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President Lungu holds closed door meeting with Bishops at State House


President Edgar Lungu Meets Anglican Bishops led by Archbishop Albert
Chama -Archbishop of the Anglican Province of the Central
Africa,Bishop Derek Kamukwamba – Bishop of the Diocese of Central
Zambia, Bishop William Mchombo- Bishop of the diocese of Eastern
Zambia and Bishop David Njovu- Bishop of the Diocese of Lusaka at
State house today – Pictures By Eddie Mwanaleza/State house.

President Edgar Lungu today met Anglican Bishops led by Archbishop of the Anglican Bishop of Central African Albert Chama at state house in Lusaka in his effort to create unity in the nation.

President Lungu who was clad in his normal slim fit suite blue in colour appealed to the Bishops to help his administration’s anti-tribalism campaign in the country.

Mr. Lungu urged the clergy to help fight the scourge of tribalism which he said is being perpetrated by some traditional leaders in some parts of the country.

The President urged the Anglican Bishops to take both spiritual and practical steps towards tribalism which he said can divide the country.
He regretted the involvement of some traditional leaders in the propagation of divisive messages of tribalism.

And in a closed door meeting, the Anglican Bishops and the President also discussed a wide range of issues ranging from the state of the nation regarding reconciliation, peace and stability.

President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda told ZANIS after the meeting that the President took the opportunity of the meeting to discuss the situation regarding the mining on the Copperbelt.

“The President took the opportunity to inform the Bishops that there is constant dialogue between his government and the mining companies.

“He briefed them on the positive developments that are emerging in the mining industry particularly with regards to the dialogue that are going on between the ministry of mines, Ministry of finance and KCM and ZCCM on the other hand,” Mr. Chanda explained.

Mr. Chanda said the President is confident that the steps that KCM has taken will result in the stabilization of the mine, reopening of Nchanga open pit mine and increase production.

He said the president is very optimistic that his government will provide a conducive environment for the success of the mining industry in the country.

And the Clergy have assured the President in their response that they will take steps to help spread messages of reconciliation, peace and unity in the country.

Mr. Chanda told ZANIS that the Bishops have encouraged the president to continue to take all necessary steps to promote national dialogue, peace unity and dialogues across parties in the country.
He said the Bishops wants the President to continue reaching out to all stakeholders within political and nonpolitical circles to promotes ‘one Zambia one nation’ motto.

And the Bishops have commended the President for the leadership he has shown in controlling army worms that affected crops in various parts of the country.

They have since reported to the head of state that in their various areas the situation regarding the attract on the crops by army worms are being controlled due to government’s efforts and have assured the President that the country is on course to regard a good yield.

The delegation which was led by Archbishop of the Anglican Bishop of Central African Albert Chama who is also the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Zambia included the Bishop of the Diocese of Central Zambia Derek Kamukwamba, Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Mchombo and Bishop of the Diocese of Lusaka, Bishop David Njovu.


  1. They should tell the Nation Real Reason why the Bishops went to see Lungu at State House. The 2016 Election Results were disputed and a Petition was filed in Concourt. That Petition has not been heard and determined. As a result Zambians don’t know who won that Election and as such Zambia has no Legitimate President at State House. Instead of Hearing the Petition Lungu has blocked the Petition Hearing process and usurped power illegally.That is the Problem. Until the Petition is heard and the Winner is declared by the Court there wont be peace in Zambia. As it is Lungu is an illegitimate President clinging to power just like Jammeh of Gambia and Kabila of DRC. The Will of the People has to be respected first b4 Dialogue,Reconciliation and National Healing begins. No Petition Hearing. No…

  2. No Dialogue,Reconciliation and National Healing will take place in Zambia until the 2016 Election Dispute is resolved. Lungu cannot wish away the Petition against his Re-Election. Until this Petition is heard and a Winner of that Election is declared Lungu will remain an illegitimate President. Illegitimacy has consequences. Look at what is happening in Kabila’s DRC and Jammeh’s Gambia. For Lungu to gain legitimacy he should allow the Petition to be heard and give evidence in Court showing how he won the Election. HH should also prove in Court how he won the Election. Lungu is being stigmatized as an Election Thief ,Fraudster and Rigger. Its in Lungu’s interest to Hear and dispose off the Petition and clear his name in Court. The refusal to hear the Petition has strengthened the…

  3. He entered State House on the back of TRIBALISM when it suited him and he never condemn it. A hypocrite always a hypocrite.

