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We promised not to remove vendors from the street, PF is pro poor-Kambwili

Headlines We promised not to remove vendors from the street, PF is pro...

Kitwe town centre without the vendors
Kitwe town centre without the vendors

Former Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili has expressed strong displeasure at the move taken by Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe to remove vendors from the street.

Dr Kambwili wrote the following

The sad case of street vending.

The elite call it dirt because they can afford to shop in Shoprite, the poor call it business because that is their only source of livelihood. What happens to these men and women who seek to send their children to schools and provide for their families?.

Having heavily campaigned in the last general election I reiterated the fact that the Patriotic Front is a pro poor party and we would not remove street vendors from the streets, until we provide an enabling environment for them to thrive.

The economy is currently under enormous stress and this isn’t the time for towns to compete on being the cleanest, its time to put the people first. My heart bleeds for the street vendors and I wish I could help.

Lest we forget that unemployment is high and this is a way for people making ends meat. Let us have a human heart when making life changing decisions, how can we refer to human beings selling their products as dirt ?

The sad case of street vendors, dirt in others eyes, livelihood in their own eyes. Where is the fairness ?

However, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has clarified that vending in Kitwe will only be allowed along Chisokone Avenue, the road leading to Chisokone Market.

Mr Kang’ombe who this week ordered the removal of all streets vendors from the Central Business District said vendors without shops at Chisokone, appropriate vending areas will be provided.

He said his mission is leave the corridors and car parks in the CBD free.

“This initial process will take a week, and i expect that the vendors will also come with their own suggestions on alternative trading places, such as Chisokone avenue. As far as my office is concerned the only road where we can allow vending in Kitwe is Chisokone avenue,” he stressed.

Mr Kang’ombe said the decision to relocate street vendors has not been without adequate and wide consultations saying his office has had a number of consultative meetings with stakeholders, namely vendors and Chisokone marketeers.

“The first formal meeting was held on 22nd October 2016 in my office where I invited two Associations representing the vendors, namely, United Street Vendors Foundation Corporative and Association of Vendors, Traders and Marketeers of Zambia. The second formal meeting was held on 16th December 2016 involving the ordinary vendors and their leaders from United Street Vendors Foundation Corporative and Association of Vendors, Traders and Marketeers of Zambia.”

He added, “the more recent meeting was the consultative meeting held on 13th January 2017, leading to the decision to relocate the vendors. Since then we have been having meetings almost every day with their leaders and the vendors themselves. Notably, on the 16th January 2017, 17th January 2017 and as late as yesterday 18th January 2017.”

Mr Kang’ombe said during these consultative meetings, revelations were made that some leaders of these vendors were charging K2,000 in order to allocate trading space per vendor in the central business district as a one off payment.

He said an additional K250 payment is made as rent for the wooden pallets by the vendors.
“This certainly is day light robbery by those charging vendors, and my office will not tolerate such conduct,” he warned.

“In addition, ordinary residents of Kitwe walking in corridors and shop owners in the CBD have complained that there is no regulation or control of street vending, leading to indiscriminate disposal of garbage and waste in the streets. This further risks the city of experiencing water borne diseases considering that there is no conducive trading environment in the streets.”

“Given the foregoing, my office will continue holding consultative meetings with all stakeholders to ensure we have a clean and organised city, especially in the CBD. in making these decisions, my office is mindful that some of the ‘’new’’ vendors actually have trading spaces in Chisokone market and we expect them to go back to 26 markets in Kitwe,” he said.

Kitwe CBD after the street vendors were removed
Kitwe CBD after the street vendors were removed

Kitwe streets without the vendors
Kitwe streets without the vendors


  1. Kambwili these populist politics you engage in will not take you anywhere. Pro poor meanwhile you’re building 200 houses! Why don’t you give the space of your houses to the street vendors?

    • Uko, iza nyokola njala lelo, we told you about these violent & confused visionless PF bandits of blind Dagama. This is Donchi Kubeba pathological lies turned into dununa backwardness unfortunately by PF bandits. Vendors used by PF after elections & dumped like a rotten meat due to perpetual load shedding with poor economy under visionless Lungu & fellow bandits.
      LT update you seriously don’t know anything happening in the Gambia? If CBS, Reuters, CNN, Aljazeera & BBC news are reporting about Gambia, why is LT so blind?! By the way, how much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Sorry brother Kambwili, your antics for chaos are now outrageous kitchen politics nowhere closer to good leadership. It’s time you guys gave the masses of hardworking poor people oraganized and clean trading places. Please try another door for populism because every Zambian longs for a day of order in our cities. Bravo Bwana Mayor, all stakeholders and selfless co.operative traders!

