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I’ll will Accept the Decision of PF Disciplinary Committee about my fate-Kambwili


Chishimba Kambwili

HEARING of the disciplinary case involving Patriotic Front (PF) Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili resumed yesterday after the parliamentarian’s witnesses finally managed to travel from Luanshya to Lusaka.

The disciplinary case was deferred last Friday because Dr Kambwili’s witnesses failed to travel to the capital city.

The PF last week slapped Dr Kambwili with charges of gross misconduct and he was expected to explain why the ruling party should not take action against him.

The PF gave him seven days in which to explain why he should not be disciplined for allegedly accusing Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda of being a wizard among other charges.

Dr Kambwili and Mr Chanda were asked to appear before the PF disciplinary committee last Friday for the hearing but only Mr Chanda managed to avail his witnesses.

The matter was adjourned to yesterday 14:00 hours.

There was calm at the PF secretariat, venue of the hearing.

PF disciplinary committee chairperson Ngosa Simbyakula arrived at 13:53 hours followed by other members among them Elfridah Kansembe and Dorothy Kazunga.

Dr Kambwili arrived at 14:00 hours accompanied by his wife, Carol, his sons and witnesses.

He asked where the meeting was taking place and proceeded into the offices.

PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya told journalists shortly before the hearing the disciplinary committee was impartial and that the case was not a witch hunt.

Mr Bwalya said the committee would submit a report to the PF central committee after conclusion of the hearing.

The committee concluded the hearing at around 17:50 hours.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the hearing, a jovial Dr Kambwili described the meeting as good, cordial, interactive and non-acrimonious.

“I gave my statement and my witnesses testified, so we will wait for the committee to make recommendations and the party to make a final decision,” he said.

Dr Kambwbili, who is former minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said as a loyal and law-abiding member of the PF, he will accept and abide by the decision which the ruling party will make pertaining to his fate


  1. Your fate is all too clear, fat man! It is your turn to be roasted and chewed. This is the man-eat politics you helped produce, Tarzan City Boy. But you were feeding meat to the crocodile hoping to be eaten last.

    • LT, the Skeleton is wondering why you are entertaining this vagabond PF bandit?
      Bandit Kambwili should shut up for a change, too much of this bandit trying to buy sympathies when he ~Kambwili ~ is the major supporter of tribalism & violence. Now his own PF bandits are on his throat drilling wants to cry fouls? Rhetoric of bandit Kambwili of PF hoodlums.
      The Skeleton Key
      How is the economy today?

    • moving in circles indeed. Kambwili at one time called him mad for leaving priesthood and insulting Sata Cobra. Today Frank Bwalya is disciplining him. What goes round comes around.

    • if at all the CK called NATHAN CHANDA to be witch then let chanda take the case to local court or magistrate courts not to PF disciplinary committee.infact this event happened last year during the nomination time so why bring it now that is witch hunt so dont lie u fake man of GOO frank bwalya.

  2. Kambwili went ballistic when he was in power with his know-it-all attitude. Remember how he told the nation to buzz off if we didn’t like that stewpid stadium name ‘Gabon disaster heroes chakuti chakuti’? Then when we complained about high fuel prices amid fallen international prices, he shot back with .. ‘low fuel prices only benefit the rich.’ I hate him with all my being to the point that if I found a snake biting him I would provide the serpent with some more teeth. Mutumpile kapala uyu!

  3. Chishimba Kambwili is a man of two worlds. Sometimes acting uncivilised, uncouth and wild and at other times extremely reasonable. In this case, coolly he says he will respect the verdict. I know he will bounce back but please not at that Ministry that looks after ZNBC, Look at how ZNBC has been destroyed. Not even during RBs time when we thought it was at its worst, did we see such low levels. News is what a government minister says,even if its not news worthy

  4. Kambwili is not going anywhere unless he leave the party himself…..people who understand where he is coming with PF will know his there to stay….this is the same circus that happened to Given Lubinda over recordings after been vindicated in no short time his back as minister

  5. Plz my beloved president, Lungu, keep kambwili in the party. Kambwili might have his short comings but he is a seasoned politician who the party will greatly miss in 2021 if expelled..! The people who are busy pushing kambwili are not politicians but job seekers..! Who amongst Pf members can stand on a podium and convince people at a rally like the great kambwili does..? Plz hear our cry….don’t expel kambwili…..coz if u do, believe me u, Pf will be divide and the opposition will take over government come 2021…! Together we stand..divided we fall..! Long live Pf..!

  6. Remember karma what goes around comes around. He once said once a priest leaves priesthood balafulungana. Today the same mad priest is about to decide your verdict. Ukutekanya kwaliwama.

  7. MMD disciplinary committee is the one dealing with you CK with Dora in the lead! You are being tried by utukunkubiti!

  8. If CK called Chanda a witch as an insult then this a bilateral issue and PF as a Political Party should not be involved. If Chanda is aggrieved he should sue CK in Court for defamation of character and seek damages. PF is not party to the dispute and should leave the 2 party members to settle their differences in Court. Chanda’s accusations are frivolous and vexatious.

  9. We shall welcome you to upnd on condition of changing your mindset in line with our values and principles.

  10. This hearing is not about CK having called Mayor Chanda a witch. This is about CK having presidential ambitions. They see through him. Someone is playing a game of thrones, hence CK must be eliminated from from PF. If CK must stay in PF, he must agree to say the king is dressed even when the king is in his birthday suit, in public.

  11. Be very careful how you roast each other. Do an to others as you would have them do unto you. PF, your time will soon come and put into the pot.

  12. The gringos are chasing the right people in the party.Since when did an issue of witchcraft,become a offense?Those are civil cases which are supposed to be solve in a civil manner.If Chanda’s reputation was attacked the best he would have done was to sue for libel.The whole of the party,is shamelessly,listening to witchcraft accusation.There is something more sinister than accusation of witchcraft.It is a big shame!!!!!

  13. He was accused of corruption and when it’s not working now we are talking about witchcraft. Is PF now a Sangoma or Shin’ganga to determine cases of witchcraft accusations? Awe sure wen u have nothing to give a nation you start witchhunting potential Successors. Ive seen this script before. It was written by the MMD. It’s called Political Purging. Tiya navyo!

  14. I can see PF digging its own grave if they expel or treat CK unfairly… He may be corrupt but he holds the party intact thats a fact. This ka Chanda thing is just a crazy little man.

  15. Ten pencils may be hard or indeed difficult to break at once but one at time will surely be easy. Mr President we needed to be like the ten held together. Reducing the numbers shall surely reduce the party strength consequently. ACT WISELY we need each other.

  16. Even in the face of irrationality as here, Kambwili must be fired, he might just become that good man he has never been. Having said this,more people including Frank Bwalya will be flushed out in similar scenarios. PF is a bunch of crooked and immoral m9nst*ters!

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