  4. My brothers who have sent various comments on this article, Please I beg you not to insults the Bishops who met our president. Have respect for them. God is watching you. Understand one thing each person on earth moves with an Angel who records what ever you do and what ever you say.
    If you think these Men of God went to state house for money, their Angels have recorded, BUT NEVER INSULT ANY ONE OF THEM YOU WILL BE ANSWERABLE BEFORE THE AUTHORIES IN HEAVEN. because you do not know exactly what they went to discuss with the President. Mwebena Zambia ala tuletinako fimo.

    • @Mentor

      Mona Mentor, can’t you see through Lungu’s pathetic maneuvers? Hypocrisy stands out prominently for even the mentally retarded to see. Zambians must learn not to accept mediocrity, and the guy operating from state house is extremely below par, unbelievably mediocre, and that’s not an insult but a statement of fact. When are you going to wake up to reality? Look, you have a long fingered (proven) drunkard in charge of your money and this man wants to be president again in 20121? Do you agree with that? Please wake up!!

  5. This boy is jast buying time to be in state is difficult for the poor.let him step down.people will one day pray to God and know,” what happens when God answers the prayer”

  6. i hate politician in this country with passion becoz they use tribe whenever it suits them. what i know is that zambians especially in urban areas doesent know tribalism as way of life. when we see woman who are beautifull , we just propose and marry without thinking about tribe. when we a building houses, we don`t chose were our tribesmen are. The list can go on such as in market places we trade together, we drink together, we worship together and work together without thinking about tribe. But when HH says something mr Kampyongo will say he is a tribalist. when mr Kambwili say something our president will say bembas are just like any tribe. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE POLITICIAN STOP DIVIDING US! Even if a bemba rules will all bembas stop suffering? even if a tonga or ngoni, kacokwe,…

  7. Lungu should follow closely what is happening in Gambia following a disputed election there. The die is cast and Jammeh is losing power.Following a disputed election in Zambia a Petition against Lungu’s re-election was filed 4 months ago. That Petition has not been heard and disposed off. As a result the Winner of this Election is unknown. Lungu is clinging on to power illegally and as a result he is an illegitimate President. The only solution is for Lungu to allow the Petition to be heard and if he can prove in Court that he truly won the Election then Zambians will recognize him as a legitimate President. He can then govern in peace and reconcile and unite Zambians so that the country can move forward. The key is to engage in dialogue to achieve peace, reconciliation, Unity and…

  8. This man lungu is not a man. He has a tiny penis hence everytime Zambians remind him of his constant failures he he runs to the child molesting bishops in order to seek opium feeling. Very weak man. Esther must be suffering

  9. weather president Lungu is illegitimate or not deserves our respect and support because he is the leader of Zambia. Weather these bishops are corrupt or not they must be respected because they are leaders as well. HH , GBM, Edith Nawakwi and all other opposition leaders in the country must be respected. All of us will be judged by God in everything we do or not do. Please lets not call them names. They are our leaders .

  10. @ Wantanshi: You need deliverance who ever you are ( God Loves you ): When you point at President Lungu as a bad person and the Bishops with your finger see how many fingers are pointing at you. Ba southerner well done for your contributions. Mwe benda nefikonko mumitima yenu pamulandu wakwa Lungu mwakulachula ifyo fine. Just continue working hard Mr. Wantanshi and others, you can still make money even if you are not a President, Just contribute you ideas to the well being of this Nation and God will bless you abundantly. Being a President is not every thing my brothers. He is also going to face judgment if he does not rule justly and properly. Lastly be content with what you have. HEBREWS 13 V: 5

  11. So only so called Bishops from North, East and Lusaka were invited by the drunkard to Lunch! How about Bishops from South, West, North West, Copperbelt? Even the drunkard knows those with weak morals that can support and bless his wicked morals and bigotry!!

  12. President Bozo, self imposed doing what he does best. Playing up to the gallery, the Zambians that buy into any rubbish that he throws at them..!


  14. We have heard enough of this tribal talk. It is only the Pf that sees tribalism and always politically aligned to ensure other tribes ate nowhere near the corridors of power …rubbish

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