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Police warns officers illegally setting up road blocks

Headlines Police warns officers illegally setting up road blocks

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo
Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo

The Zambia Police Service says some of its officers have started illegally mounting road blocks shortly after Government banned the practice.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said it has come to the attention of Zambia Police Command as well as authorities at the Ministry of Home Affairs that there are some Police Officers who are mounting unauthorized traffic check points on public roads both in the central business district and compounds.

Ms. Katongo said the Police Command would like to remind all officers that the institutional position on the issue of checkpoints still stands and any officer that would be found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.

“Police Command had made it clear that all snap traffic checkpoints should be mounted with authority from Provincial Police Commissioners and that they should be properly devised and coordinated so that they are not an inconvenience to the travelling public,” she said.

Ms. Katongo said traffic officers were advised to devise other means of ensuring compliance on roads such as increased motorised road patrols as opposed to mounting checkpoints and that only justified snap traffic checkpoints will be tolerated.

“We however remind motorists that the reduction in traffic checkpoints should not warrant them to deliberately ignore the dictates of the law and we are sending a timely warning that Zambia Police will where need arises, mount snap traffic checkpoints in order to maintain law and order on the roads.

Furthermore, as Zambia Police we shall continue the joint operations with Road Transport and Safety Agency and other stakeholders on both highways and local routes so as to pounce on all those that would be found not complying with the provisions of the Road Traffic rules and regulations,” she said.

“For Public Service motor vehicles, officers may check the vehicles from areas where they operate from so as to promote high levels of compliance.


    • She is basically saying they (Th Police) are disorganized,disoriented and not fit for purpose?

      In Scotland, a Police officer is a woman’s best friend, they are essentially there to help you. Be it directions, guide or advise and are hugely respected and adored.

      The Zambian Police distance themselves from the public for some reason and a complete disgrace. If you need protection, you best to take the law in your own hands



    • I always wonder why we call our police as “Police Service” instead of their befitting “Police Force”. Looking at the way our Police is carrying out its duties in Zambia, especially against the opposition political Parties, they do not qualify to be a Police Service but a Police Force. I totally agree with Mushota. Even Kanganja himself doesn’t know the difference between a police service and a police force, of which the Zambian police is; a FORCE.

    • Nothing has been communicated in this message to the public, that the public would benefit from. How does the public differentiate a legal and illegal police road block? The article does not say. That was the most important piece of information that motorists would want to know. Do the police have badge numbers? How do I report a police officer who I suspect has mounted an illegal road block? The article should have said something like this: ” this is how you identify an illegal road block…blah blah blah. And if you suspect that the roadblock is illegal call this number immediately, and report the badge number of the officer involved.” Unfortunately none of that information is given, which means the motorists are still vulnerable to unscrupulous cops. Means they won’t be able to…

  1. This should trickle down as directives within the Ministry of Home Affairs and the respective Zambia Police Command. No need to bring this to the press. Does it mean those Police officers doing this are not listening to their bosses, and you are trying reaching them via media?

    • Its laughable…clear break down in the chain of command; issuing orders to the police in the press next it will be the Army Commander..Please God forbid. The best she can do is ask the public to report officers with their ID numbers to Headquarters.
      Under Lazy Lungu its all shambles…even their Party SG is proudly glorifying corruption of issuing plots.

  2. I think this is just window dressing by Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo. These load blocks are mounted by junior officers as directed by their seniors who are all struggling to raise money for school fees (schools have opened). I wonder where these officers take their salaries to – is it drinking, girl or boyfriends???
    I say so because officers on duty can not leave the station without the knowledge or authority of their superiors or else they will be charged for absenteeism or absconding from duty. Now does Ms. Katongo mean that there is total breakdown in the organization of the Police Service that Officers can be moving around and carrying all sorts of activities without the knowledge of their superiors???

    • Comment:It is sad how these people ar robbing off motorists, they even brag wen they go to mount a road block ati tayenda pa ATM , see how the police have moved from police force to police service and now police business.

