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Livingstone is the most expensive city in Zambia

Economy Livingstone is the most expensive city in Zambia

SOUTHERN Province Minister Edify Hamukale has described Livingstone as the most expensive city in Zambia and urged the business community to price goods and services reasonably.

And Mr Hamukale says the cost of burying beloved ones in the tourist capital is too high.

Opening the high court session yesterday, Dr Hamukale said Livingstone had become famous for being expensive in everything.

“It’s crazy to find a hotel room going for K5,000 for one night, and dinning is also expensive. How can people come here for tourism?” he said.

“To die in Livingstone, one needs K25,000 to buy a burial site to bury a beloved one. This is too expensive for an average Zambian.”

Dr Hamukale said when one lost a family member, they had so much to worry about such as a coffin, food for mourners and where to bury the dead.

He urged the Livingstone City Council to address the issue and engage chiefs for cheaper land where the dead could be buried.

And Dr Hamukale says there is rampant cattle theft in Southern Province.

He said the province was the major producer of cattle, goat and sheep, feeding the entire country and also meeting the export market.

Dr Hamukale said farmers were willing to produce enough beef for the nation, but that the development was being hampered by increased cattle rustling.

He also bemoaned the high level of poaching in the province which in some cases was being championed by headmen.

Meanwhile, Dr Hamakale says Government is planning to recruit more magistrates and support staff to reduce the backlog of cases in courts.

Earlier, High Court judge Derrick Mulenga urged Government to quickly rehabilitate some courts and build more in the province.

Mr Justice Mulenga also bemoaned the lack of transport to ferry suspects to court, which he said was negatively affecting the delivery of justice.


  1. So! And what will the PF bandits of blind Lungu do about it? Zero!
    How much is mealie meal across the country & the economy doing?
    The Skeleton Key

    • What do you want a blind president to do for you, the sighted ones! Do something yourselves, why call on the blind Lungu? In fact why should he do anything for you people, you clearly did not want him, ask your hh or gbm and upnd thugs.

  2. Kiki what do you expect under lungu. Look at price of mealie meal. It is not just Livingston it is entire Zambia where people cannot afford basic needs. Lungu will surely dearly pay for his evil rule. Death is the ultimate karma for this man.

  3. I have told you before that Living is very expensive & that’s why tourist would rather stay in Vic falls. Look at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. It is very expensive and yet they can’t offer guests free wi-fi which people can access on the streets of Kigali.

    • not true……make a proper survey and you will find the different categories of accommodation with different charges just like any other town. some as low as 150.00 to 250.00 per room. let’s not alarm the situ.

  4. that’s the rule of the African mentality. we simply don’t seem to have the capacity to sustain alien traditions. We wrongly interpret tourism to mean foreigners bringing in money. in our own illusory mental complexity we view white skinned person to be rich and price goods and services accordingly which in turn only leads to self deprivation. And when Sata declared the city tourist capital proper it’s like he just opened the Pandora’s box for self crucifixion

  5. The problem is we complain without solutions. Nobody above has offered one single solution to Livingstone’s high cost of living in the comments. My suggestion would be to have His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu formally call for a general election for the citzens to vote and Dununa Reverrrrse again, oh yeisss twalya again!

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