    • Bandit Kambwili has found himself into mwamoneni! After being discarded by visionless PF of blind Lungu, bandit Kambwili of violent PF can now see that lies have short legs. PF’s bandit Kambwili would be mute about vendors if he wasn’t fired as minister. The good thing is that, PF bandits of vendors have been taught a great Donchi Kubeba sickness bug in dununa reversed regret.
      How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Move them! They litter everywhere and not clean up! A responsible government would have provided a trading site for them and people would follow them wherever for their wares and not in the streets! Some opposition party during the campaigns was proposing relocating street vendors to a serviced site where they’d carry on with their business yet it did not ring true to voters! I don’t see any sense in Kambwili’s sympathetic approach when its his government which has failed to address the vendors plight!

    • Shrek is a well noted tribalist …

      Until recently he fell out of favour of PF top dogs.

      Shrek was so mean that the entire southern province would be terrified at the sound of his voice.

      If his voice makes sense now, it is only for show.

    • This bafoon thinks he can get sympathy from those ignorant traders who do not want sanity in the city centre. Besides, Kangombe has even gone out of his way to provide Chisokone street for vending while more spaces are empty in the markets where decent trading is supposed to take place. What is Kambwili talking about? We need sanity in town Centre, we need space to park our vehicles when we go shopping, we will follow the vendors to their designated selling places and buy from them. what is wrong with that?

    • I don’t think Kambwili is pro-poor as I heard a story from one of his former workers when I last visited my beloved Country that Kambwili beat up one of his workers because this guy went to ask for his wages which were overdue and Kambwili stormed out of his house man-handled the poor guy giving him a myriad of punches before his victim did “Katende mpelo lubilo” (ran away). These guys are buffoons playing to the gallery of the masses.

    • The BUFFOON is just contradicting himself instead of keeping quiet….pro poor when he has become a heavy weight property developer in a space of 4 years!!

    • Yes he’s mocking us. How can he be pro poor when he spends most of his time calculating how he’s going to rip off someone.

    • CK is definitely not the right person to say this, he is not credible, as it’s visible what his ambitions are.
      He is playing the same known “Trump” game, but sooner or later, he will tape many of those marketers as followers. The message that he is trying to put forward, unfortunately, resonates well with the poor marketers.
      Such populist like him are winning elections now…

    • Zambians calling calling for a third term for the president are right. Lungu needs 3 terms in office. The last one will a jail term

  2. Im not a fun nor Im I a supporter of PF but on this one Im saying well done your worship the mayor of Kitwe Christopher Kangombe for cleaning up Kitwe CBD from vendors. That is what I would expect from a leader. You have our support. We cant have Kitwe City centre looking like a dumping site, That’s the way to go Mr Mayor. We must have order and sanity. The next move is to take taxis and buses out of the city centre to somewhere near MTN and KMB and other places. Way to go and for the the first time, you have my thumbs up. WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP.

    • PF is a Party of chaos. Maybe Chimbwii needs to know that cheating poor people is a “globo” strategy. Look at Trump, using poor people and forming a cabinet full of rich people who have never missed a single meal in their lavish lives. PF is as pro-poor as Chimbwii is a skinny man.

  3. Kambwilis comments just shows how rusted his brain matter is and that is why he deserved the sack from government, deserves the expulsion from PF and deserves to caged behind bars for his fithy, greed and corrup actions. He is a finished person and his booting out is long overdue. He should just shut up and reflect on his sins and rantings

  4. If this is true of Chishimba Kambwili, I would say that his head is made of Watermelon. Under PF leadership of the likes of Kambwili, Zambia has become a toilet. Filth is everywhere. Govt and Councils have become extremely corrupt (just listen to these folks, Davies Mwila, Kambili, Siliya…)Dirty! There is no logic in saying that there is so much unemployment therefore let us allow the unorganized, pathetic vending (infact building & operating from a permanent pellet is no longer vending). Kambwili should belong to that past and should allow young, clean, orderly and truthful young ones lead. Let the vendors go and hang their magweregwere at the entrance to Mwamoneni!