  3. Kanene, this issue was raised by the public, who were being affected these illegal road blocks, it even on radio and ppl were demanding to know if the ministry has changed it’s position, therefore it’s prudent for the ministry to the announcement public so that the public is aware and can report such corrupt officers to the ministry. Don’t just condemn everything before even look ink at the facts. Good day!

  4. We are improving. The first time Mushota has ever said sensible things and the truth. Its true Police must be more friendly and helpful. In Zambia Police are as corrupt as politicians


  6. Chipata in Eastern Province is littered with road blocks !! And that one on Lutembwe Bridge on Mfuwe-Chipata road is a nuisance.

  7. katongo just authorise citizens to do a citizens arrest on these corrupt officers. but also tell your officers to help us with arresting people who talk on mobile phones while driving. especially viba khazi all the time talking to other women’s husbands on the road ukufwaya fye ubuchende, muleupwa.

  8. AKASHAMBATWA, respect women please they don’t go to look for us, but it’s us who do the opposite. So telling the that ubuchende is not good. Let’s just dwell on what Ester Mwata katongo is telling the officers and comment accordingly rather than insulting our women.

  9. Police officers in Zambia are very corrupt. I in December 2016 went to the police station at the High Court in Lusaka to do fingerprints. Police officers there charge 10 kwacha but they never issue out receipts. When I refused to pay because there were no receipts, they told me “bwana we can’t help you.”

  10. Next time you see a road block please just step on the accelerator and then take the car straight to the car wash to remove the rotten scum and khaki cotton on your bumper.
    We are losing our country due to break down in leadership…

  11. Home Affairs Minister Tell Us want to illegally transport.

    These roadblocks are necessary sometimes.

  12. This publication is good because it enlightens the poor motorist who is being ripped off his hard earned money .
    The police command is doing well I encourage them to warn the public.
    Ignorance robs peoples rights .
    You cannot keep this secret as people are being robed in day light , thanks to police command

    • Ba Nshilimubemba, for how long is the so-called Command going to warn these erring pf cadres in police uniforms? To deal with the Zambia Police Force, first deal with their employer, the Pf otherwise these warnings will always fall on deaf ears, blind eyes and stuffed nostrils!

    • Its up to Police command to off their a$$$ and find out what their officers are doing as people will start carrying out citizens arrests as these road blocks are illegal.

  13. POLICE OFFICERS in Zambia are very corrupt mafi yoka yoka l gree with Mushota . that s why ene shakese ku zambia ntil you change your leadership

  14. I’ve just arrived in Livingstone from Joburg. 2000km between Joburg and Kazungula, Botswana, two speed traps in botswana after Francistown. No roadblocks between Joburg and kazungula apart from wildlife gates. Eternal kazungula Zambia and Livingstone, 65km 4 roadblocks! I’m worried what I’ll find between Livingstone and Lusaka. Such a shameful people we’ve become and an embarrassment to visitors.

  15. Comment:
    police officers, call them prostute officers of money.here in lundazi they chase a car like tom& Jerry. they have nations those in traffic section awe mwanda.all routes entering lundazi road block, even mugravel rd sure

  16. Comment:vry useless found dem mountin road block mu soweto road today in the monin,who does dat..dats not a way to go abt lookin for childrens skull fees

  17. There was one today in Chilanga near Lilayi turn-off. It looked like a moment to fund raise for the coming weekend.


  19. Zambia Police Force, you have copied the practice from your fellow counterparts of Tanzania whereby CORRUPTION AT ITS BEST AT ALL TIMES! It is the order of the day! Just travel there and see it for yourselves.

  20. This warning is falling on deaf ears, especially Mtendere and Woodlands police traffic officers in Lusaka. They like mounting road blocks right in compounds especially Fridays and Saturdays I don,t know why!!!!

  21. Ba Mayo Esther Mwata katongo , also give us the cell number where we will be able to ring and inform you of these Traffic police Officers manning illegal road blocks. In Kitwe they are always at National Breweries using private vehicles. Today its Mwansa and friends

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