Thursday, May 30, 2024

Husband shoots 37 year old wife


A thirty seven year old woman in Mulobezi district in Western Province has been shot dead by her husband after a marital dispute.


Joyce Maywa Phiri 37, was shot by her husband on Sunday around 08:00hrs and she sustained a bullet wound on her right shoulder before she died.


And Western Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu has named the suspect as Kachiba Aongola 42, of the same district.


Mr Lungu told ZANIS in an interview that Mr Aongola later took some unknown poisonous substances upon realising that his wife had died.


The Police Commissioner disclosed that Mr Aongola is currently admitted to Sichili Mission hospital where he is battling for his life.


Meanwhile the body of Joyce Maywa Phiri is currently lying in Sichili Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem and burial.


      We have gone back to the UNIP days for sure…This party cadre/Fontini mentality is dragging the country backwards

    • It was self defence. Shoot before they shoot you. On a serious note, the killer does not deserve any hospital bed. They should have just let him die with of his own poison.

    • @NSOMBA,…wow, you’re really an embarrassment. And the possibility, judging from the flag on your profile, that you’re based in the USA, is simply shocking. If you’re in the USA it seems you’re not learning anything there. Ever heard of freedom of speech? @Abaume is just exercising his freedom of speech,… and then you start threatening him that you’ll report him? What are you, a grade 8 student? You should be ashamed of yourself. You may tell him that the President has nothing to do with this, but to tell him that you’ll report him simply makes you sound like a huge idi0t. Zambia is a democratic country and people have freedom of speech as one of their rights. The only time you can think of reporting someone is when he’s threatening the life of the president. But that’s not…

  1. You dont sustain an injury if you are dead. You should have just reported that She was killed by a shot to the shoulder.

  2. This is the result of frustration and stress under the failed leadership of pf. Imwe lungu has blood on his hands

  3. Never have I heard of many husbands or wives shooting their partners in Zambia than under PF leadership. Because PF leadership/police has no respect for life and are always using the gun to shoot, the common man/woman is doing the same in a country called Christian nation. I miss KK days where we respected life though KK himself was ruthless to his political enemies

    • The core principle of UNIP’s principle in its early days was solely based on Humanism, which is a system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. This is why crooks like FTJ were quick to bring in this claptrap of Christianity so as to hoodwink us; you look into history you will find the worst atrocity to mankind have been carried out in the name of religion.

  4. Ba reporter you need schooling.

    1. Till the medical examiner has established the cause of death or unless you were at the scene when the shooting was taking place or the police have given a statement which you are quoting don’t make yourself a liar by stating opinion as fact.
    2. The use of phrases must be done appropriately. An suspected attempted suicide does not leave a person battling for their life.
    Learn your trade craft. Become a better author.

  5. Imwe mwebantu am not a fan of Edgar Lungu but honestly how does he come in the marital disputes of other people? Marital disputes have always been there since time immemorial. Let’s not blame innocent people. We all go through marital disputes but unfortunately some end up in death.

  6. Chiwamina galu alume mbuzi but mbuzi ikati ilume galu mamama !!!! Naba Minister ngati this case galu shot the goat.See the comments so muted.If it was the goat shooting the dog Maya.hahaha

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