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Kampyongo advises partisan security personnel to resign on moral grounds


Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo Congratulating Best overall Recruits Constables Kasongo Pole whilst Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kangaja looks on during the 2015-2016 Pass out Parade in Geoffrey Mukuma Training School or called Sondela in Kafue District
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo Congratulating Best overall Recruits Constables Kasongo Pole whilst Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kangaja looks on during the 2015-2016 Pass out Parade in Geoffrey Mukuma Training School or called Sondela in Kafue District

Government has advised defence personel engaging in politics to resign ion moral grounds.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says it is saddening to note that some defense personnel particularly in the Zambia Police service were still practicing partisan politics even after the August 11, 2016 general elections results.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Kampyongo said such officers should just resign on moral grounds so that they become active in politics.

Police Officers who have turned into politicians should resign on moral grounds and surrender the uniforms to government, he said.

The Minister said this in Lusaka last evening during the 2019 Zambia Police Service annual ball held at the Zambia National service Chamba Valley banquet Hall for senior Police Officers.

The 2016 annual ball was dubbed,” policing towards enhancement of a crime free environment for a peaceful and sustainable social and economic development.”

“Zambia Police Service could have scored a distinction in the manner it covered both national and regional assignments but because some bad eggs tarnished the good image of the Service. I challenge those Officers to surrender the uniforms and join politics,” Mr. Kampyongo said.

Mr. Kampyongo said government is however aware of various challenges being faced by the Zambia Police service which he said his ministry is urgently addressing.

And speaking earlier, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja warned that corrective action will be meted out on erring police officers found wanting.

Inspector Kanganja said his administration would not hesitate to take penutive measures on any erring officers who do not abide by the code of ethics, rules and regulations.

He said he will not tolerate unprofessional conduct by his officers regardless of rank who indulge themselves in corrupt activities, among other vices as well as engaging in partisan politics.

“The Zambia Police service is equal to the task. As a result of policing the 2016 general elections was successful and we managed to contain the situation in a fair, firm and professional manner. To all officers, l salute you for a job well done,” he said.

On challenges, the Inspector General of Police appealed to government to help the service employ more police officers in order to reach the 27,000 target in line with the 2013-2016 strategic plan.

And Inspector General Kanganja says the country has recorded a slight reduction in gender based violence cases last year compared to 2015 from 16,181 cases to 15,108.

He attributed this downturn to government’s remedial measures such as anti Gender based Violence ( GBV) campaigns and awareness programmes in collaboration with stakeholders.

He however, commended the government through the ministry of home affairs for the funds the Service is receiving such as the recent purchase of 197 motor vehicles at a cost of K91,200,000.

And 2016 Zambia Police Service Annual Ball Organising Committee Chairperson John Njase called for change of mind-set and work culture among the men and women in uniform in order to attain meaningful development.

Mr. Njase, who Deputy Commissioner of Police, urged the officers to remain royal to the government of the day.

Annual ball is an event where officers reflect their past performances and achievements by way of interacting with themselves, their families and spouses.


  1. If they are pro his party, they are not practicing partisan politics. This guy was going to make a good politician if he was not unnecessarily confrontational. He is very antagonistic, this is the guy who made sure that in Shiwang’andu where he comes from opposition leaders could not campaign. instructing caders to literally stone planes. And rewarded with a ministerial position for simply being lawless and nothing else. How sad!

    • Kampyongo (what a name!) should get rid of all the PF cadres polluting PFolice before he can be taken seriously. The PFolice is now so unprofessional, I consider them an employment agency for sloppy and uncouth PF cadres.

    • Kampyongo start by firing Malupenga, we all heard and read what he said to you on that recording that was circulating. Kampyongo doesn’t qualify to be minister and he knows it. Dr.Martin Malama would have made a better minister of Home Affairs. He was once IG but Edgar Lungu is always satisfied with mediocrity

  2. How did kapyongo come up with this information that some civil servants engaged in partsan politics, does it mean pf has planted some moles to be sniffing on civil servant’s private activities.

  3. Kapyongo should also advise partisan civil servants like the gold digger Zambian Ambassador to SA to resign on moral grounds. He is a pain in the back side of tax payers .

  4. The minister should be talking about the high corruption that is exercised in the service when ever there is recruitment of officers•

  5. Ba bwana, ba Kampyongo! Always stick to prepared texted that has been written by professional people.
    You don’t request civil slaves to resign on moral grounds for being politically inclined.
    It is against their conditions of service to do so

  6. How about Civil Servants like that Anthony at that Embassy in Europe who is publishing books about Lungu bootlicking him?

  7. Pass out parade ceremony amid, dressed nicely and in brand new uniforms, nice expensive cars around etc., but look at the ceremony grounds iyeee, dust everywhere! Zambia in the sun indeed…

  8. Resign on moral grounds, are you crazy Hon Kampyongo? You have to identify them out and fire them all.
    Those are as good as army worms, perhaps spray them with the anti-Fall Army Worm pesticide that will be left over from the infested fields.

  9. This “Munkhwele” Chimpyango should just say Zambia is now a Dictatorship, so unless you support our corrupt useless P.F. party, you should resign as we are now under visionless Edward a de facto One Party State, kwatha!!

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