Chief Mwansakombe of the Ngumbo people has expressed concern over the delayed construction works at Kasaba Day Secondary School which started in 2011 but some structures are still at slab level.

The Chief expressed the concern when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace.

He observed that schools which were started in 2011 in some districts have been completed and commissioned but Kasaba has dragged for years.

The Chief further observed that the School is being constructed as a day Secondary School which compels girl pupils from far flung areas to rent village huts in the school neighborhood which results in early marriages.

The traditional leader advised that government should always be constructing Schools with boarding facilities in rural areas because rural pupils travel long distances to school and cannot afford a day school arrangement.

And Luapula Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Buleti Nsemukila agreed with the Chief on the delays that have been associated with the Kasaba School project.

Dr. Nsemukila observed that 2016 was a hard year for Zambia because of the constitutional programmes and activities that the nation was undertaking including the holding of the quadruple elections and the referendum which required a lot of financial resources.

He said he is hopeful that 2017 will be a positive year in which Government through the ministry of education could fund the school successfully to complete the project.

The PS also agreed that Schools in rural areas should go with boarding facilities to enable teachers to have full supervision of the pupils in their care and stop early marriages

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  1. All infrastructure projects are on a standstill. Contractors have not been by PF00L Govt becoz the Chinese Well has dried up.

    How do you measure the success of a Govt from development from Chinese Loans? Every African nation borrowed Billions from China. Ethiopia used funds for Electric Trains. Others built ports, Airports etc. PF00Ls are a VISIONLESS bunch. Will pipo eat roads?

    Money generated in N/W Rhodesia will be diverted to finish up schools in Luapula & Muchinga. When these pupils graduate, they’ll migrate to towns in NWR & use tribalism to segregate against N/W-Rhodesians. Ati “one-zambia”. Nxaaah, my foot!!



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