  5. Ba Kambwili we want town centers to look clean like in Rwanda. Street vendors have stands in the markets let them go back. No one will support you Bwana Kambwili. God bless you.

  6. This is good, hats off the Mayor. Kabwe town must learn from kitwe. Two major problems in kabwe: street vending everywhere and irresponsible vehicle packing. I suggest that No one should pack their vehicle including shop owners from rail crossing to the robots just before Mulungushi textiles in the Main Highway to kapiri mposhi.

  7. Why does PF atttact amafotini like Kabwili and Davies Mwila? And they flourish and ascend to very high positions. What a pitty.

    • Because PF is full of regards. It was started by the biggest retard of them all, Satan, who could not save his own life even using state machinery.

  8. Kambwili you will never and can never be a leader. You are just a common thug who believes in using and abusing people. If you care about the poor you wouldnt steal to build 200 houses you could have built a state of the art market. You must be rich since you fill trollies in shop rite. Get a life

  9. Bwana CK, the markets are empty but people were trading in the streets. Meanwhile Chisokone marketeers held a solidarity march yesterday.

  10. Ba kambwili we not as dirty ad you are. Please stop this dirty politics and we don’t want a dirty could try like your golf course where you take cattle to graze. Just fight your battle with your boss and hope they kick you out soonest. Why do you want to use vending to get sympathy from people who don’t well for our country. These vendors need to learn to understand that being poor is not dirty and if they are organised they can all trade in good clean environment. You dirty cheap politicians please leave our towns to be cleaned without interference. This is the only pride we will talk about.

  11. Kambwili your mismanagement of the media has given birth to these funny policies …..what kind of a
    politician are you….which zambians do you speak for……your actions are shameful……

    • Well done PF? Remember how Sata undid the “KEEP ZAMBIA CAMPAIGN” that LPM did? Remember how Sata undermined Nkandu Luo when she tried to remove vendors

  12. What a hopeless dim wit. Having lost favour with the party in power, this FAT neckless FO0L has the guts to campaign for dirty street vending?
    Mayor Kangombe, show these FO0LS how it’s done. Well done.
    It’s not only vendors who voted.

    • Next we need to come to Lusaka and clean up the city. It had to take Kangombe to teach FO0LS like Davies Mwila how to deal with street thugs and vagabonds


  13. “Pro poor” but you and your PF cohorts have made a career of stealing from the poor you claim to support. Ba Kambwili, how about you and your “pro poor” party stop stealing and implement policies that elevate the poor to the middle class. When cholera and typhoid starts killing those same street vendors you care about in the rainy season, what will you say then?

  14. Cheap politics CK…Lusaka mayor outlines a very viableand bankable plan for Lusaka yesterday. Too much meat around your neck CK #making ends meat

  15. Power given by the people cannot be permanent. When in position of power make laws that will work for everyone. See now Kambwili? Your rantings need media coverage. You made znbc a PF media, you helped kill the post, you had managed to close the watchdog and now you need them. Soon you will need the tribes you demonised to come to your defence. What goes up must surely come down. Jesus too is coming down except he comes with all the power unlike man.

  16. Kambwili and his corhorts allowed cadres to do whatever they wanted as a way of diverting their attention from noticing how the elite in the PF were looting national resources. They allowed vending as a way of making cadres feel cared for when in actual sense not. The conditions in the streets are diplorable: there are no sanitation facilities, vendors are vulnerable to being run over by automobiles, etc. Kambwili is trying to use expediency and a populist approach to gain sympathy and appear like he cares when in actual sense he has accumulated so much wealth as a result of his position in government. If indeed he cares for the poor as he is trying to portray, he and his colleagues in the PF would have run the government dilligently by focussing on policies that would have made it easier…

  17. Good morning Zambians I love you all this is good move congo style is not good. If I was a president Chisokone Market, police comp saint Anna I can demolish and build a modern bus station at the same time removing all those near Zambia Railways Station. Kambwili is not suppose to be called doctor.

