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Call boys accused of blocking Drainage to create “transport business” for themselves

General News Call boys accused of blocking Drainage to create "transport business" for themselves

Call boys in Lusaka are said to be purposefully been blocking drainage system in attempt to create floods and offer alternative solutions to cross roads at K1.

The call boys are allegedly putting sacks filled with dirt into the drainage system hence blocking the free flow of water.

The call boys across the city then create make shift bridges and ask people to pay K1 to use them.

Others offer gum boots or give a ride to residents on their back at the same fee.

The call boys have clearly taken advantage of the rain season to exploit desperate pedestrians.

A check with some engineers revealed that most roads in the city have proper drainage systems but the free flow of water was being interrupted.

Additionally it was observed that Street vendors are also adding to the blockages of drainage by throwing rubbish into the drains.

Henceforth Residents of Lusaka have since called for the intervention of Lusaka City Council.


    • Creativity at its peak!!! Should we blame them? just trying to make ends meet.
      This is what happens if government is not focussed on creating conditions that would enable everyone to have basic needs.

    • What do you expect when the cost of living pa Zed is so high that the call boys have to survive this is actually initiative, these PF thugs don’t care about anyone but themselves. I am PF cader but I don’t like these thugs of Lungu and RB, in fact RB is the chief thug controlling weak Lungu, pathetic country Zed is !!!

    • Highly likely you’ll also stink – LWSC is increasingly inept at water supply and with power cuts, who wants to bath in cold water so early in the morning. Ni ku nunka che my dear, what can we do?

    • Assumption is the mother of all fukc ups!
      The person that the stinky chap is carrying is the nanny that you’ve sent to go get veggies from town. The nanny is the one that bathes clothes and feeds your off spring. The same nanny is the one that your husband sneaks away from work to come and bed when you’re in your air conned office.
      That could be your gardener. The same fellow that sired your two kids that you’re so proud of, that is being carried to work.
      It’s not the huge parts that are most important, it’s the small dirty stinky ones that are very important.

  1. Who said this? Sounds like someone made up this story. The council has employees on all town centre roads collecting parking levy. You mean you couldn’t interview one of them to verify your story. Since they have been ferrying people on their backs for over five rainy seasons now, can you confirm when they started blocking the drainages?

    • Lets get our act correct. Lusaka sits on a huge limestone shelf. Apart from Kabulinga stream that passes under BOZ, Lusaka has piss poor drainage. Kamwala is a drained swamp/ dambo. It was not meant for human habitation. Until and unless a huge set of tunnels are bored under the city or we move the capital to a drained location, we are fukced three ways to Saturday.

  2. Put the blame on me and all these other ghetto children…. That’s just survival, the only direction to point the blame finger should be at LCC. Is this the first time or year that such has happened?

  3. Empower the same youth with bags of cement so that they block this entire wretched city with its corrupt officials, wayward teenagers, bleached women and bloated men. Maybe we can then start THINKING instead of posturing every minute.

  4. He knows the problem and goes to the media to solve it. Useless engineer, why not unblock them then inform us later. Good luck to PF callboys, you danced too much whilst we were warning u of bringing back Lungu. Mukose uno mwaaka, mukalya amafii, already you stepping on them. There will be no free things.

  5. The civil service and grz are the role model for the thugs on the streets. Call boys use sacks filled with mud, grz employees create delays and paper jams to slow down document processes. Call boys suddenly appear with solutions that are quick. Grz employees can suddenly find a file or get a document processed, patient attended to by a specialist, make drugs appear like “abracadabra and hey presto”, or suddenly have your title ready for you or your “huge” case disappear.
    Where do you think that the mishanga seller call boys learn from?

  6. A failed nation led, & run by Cadres, right from the Very Top!!
    All institutions are failing as Cadres are elevated to the role of administrators of all state institutions.
    Next P.F will sack the Vice Chancellor of UNZA, & replace him with Stone throwing Illiterate “Mposa Mabwe’s”
    To P.F, this is known as bringing Jobs to the masses.

  7. If the call boys are getting creative then why can’t the government also counter that creativity by creating even better drainage systems that are difficult to manipulate? or if that’s too hard, give these guys jobs to maintain the drainage systems for you as they seem to be more creative than the government think tank.

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