The illegal transportation of Mukula logs by some unscrupulous traders in Mpulungu District is hampering the smooth rehabilitation of the Vyamba -Chinakila-road in Chief Chinakila’s area.

ZANIS reports that Tomorrow Investment Public Relation Officer, Mutale Mwamba disclosed the development yesterday after a spot checks on the road.

Mr. Mwamba said is challenging for his firm undertake works on said road due to an influx of trucks ferrying of heavy Mukula logs to unknown destination.

He lamented that the mukula deals in Chief Chinakila’s area has caused serious damage to the road under construction.

He has since appealed to Government to quickly intervene in the situation in order to allow for the smooth rehabilitation of the economically important road.

If left unchecked the completion of the road project as works may have to be re-done , he said .

Last year, Government has engaged Tomorrow Investment Limited to rehabilitate the 43 kilometers stretch Vyamba-Chinakila road which connects Mpulungu to the newly created Senga District in Northern Province.

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  1. Tomorrow Investment is back in the lime light sure.I remember the late Dr. Mwanawasa black listing this company from any government contracts ”MaaaH”!


    • Heptor: The black listing was for 5 years naiwe. Read please before your embarrass yourself. In fact it’s a Zambian contractor whose profits will remain in the country. I hope they perform though



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