I have lived exactly 20 years with HIV-Princess Kasune Zulu

Princess Kasune Zulu
Princess Kasune Zulu

UPND Keembe Member of Parliament Princess Kasune Zulu has paid tribute to God for her life as she turned 41 years last week on January 6th.

Kasune Zulu has publicly disclosed her HIV positive status said she owes her success to God.

“God has been good and gracious to me. To him is all the praise and honour. What can l say apart from enjoy each day, overcome every obstacle, climb very maintain in my destiny and helping those less privileged to the best of my ability,” Kasune Zulu wrote on her Facebook page.uBottom of Form

Princess Kasune Zulu
Princess Kasune Zulu

‘To my fellow Keembians. I am officially 41 years old, more than ever am grateful for life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve along with you as your MP. I have lived exactly 20 years with HIV, health, beautiful, intelligent, full of love, passion/ compassion, friendships & top it all family,” she said.

Two years ago, Kasune Zulu gave birth to a baby boy, a product of her eight-year marriage to American David Schoefernacker.
She said, “From a humble beginning of being a double orphan at 17, teenage mother, HIV positive at 21, grade 11 eleven school dropout, just a young vulnerable village girl of Chipopo village in Keembe constituency in Chibombo, rural Zambia. To become the founder for NGO/NP helping vulnerable children/ those infected with HIV/AIDS, from being a volunteer as peer educator at CHEP, Kitwe and a humble assistant development facilitator at World Vision Zambia-to become a spokesperson for World Vision USA and other countries”

Kasune Zulu added, “Meetings with President Bush and other Presidents. Even Obama and sat next to him on the same bench at AFC, while that was before he become President. To becoming a master degree holder for two degrees.”

“From an orphan to so many families. Against all odds as an MP/senator for Keembe constituency. Blessed with marriage, above all the mother to my 3 biological children and 5 adopted. Cheated death twice in 2016. l get goosebumps thinking of my own life to sum it all. God has been good and gracious to me. To him is all the praise and honour.”

“What can l say apart from enjoy each day, overcome every obstacle, climb very maintain in my destiny and helping those less privileged to the best of my ability. Indeed, each one of us are the captain of our own life. Live positively, tell yourself you are gorgeous, intelligent, destined for higher heights, aim higher, block all negative people or delete them in your life, because the world will try to bring you down and tell you otherwise.”

Princess Kasune Zulu with her husband David
Princess Kasune Zulu with her husband David


  1. Congratulations. Your honesty is inspiring. Just watch your weight. Your hubby looks trim. God bless you and have a long healthy life.

    • Now this princess is married to a white man, ugh what the hell ?? And did this white scant just follow her for her money or for her bold head ??

    • What honest naimwe ba Buck Teeth Lungu ? she knew ati if she came out in the open and start preaching on her status, she’ll get kick backs from donors

    • Congratulations to Princess & all Zambians who have overcome adversity to become pillars & role models in their communities. I know a few that are not in the limelight who have conquered disease, rejection, poverty, illiteracy, etc & are quietly contributing to the uplifting of our society (better than Edward the army worm). I love you all.

    • You will live even longer Kasune. Don’t just let HIV be what defines you. There are many others who are living quietly with the disease in Zambia. My aunt is going on 25 years and she barely talks about it. She gives back to the community and helps others. Thankfully HIV will soon be a curable disease, lets also concentrate on pushing the preventative meds that are on the market now to be available in Zambia.

  2. Sounds to me you have had more blessings. Its important to remember the hardships we go through, but let these not be the highlights of our life story. Its important to also know that there is a very thin line between telling your story and boasting about your success. Lets tell our stories in a manner that will inspire and not intimidate. Sitting next to Bush or Obama is not a success either. Saying that you are a university graduate is enough as opposed to demonstrating that you had the luxury of obtaining a spare degree. Happy birthday Princes and continue doing genuine good.

    • Sounds like saying HIV has been a blessing, as a result met with Presidents etc.
      Grade 11s please don’t drop out and get pregnant…

    • Kayipushe bawiso. And do we know how sata contracted hiv? Also why hasn’t lungu gone public about his status. Atleast this upnd mp is doing the right thing and helping others to accept their status

  3. She was sexually abused by the former neighbor who is also dead. This man forcibly married her when she was vulnerable.

