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Jessie Chisi sets date for Zambian premiere of her movie “Imagination”


Jessie Chisi has set 25th February as the date for Zambian premiere of her movie “Imagination”. The movie will be showing at Ster Kinekor cinema, Lusaka.

The film is a simple production which focuses about life and growing up in Zambia.
It tells the story of how children in a typical community imagine themselves on a film set.
It tells the story of Ken, a young boy who dreams of directing his own movie with a film crew made up of his closest friends.
Ken and his small group of friends set out on a journey to tell an epic story of good versus evil in their innocent imaginative minds.
However, his mother constantly drags him away from his film set and his dreams. Imagination is about self will and determination.
The film was written by Chisi and directed by Jessie and Vatice Mushauko.




  1. Lets wait and see the story line as most Africans try as much as possible to westernize their story telling which at the end becomes boring. The plot also is what I am interested in its a pity I am not in Zambia…..yayayaya!

    • Why boy actor’s name Ken, and not Mulyokela, Maikalange, Tabuli you know such names..
      Why change name from Chishiki to Chisi?

      The idea of movie and kids premiere is good, we hope it will be free, and children from shanties will be ferried. Abena Dora should sponsor these..

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