  18. Poor or not poor, the vendors world over should be placed in designated areas not the corridors ba CK. Thumbs up Kangómbe, you did all this after doing the ground work and consultative meetings with the stakeholders, no wonder why they did not resist to be removed from the streets.
    I quote your words,
    “Mr Kang’ombe said the decision to relocate street vendors has not been without adequate and wide consultations saying his office has had a number of consultative meetings with stakeholders, namely vendors and Chisokone marketeers”.

  19. Fat brainless donkey is all I can on Kambwili just now. Beyond that I leave it to UPNDonkey Chilyata to do the only thing that he is capable of – insults.
    Oh I forgot, actually if you have the chance to meet Kambwili in person you will be shocked to see how dirty he looks, whether he takes a bath at all and if so whether the water has any effect at all. Is that what loss of ministerial position do to people or is he naturally dirty? I did not sniff but his smell is probably not exactly perfume.

  20. Let the other council learn something from Mayor Kingome’s council. The next thing should be for the Councils to come up with levies for all those found trading on the streets. I mean prohibitive levies on the streets and low levies in the market. As for Kambwili, I think Zambia no longer need such leaders. He belongs to a different society and not the political or social arena. He is simply a mess and doesn’t mean well even for the vendors themselves. Tthe earlier the PF discards him the better for PF and for Zambia.

  21. it’s now Kitwe City Council and so called PACCRA to maintain the area for fee packing money all these yeas we have been paying we don’t see any change where do you take money. Since white left the country we have been going down and down but other African are doing fine what’s wrong with our leaders in Zambia. all sports infrastructures has collapse our children no longer participate in sports. sports is income to the government. Golf clubs are doing fine because of the whites. today I’m not proud of my country

  22. It is very obvious that Chishimba only wants popularity using very bad methods. What the Kitwe Mayor has done is actually long over due. The other cities should follow suit. The mayor is not stopping the venders from trading, but they need to do that in a desgnated area and leave the CBD clean with adequate parking space. Next should be Kabwe!!

  23. This instruction was from the President, I hope the Lusaka Mayor was also told. Mu December when I was in Lusaka awe iyo “pathetic”, you can only enjoy ku ma malls. Can you clean your city bwana Lusaka Mayor…

  24. Kambwili your time is up when ever you open your mouth nothing sensible comes out I’m a staunch UPND but I support the young man Kangombe for this Job well done Kangombe [lease come and clean Lusaka as well and leave this Chimbwili who want sympathy for self created problems.

  25. Let all Political Parties say no to street vending! The vendors have held politicians to ransom for far too long with their vote. Only a unified political voice can put an end to this maadness. Who else can fondle the mid-section of vendors but Kambwili with his populist stance! We all knew it was coming from that neckless lumpen. Thank God he’s a lone voice. Let sanity rule.

    Meanwhile, Dr Come loves sending his family to UK because its a better environment – WARPED!!

  27. @Jacob. LT is under strict directives not to report any News on Gambia becoz it embarasses Edward. Jammeh of Gambia and Kabila of DRC are in the same boat. The three Dictators are involved in Election Disputes and are clinging on to power illegally. Jammeh is fighting for his Election Petition as a means to prolong his 22 years reign in power. Lungu is busy manipulating the Courts to block the Petition Hearing and remain in power illegally. After Jammeh is gone the focus will be on Kabila and Lungu. Lungu is wishing the Petition away but it wont go away. Ecowas has shown the way in Gambia. We will see what toothless bulldog SADC will do on Election Disputes in Zambia and DRC. Lungu is in a panic mood. Just watch this space.

  28. This monkey thief should keep his dirty mouth shut. If he was pro poor he should have not stolen public land to build his houses. Time will catch up with him to account for his corrupt activities. He should leave the mayor alone. Now let the damaged pavements be repaired. Rep are the buildings also. Wait till a car runs into street vendors

  29. Are those DILAPIDATED corridors they are trying to preserve? Guys we need to develop new town-centres and let go of those Pre-colonial town-centres. Even when the British come back & find the same town centres they left in 1964, they’ll collapse from shock as to how we’ve failed to develop.

    PF00Ls VISIONLESS CHIPANTE-PANTE Govt have capability to move us forward.

