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Stop abuse of mosquito nets Chilubi residents warned

Health Stop abuse of mosquito nets Chilubi residents warned

Various stakeholders in Chilubi district ihave tasked the local authority to enact a by-law to stop the abuse of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) by people in the area.

During the formation of the District Malaria Task Force (D-MATF) on Thursday , the stakeholders noted that there was serious abuse of mosquito nets in the district which needed to be urgently addressed.

Chilubi District Commissioner Ernest Bwalya called for stiffer penalties for offenders, saying the mosquito nets being abused were procured at a high cost by the government.

Mr Bwalya said the programme to eliminate malaria by the year 2020 –being supported by the Programme for Advancement of Malaria Outcome (PAMO) is an ambitious undertaking that needed concerted efforts and stakeholder support to succeed.

He said malaria is a dangerous disease which is still the leading cause of deaths especially among pregnant women and young children in Chilubi.

Earlier, District Medical Officer Zoran Muhimba said government intended to implement various interventions with other partners tofight malaria in Chilubi district.

Dr. Muhimba stated that among the activities would be Indoor Residual Spraying,Mass Drug Administration, Sanitation and Environmental Management as well as sensitisation on the prevention of the killer disease in communities.

He said the Church, traditional leaders, media, financial institutions, and business community have all been encouraged to join the fight against the elimination of malaria in the next three years.

Council secretary John Mwanza was later elected as Chairperson of the District Malaria Task Force.


    • My famous empty suitcase will carry both fish nets and mosquito nets so my bruzzas and sistaz don’t pick between hunger and malaria… hahaha

  1. He meant that people are misusing mosquito nets ;English is not Zambian language you don’t expect him to write it like the English man , and if they can also make mistakes or errors what do you expect from we Zambians.
    I just wonder how we poor Africans would like to master what doesn’t belong to us, people in Cameroon are mad at foreign languages that they even fight over who speaks English and who speaks French.
    Well colonialism has humiliated Africans that they are blind to what is theirs now competing for zero.

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