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Wrangles in PF will set the party on path of self-destruction- Gerry Chanda


Former Kanyama Patriotic Front-PF Parliamentarian Colonel Gerry Chanda has charged should nothing be done to correct the wrangles that have rocked  Patriotic Front (PF) no doubt  the party will set itself on the path of self-destruction.

Mr Chanda said that the ruling party owes Zambians an explanation for the happenings in the once united political party, the PF.

Speaking when he featured on a special Radio interview with Pan African Radio journalist Hermit Hachilonde which was broadcast on various Radio stations across the country Col. Chanda explained that had it not been for the unity that PF enjoyed, it would not have managed to dislodge the MMD from power.

He recalled that the PF was once a united force and cohesive political entity which embraced and respected its membership at all levels.

The visibly agitated PF central committee member also bemoaned the intra party wrangles that were going on in the ruling party saying there are counterproductive and have the potential to undermine its popularity if left unchecked.

Colonel Chanda who is also Party chairperson in charge of foreign affairs said  lack of communication in the party’s central committee which he claimed was breeding mistrust, suspicion, and speculation among members.

He complained that as a member of the supreme organ of the party, the central committee, he has no clue of most of the decisions the party has been making on various matters affecting the political organization and the country as a whole.

“PF owes Zambians an explanation for what is going on in the party-PF Bigwig” he said

And col. Chanda described the suspension of Kelvin Bwalya Fube from his position as party Deputy Chairman for elections as unfortunate.

He added that the decision was in bad faith and PF should hastily rescind the decision made by Chairperson for Elections Jean Kapata lest the party gets divided.

Colonel Gerry Chanda vouched for KBF as a very dedicated and loyal PF member who did not deserve that unceremonious suspension considering his unwavering commitment to the party.

He further urged the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee not to mete out penal action on Roan Member of Parliament for calling Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda a witch.

Colonel Chanda said it will be unfair for the PF to punish Dr. Kambwili because the matter at hand has nothing to do with the ruling party.
“The matter at hand has nothing to do with the ruling party”  Col Chanda said

Meanwhile, col. Chanda said he did not understand the rationale behind the appointment of MMD members to cabinet and positions in the PF led Government.

The former home affairs ministers argued that as far as he was concerned those appointments of the MMD MPs and former ministers that the PF fought so hard to removed from power are unjustified because there was no coalition government between the MMD and the PF.
“Those appointments of the MMD MPs and former ministers that the PF fought so hard to beremoved from power are unjustified” He said

Col. Chanda has since called on party president Edgar Lungu to urgently convene a central committee meeting to address the many vexing issues before things spiral out of control.


  1. This man has been on many forums of late signing the same tunes. You mean there no channels in the PF of going directly to EL & raise your issues. Either do that or just shut up, we are fed up of the same song.

    • Gerry Chenda is so right. Violent PF of visionless Dagama & his bandits is on a ravaged path to its demise. Its not surprising!
      By the way, how much is mealie meal PF bandits?
      The Skeleton Key

    • ‘The visibly agitated central committee member…..’ ‘Visibly’ when the colonel was on radio? How did you see that he was ‘visibly agitated’?

  2. I see your expulsion too plus Gerry Chanda doesn’t have the clout and charisma, you’ve just signed off your political epitaph.

  3. When you steal an election you create a bad omen for destruction and death. The pf is in self destruction while lungu will die before 2021. He is very ill

  4. This man has a military background that is why he has no fear for anyone… his courage! These are the men we want in the political arena who speak without fear but very careful with words… Lol

    • He will probably get expelled, or we will hear an ACC case or money owed somewhere. No such thing as airing your views publicly. Besides the fact that he is not party to decisions means his not part of the inner circle, or has access to ECL.

  5. There is no intra party democracy in this party so Gerry Chanda will be labelled a as a rebel. They don’t want to hear the truth, no they don’t . Jean Kapata can not stand the truth, her boss cannot stand the truth, and interesting you see them hoping from church to church every sunday. Poor PF

  6. Let this incompetent, corrupt and hypocritical PF party of kaloba and violence self destruct. It will be the best thing that has happened to Zambia since independence!

    Can they please hurry up? The people have already suffered enough from their load shedding and theft.

  7. People should be frank and Chanda is one of them. I hate to see Dora who had insulted the founder Sata so much that she could be in government now under the PF ticket. Mwebantu nangu kusula ufwile!!!!! PF mwailufyanya. We were telling you guys that Rupia is a bad man .. after dismantling MMD, the party he never formed, has now gone to dismantle PF (the party he never found) by bringing in people who would fight hard to clear the scandals he was involved in. How clean is Dora? She is being mentioned in the malawi maize gate. have you forgotten the Zamtel saga? airport radar scandal? How clean is Mutati? See what he has done to MMD after being used by Rupia like a child. Insala naena ibi. CHASE ‘MMD’ pf ministers ..tebantu besu abo iyoo!!!!!

  8. Colonel does it matter whether PF disintegates or not? Unip the founding party is no more but Zambia is still here and it’ll always be there. A party is just a vehicle which when it breaks down, you jump into another one. Unless you want PF to own Zambia, I cannot see any reasonable excuse for your agitation.

  9. Garry is right how can you turn the party into a court.The luanshya mayor should have taken his case to court.
    We fought to remove MMD from power because of their deeds,Why bring them back and start ruling along with these thieves.Ba ECL mwalaonaula not only PF but your reputation as well.Learn to understand those who are close to you.

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