THE Ministry of Agriculture in Eastern Province has received 2,000
litres of chemicals to fight Armyworms and Stalk borers.

The chemicals were procured by the Disaster Management and Mitigation
DMMU Provincial Coordinator Igribet Bondo confirmed  that
the chemicals arrived in Chipata on Sunday  and would  be used in all
the affected districts.
Mr Bondo said that this now brings the total litres of chemicals
delivered to Eastern Province to 3,780 litres.

He  revealed that reports of crop fields being attacked by pests that
include armyworms and stalk borer have increased.

He noted that this was because of awareness messages being disseminated
to farmers who were now quick to spot the pests in their fields.

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  1. Only 2000 Litres? What a JOKE!!

    They should have organized at least 100 Spray Aeroplanes from RSA by now attacking all infested areas, left right & centre.

    PF Govt are clowns with a grasshopper mentality. They are good at Maize marketing but NOT maize cultivation.


  2. Edgar please be serious with this fight of stalk borers cypermetherin and lambda doesnt seem to be be solution,otherwise zambia is in trouble.


  3. Zambia is in trouble indeed. Unless we identify what creature these worms are and why they are “attacking” only maize and NOT other plants. Further, we have to establish what these chemicals are and if they are safe to use.

    Where are our Agricultural scientists? Are these worms real or perhaps, genetically manufactured or what? Where are they from and why are they attacking only Zambian corn at this point in time? Me l smell a “rat” Here, there’s more to this ‘army worm” issue than meets the eye…


  4. Tuma “chemicals” zanji? Up to now we only know that they are “chemicals” and that government has burned XX million Kwacha to buy the anonymous stuff via their personal disaster management special arrangement funds, while relevant Minister is on holiday in USA. Chisoni



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