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War against army worm is almost won -Hamukale


GOVERNMENT says the war against army worms and stalk borers that are ravaging maize in Southern Province is almost won as another consignment of 2,000 liters of pesticides has been received in the province.
Southern Province Minister Dr. Edify Hamukale disclosed when he participated in spraying an infested field at Harmony resettlement scheme in Choma.
Dr. Hamukale noted that the province has sufficient chemicals to combat the pests that are devastating crops in the province.
The minister stated that the army worm and stalk borer infestation is more of a SADC problem than a Zambian problem hence for all governments in the SADC region to work together to combat the problem.
Dr. Hamukale said government is on top of things to eradicate the pests and called on farmers to immediately report to ministry of agriculture any signs of infestation of the pest in their fields.
And Southern Province agricultural Coordinator Dr. Max Choombe said 2,800 hectares of maize fields has been affected by the pests in the province.
Dr. Choombe was however quick to note that 15 to 20 per cent of 2,800 hectares is the one that has been damaged.
He explained that the damaged area was not significant to warrant household food insecurity in Southern Province.
Meanwhile Harmony resettlement Scheme Chairperson Stephen Mudenda  praised government for moving in quickly to combat the pests that have affected his field and other farmers.
Mr. Mudenda noted that Harmony resettlement scheme has a total of 500 hectares of maize fields that need to be sprayed to contain and control the pests.
 He said three quarters of the fields will be saved owing  to quick intervention by the government adding that farmers should work in closer collaboration with the ministry of agriculture to control and contain the pest.


  1. He speaks like he no agricultural scientist, truth of the matter lack of crop rotation brings with it hounds of diseases, low yields and pests, just advise farmers next time to put other crops were they have maize.

  2. What? UPND and its traditional leaders have not instructed farmers in southern to reject the chemicals against army worms?
    Has Chief Mukuni gone on holiday? Or these Harmony farmers Mr Mudenda don’t trust the chiefs from the way he is praising government. I am sure serious farmers can differentiate between good chiefs and rubbish/scumbugs like chief mukuni, chief chilyata and their UPNDonkey allies.

    • @Terrible nio:
      Put back ALL this in your where it belongs anyway…after that go and clean the Toilets in Francis Town where you work as Namazai!! You are not doing anything sensible in the diaspora – stop disgracing yourself!!

  3. are terribly boring with you bias or pure hatred. Are you helpng zambia with your childish are contributing to disunity not the unity that that HE ECL has been calling for. Two ears to listen two eyes to see and one mouth to speak use your one tongue wisely.

    • @Masalamuso:
      Well spoken mate! Terrible nio thinks with his and has NO brains! SP pays taxes like everyone so they are entitled to those chemicals – they are NOT favours from Govt. The Ar.serwhore cant even feed himself let alone his grandmother from his Toilet cleaning job in Botswana – so who will save his evil mother from hunger if SP does not produce enough maize to feed the Nations.

  4. This crook of Hamukale is lying. There has been few incidences of army worms in SP, they are just beginning to spread now. It’s not because there is winning of anything. Besides, farmers are addressing this problem on their own.

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