  30. Ba Kambwili pro poor lelo this was YOUR propaganda? You cannot even tell the difference between a golf course and a cattle grazing field and you speak pro poor! You time is up and am glad you were kicked out of cabinet just manage your BP which is very high right now we don’t want to die young. We want you to live long so that when we assume power in 2021 you will learn how a proper country is run. You are feeling for the poor vendors? We are going to ask them to surround your estate and sell from there please Mr. Pro Poor don’t chase them. And MCS thought you were flag flying material? You are being expelled and you will lose the by election trust me.

  31. This is what is inherently wrong with these “So called Zambian politicians” like B0n0bo Kambwili.
    Zambia is Dirty, Garbage collection, & sewage works are NON FUNCTIONING, & S1lverback is happy to see our cities as filthy like the Ituri rainforest.
    Pro poor my @rse!!
    S1lverback, it’s your policies & lack of vision that is keeping Zambia from developing, & its citizens perpetually poor

  32. I am not the best judge in this mater, but after staying in kitwe during my college days for few years , I think the mayor has done a good job and needs our support to clean up the city. Meetings held with the effected vendors is an indications of maturity consultations which we recommend. On the other hand the “rich” DR is being hypocritical .He comes from the pro poor party and he is suddenly very rich himself???????????????????????????.Most politicians are liars and crooks ,though we must respect them , they shouldn’t take people for granted. Not right to use poor people’s misfortune for political mileage. Congrats your worship the mayor.

  33. Thumbs to our kitwe mayor please keep the good works every kitwe resident is happy . we now can breath fresh air. well done and may the Good lord bless you .

  34. Those pic you have put up,saying CBD after clearing out vendors,where are the ones before?what do we compare them to? Very foolish reporting

  35. If you were to compare between Kambwili and Kang’ombe, you would clearly see that Kang’ombe is a very smart man who has done his home work quite well. The mayor has engaged several people to come up with this sound resolution and he must be applauded for his courage and initiative. An alternative place for the vendors is being sort but in the mean time the city is clean and some order. Similarly the Chipata mayor equally removed the street vendors from the main road in Chipata and located them elsewhere and the place looks much better with some order. How i wish Lusaka city council can follow suit. Kambwili must remember that with the vendors and wooden pallets everywhere in the central business areas are a nuisance and there is no sanity.

  36. Well done Mr. Kan’gombe, we need fresh mind in our cabinet like you.Let CK keep quiet and be haunted with his stolen money and property, when PF introduced pro-poor did not mean it should be the way of life. by the way, have you eaten your birth day cake? it might be deceiving you, especially that it depicts you siting in the boat even when you have been kicked out and drowning in the water, even the late Sata would have not been happy with the offenses you have committed. keep quiet for now, repent people will forgive you.

  37. DR.CK you are 100% right is always wise to find an alternative structure before destroying the current one you are using.

  38. Kambwili needs debriefing he has lost campus. Or we miss understood him from the beginning.
    Chishimba you are a PF member, what you should be doing is to actively help your party find reasonable solutions to the many challenges that our country faces. You should be suggesting areas where the vendors could be placed instead of writing cheap notes without direction . If these vendors started trading in front of your flats you will be the first one to scream like a rabid dog. Mr Kambwili grow up and start thinking. We need leaders who are willing to solve problems that confront us and not the cheap populist politics you are bringing.

  39. @31 Moyo, kwena ba UPND bu donkey tabwakapwe. All countries and international organisations including UN, EU, AU, Commonwealth recognised the election of His Excellent Chagwa Lungu as free and fair and congratulated him as the winner. The only people in the whole world, yes the ENTIRE world, who have not congratulated Lungu as president is a tiny clique of donkeys called UPND.
    In Gambia the same ENTIRE world has congratulated and accepted the victory of President Barrow who won from the opposition. As a donkey you probably think that HH should also be congratulated because he is the opposition. No sir, they only congratulate winners of elections. Losers like HH are only wished better luck next time.

  40. One question for Kambwili is that “what’s wrong with trading at an official market? ” Street vendor’s strategy is to “cut off ” those operating from markets by ambushing potential customers as they come out from the banks, Shoprite etc. It has nothing to do with being poor. If so then those working from the markets are even poorer.

