Monday, June 24, 2024

24 year old man arrested for defilement


A twenty-four year old man of Nchelenge district in Luapula Province has been arrested for defiling his 6 six year old niece.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila confirmed the incident to ZANIS this morning.

He identified the suspect as Joseph Katai of Chipayeni village in chief Kambwali’s area.

He said the incident occurred on January 15, 2017 at around 11:00hours, when the victim’s parents left to work on their farm.

Mr Namachila disclosed that the victim sustained bruises on the labia majora and cuts on the cervix.

Mr Namachila further said Katai is in police custody and will appear in court soon.


    • Aaaahhh, this defilement thing is starting to rear its ugly head in our courts of law again! When can we have a serious judge to send these ldiots away for the maximum sentence??

    • Tubukkkala twalichepesha. Us even grown 45 yr olds like Dora, they cry and bite. How could you even think of a slim 25 year old lady like Mushota, unless you just want to torture, but for what reason? I simply can’t comprehend these cases, 6 year old baby???
      I really don’t know what I can do to Katai of Chipayeni.

  1. I think these people don’t do these barbaric acts for sex.It must be for some other reason. A six year-old is a baby for goodness’ sake!

  2. Ama ule ubwingi pa street you go and pick on a six year old honestly? How wicked of you. Your own niece for that matter

  3. the police also why all that detail…just say she sustained severe bruising on her privates bla bla bla not describing the actual parts which suffered injury.smh

  4. ala mwandi the other it was the headteacher of a private school in Mtendere who lured a seven yr old pupil with oranges and apples before sexually defiling her.

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