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Kampyongo to issue statement on finalising the commencement of dual citizenship


HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says he will soon issue a comprehensive statement on finalising the commencement of dual citizenship.

Mr Kampyongo told the Sunday Times in an interview that his ministry is currently working on the modalities and will soon give a concrete update.

He also explained that the Rwandese request to be given Zambian citizenship is also being tabled and he will soon give an update when the matter is concluded.

“Government is currently tackling the dual citizenship process as well as the Rwandese matter and as soon as we reach a conclusion, a statement will be issued to the general public,” he said.

This comes in the wake of some concerns expressed by Zambians living in United Kingdom and other parts of the world that the process is taking long and needs speeding up.

On January 6, 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs urged Zambians living in other countries and foreigners residing in Zambia to apply for dual citizenship.

But in May last year Government revealed that it had stopped taking in applications for dual citizenship until the Immigrations and Citizenship Act were amended.

The amended Zambian constitution provides for dual citizenship enabling Zambians to hold two passports of two different countries.

It is noted that once implemented the dual citizenship will put Zambia on a “progressive road,” by allowing Zambians living abroad to return and contribute to the country’s development.


  1. Rubbish, you are Zambians full stop.
    Rwandanese will remain Rwandanese, even if they grant them citizenship, they will continue to attack them.

  2. Now let all the terrorists and criminals come in. Dual citizenship demands high level security borders and not the kafwafwa at kk airport where even rapists can be granted entry upon paying 50 dollars. Pf don’t think things through. Anyway we know that lungu is from Malawi hope he applies for dual citizenship

    • A man with big brain KING COBRA may his soul rest in peace cautioned Zambians on the implications of dual citizenship. One of the points he put across is the one NEZ has talked about. ALL criminals will move to Zambia. I see drunkard police officers manning porous boarders will be bought at 4 cents to allow entry. They will remember Sata on that one. He once said, ” bamumbwe baitile impashi nokubabuba shababuba.”

  3. Nostradamus, please have an open mind and study what it means to have Dual Citizenship. Zambia has a very small economy, and few employment opportunities, and when Chiluba shut down the ZCCM and all Parastatals Industries, there was massive unemployment in Zambia. People were retrenched and thousands of people died from stress and poverty. The few lucky ones got some jobs in a few companies able to employ them in Zambia, but for others, survival was found by emigrating to other countries. In the diaspora, some people have, by now ,obtained Permanent Residence Status, while some opted to take up Citizenship. This is not out of choice because it is the only way you could live and work in the Diaspora. Home is always best, but you cannot have certain benefits in the Diaspora if you yo are…

  4. What does the Zambian constitution say about people who have taken citizenship of other countries where they were not required to renounce Zambian citizenship?

  5. Zambia can not afford to live in isolation thus joining grobal trends ! It is all about thinking , not just about who is president .it was not done coz it was not time and now many things have changed and u have to move with time! Let it be if it is aproved by mass of citizens.

  6. I will always follow this issue with the above statement from the late in my mind- bamumbwe baitile mpashi no babuba shababuba. It’s true we will be under siege by some of these belligerent immigrants.

  7. Those opposing dual citizen are people who have never been outside Zambia. Too much jealous. For me nothing will change whether dual or no dual. I can still invest through infrastructure. Paying $50 is not a problem because it is just a once in a while kinda thing. I will be happy if the Rwandiz are granted citizenship in Zambia because they have assimilated to Zambia culture. They want to be where they feel safe. The chances are there that civil war can start again in their country. They don’t wanna gamble. Let us not attack them because next time our country can be in the same situation and no one is going to welcome us as refugees.

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