  41. Ba CK, it is people like you in PF that made the party distance itself from the poor! Your love for Luxury SUVs has made all top civil servants think they can all become a Chishimba Kambwili and acquire the latest Landcruiser VX or Nissan Patrol at 40 pin! NO! Who are you cheating???? I don’t see this chap surviving long once the state retrieves the funds he obtained by virtue of abuse of office!

  42. Whats funny is how he thinks all Zambians are fools, isn’t this the same man being investigated by ACC, and he comes to express his concern for the very people he took advantage of to acquire himself so much wealth when he was in power!? Kambwili, sell all your properties and build them a modern market, and then re-post that speech attached with an apology. 🙁

  43. It is the right thing to do and Kambwili should not just talk like that when he is hanging in the balance. He should have transformed the golf course into an ultra modern trading center for the poor. Such a joke, this PF. We need order and it comes with giving service of the sort and not incomplete white elephant infrastructure which is only used to siphon money from the treasury.

  44. Parking at Shoprite today was a pleasure I tell you people. What remains now is to mark out the parking slots. The ngungulu truck was able to manoeuvre as its crew cleaned the area. Now my nephew Kangombe, what are you doing about the area where our beloved Astra Cinema used to be? It’s an eyesore.

  45. Iwe how can LT be stopped from reporting on Gambia when they are able to write all sorts insults and libelous items? You can easily get the Gambia news very easily if you only tried a bit.

  46. I have seen that Kambwili is useless!!!bravo to ECL for firing this dull politician!!at first i thought he can be like late Sata,but i have seen how useless this man is now!!surely which normal leader can support street vendors trading everywhere in towns?our towns have become too dirty because these same people!!!its better to keep quiet than yap nonsense always ba Kambwili!!Govnt has to build proper trading centres for vendors than anywhere in towns minus proper sanitation!!

  47. Ati ‘making their ends meat’, where is the fairness? said Kambwili.
    Kambwili has forgotten he has stolen huge slices of the cake (hyenas feeding on carcass) leaving crumbs to street vendors. Kambwili is a hypocrite thief.

  48. Just like the saying goes new brooms sweep clean. Some old politicians are so engrossed into politics so much that what ever they do or say is politicking and nothing sensible because this all issue is not about politics. Every reasonable person who means well for Zambia should look at the move taken by the Mayor outside the political box. He has not killed anybody lets all support him, after all ni sympathy mulefwaya kuma street venders ba CK.

  49. Kambwili is just full of wind which he is failing to discharge through the correct orifice, hence spewing vitriolic garbage through his mouth! It must be hell living in the same house as this bum! Unfortunately, both cream and scum float, and it’s easy to mistake one for the other! Except in the case of “Shrek”, the discarded scum ball! Good riddance! He thinks he’s pursuing populist policies, and these will get him into State House. Can someone please tell this retard that he can only be “president” in his house, and with a small “p” at that!

  50. You reap what you sow.
    All vendors, street kids ladys and gentlemen

    You voted for the vision less Vasco Da Gama and baby Fat Albert.
    Now is time to dance to their tune.

    You were told by the wise that the sunshine will not chose to shine for the PF, UPND or any house, but rather shine to all. The same for hunger, now you have begun to cry

    • So you support lawlessness? Might as ask police not to arrest bandits, thieves and burglars because they are also trying to make ends meet. Upnd youth leader for Kamitondo condemned the move saying the vendors should have been given more time. But how much time is required? Another fifteen years? Actually he sounded like a vendor himself.

  51. The term “pro poor ” should not exist and instead we should adopt the “pro empowerment ” term. Nobody should be poor, but there should just be different wealth levels. All Zambians must be able to meet basic needs.

  52. Yes PF can be pro-poor but they cannot be pro-dirty and subject everyone to that.I’m not against venders but this can be done in an orderly way and clean way.


  54. Iwe kambwili, street vending is indeed business for others but is a dirty way of conducting the same. Your kind can even support a thief who calls his acts as occupation or source of income. Concentrate on your cases as for now.

  55. Allowing the poor hygiene habits to communities’ for the sake of popularity sounds un professional.

    Our cities looks terrible. Basic rules in terms of order and hygiene are part of development process. Ifiko filaleta umu sebanya…. We have alot to work on in terms of community and health care hygiene system. Take it or leave it Mr K…Town Center and UTH etc are in terrible conditions in condition..

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