    • That is the English version – there was no sexual abuse at all. Do you think she would admit that she was naive and sexually promiscuous from her teen age days? Hell NO. Hers is a managed story by the NGOs that sponsor her luxurious life style.
      There are so many young girls who are living a promiscuous life style (go to Linda or Matero) like Kasune and if she keeps telling the story as she is doing now, there even a danger that other young who may think start thinking that being HIV positive is a gateway to handouts from Overseas NGOs. Kasune needs to tune her story!!

    • She is actually encouraging young school girls to involve themselves in pre marital sexual activities, then contract HIV and drop out of school at grade eleven. As to her, this is the only way to prosperity. Shame on her!! And to the government how can a grade 11 dropout becomes a member of parliament? Shame on your government too!!

  4. We thank you for standing up for people with this virus. You are a true inspiration and a good rxample of what what we in upnd expect from people. Honesty is a vital characteristic we look for in our supporters. We hope that your stance about going public will also help lungu to do the same and disclose his health status rather than talking about 2021.

  5. People can be so negative in life…she has done well to publicly reveal her HIV status, why do you need to be negative about that, and she has all the rights to be proud and share her achievements considering what she has been through, an average person will probably be “six feet under” so let’s appreciate her and support her uniquely strong character. How does a normal person conclude to say: she expected kickbacks that’s why she went public. Backward thinking indeed; typical of dunderheads.

  6. Kasune,bravo mama.HIV is not a disease but a saturnic case.Deadly diseases are like cancer and those which attack inside organs.Enjoy your life there is nothing like dying early.

  7. Indeed, Kasune, you are brave. NOTE: I do not know her in person. For those who are new to her story and are excited with unproductive comments, she came public about her status at the age of 21, I remember very well. She has been on TV and in papers every now and then. She is a very intelligent and brave young woman. Even what we’ve read about her today, am sure it has inspired someone. What about you Mr/Ms Arm Chair Critic, tell us some of your achievements so that you also inspire someone instead of being the jealous lazy bones who just sits and gossips.

  8. Comment:Congrats princess and surely i wud proudly say been positive is not the end of the world. All those who are passing stupid and negative remarks about u are dunderheads and failures! May u blossom in everything u do… God bless u pretty woman!!

  9. Comment:l am so disappointed by these negative attitude towards such a positive story. Do you know how many people have died as a result of this pandemic! If God has chosen to face all challenges and remain victorious, who are you to Judge her.All of you are negative are just Jealous about her achievements!! Infact jealous people never win. You all are great losers, just take a look at your lives!!Shame on You!!
    Unto you Princess, congratulations and may God cause you to excel to even greater heights much to annoyance of these disgruntled enemies of good! My Regards to your wonderful husband!!!

  10. Mushota is a perrenial irritant but can’t agree with her more on this one and the FTJ story. For once I thought Mushota would fall for this activist given her avowed soft spot for ‘white men’ and isn’t that man by Kasune’s side white. Kudos to Mushota and NEZ for keeping our adrenaline alive.

  11. The negative comments on this page are jaw dropping, how she got the Virus is not the issue. It’s how she rose from this depressing situation and how she has maintained a positive vibrate mental attitude for the last 20 year. Her plea is don’t give up in life weather you have a chronic disease or come from an impoverished family just don’t give up! Kudes to the hubby and all other loved ones who have stood by her!
    I know husbands / wivies who would refuse to publically post a pic with their HIV positive spouses in it. Kudes to the hubby again!
    Now go ahead give your PHD comments!

    • God has been gracious to this lady some of us lost our parents to HIV 15years ago, u have every reason to thank God, I didn’t get the opportunity to be raised by my mother who died of HIV When I was 18years, truly God is good!!!

  12. princess went public about her hiv status a long time ago even before the so called donors came to her aid. the hubby was understanding and he was negative at that time, not quite sure of hiv status today. shes actually an inspiration to everyone to get tested and know your status. shes living testimony that hiv is not a death sentence, it’s just time to manage your health better than before. adhere to treatment and hopefully live longer than princess and magic johnson. if you live in denial, AIDS will pounce on you and it will be too late to recover. weve seen it from relatives, dont be the next victim. get tested now.

  13. Comment:bravo princess kasune.u came out about your status way back in1998.for some of us its a surprise.those days it wasn’t easy move to come out.

  14. Just looking at her history one can see she is a tough woman. I suspect the toughness comes from her DNA. Thats why she can fight this disease for such a long time. Princess Kasune you are my heroine!

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