scores of bus drivers besieged the Civic Centre around 05:00 hours and parked their buses at the same premises in protest against the alleged interference in the running of bus stations and markets by political cadres.

The protesters alleged that the cadres had taken over the running of bus stations and markets.

“We do not want political affiliations to invade in the running of our bus stations and markets because they belong to every citizen and no one has the right to choose who should operate there other than the local authority,” Mr Chileshe said.

He said police were alert and that they would arrest anyone trying to cause confusion in the running of important public facilities.

Mr Chileshe told the bus drivers that if there were problems in the running of the bus station and markets his office was the first place they should run to other than having meetings with people who wanted to cause confusion.

“Do not go out running to other people looking for solutions and only come my office when things are bad. My office is open for you to bring your grievances and we can work together to find solutions,” he said.

Mr Chileshe told the bus drivers that they should know that he was the mayor of Kabwe in charge of the local authority and that their plight fell under his office.

He said there was no need for the bus drivers to be scared to operate in the stations and markets because the police would be there to restore order.

Mr Chileshe assured the drivers that Government and the local authority would not allow political interference to hamper their work.

And the drivers appealed to Government and Kabwe Municipal Council to remove all political cadres from the bus stations and markets so that they could work in peace.



  1. Its just all talk by PF bandits! The opposite is true b”coz PF bandits always believe in the law of opposites~Donchi Kubeba sickness! How much is mealie meal?
    The Skeleton Key


  2. We have have an illegal president so what difference will that make. When the one at the top is an election thief and clueless rat you surely cannot expect his followers to be disciplined. That is why his daughter tasila is an open leg . Apple doesn’t fall far from tree . Indiscipline


  3. If caderism is not relegated to where it belongs it will galvanize enough balls to unseat plot 1. We need to completely overhaul and educate the poor masses that follow politicians around, singing and dancing thinking wearing a certain Chitenge automatically shovels a plate of cake in their lap. No law, No decency applies. I am afraid such a culture will one day impose themselves on the gates ofplot one, claiming control. The cadre handshake has gone beyond the elbow. Anarchy is looming!


  4. We all know that these are not ‘political’ cadres but PF cadres. A cadre from an opposition party would not dare interfere in the running of bus stations or markets. That’s the spirit Kabwe Mayor. I hope it won’t end in words only but ensure that you as a local authority take charge.


  5. The Black African cannot properly run any institutions.
    He is good at taking over,promising to deliver better, BUT sooner will ensure he infests all institutions with his loyal cadres/ parasites, & before you know it, the place is full of extortion, crime, filth, uncollected garage, & vermin.
    Just look @ the majority of African cities pre, then post Independence.
    The evidence NEVER lies!!!



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