Friday, April 19, 2024

Kampyongo’s warning to defense personnel means they are against PF


A Lusaka resident only identified as Uncle Charles has hinted that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo’s sentiment that all defense personnel in Zambia who have political inclinations should resign on moral grounds is because he has realized they are against the Patriotic Front (PF).

Kampyongo said that on Friday during the 2016 Zambia Police Annual Ball held in the Zambia National Service Banquet Hall in Chamba Valley.

Contributing on a Pan African Radio Programme dubbed ‘African News Round Up’ anchored by Hermit Hachilonde on Sunday , Uncle Charles noted that if defense personnel were sympathizing with the PF, the minister would have not said anything against them.

He has since stressed the need for fairness, adding that even those senior police officers perceived to be sympathizers of the PF should be disciplined.

“If the defense personnel were against opposition the minister wouldn’t have said that” he said

Meanwhile, Uncle Charles has urged African countries to rise against Gambian president Yahya Jammeh who has refused to step aside after losing to Adama Barrow to serve as lesson to would-be tyrants.

“Africa union should just use force on Yahya jammeh to step aside, if it means giving him ten bullets on the head, let them do that” Uncle Charles said


  1. Uncle Charles is another dull chap whom this paper wants to quote without further investigation to know the person better. When you teach that stealing is a bad habit does not imply that those listening are thieves. Loyalty is cardinal in the army as there is only one commander in chief who is the Republican President and heading the party in power.

    • Loyalty is to the state and not to the party. That’s why Lungu will face at least 3 counts of treason when he leaves State House. Not following the republican Constitution is treasonous and Kampyongo (what a name!) should know that.

  2. All of you PF cadres who thought Lungu and Dictatorship could rule forever in Africa should think again,and even better start packing your bags,start running now!!!there is a wind of political and social change in Africa,and that wind is starting with Gambia next what will happen in Gambia next,and that is the new Africa.The African leaders are now woken up and saying no to dictatorship and human abuse.Gone are the days when Dictators were feared and untouchable.Perfect example is Gambia next week-keep all your eyes open for that day.

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