Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Zambian Doctor appointed to FIFA Medical Committee


FIFA has appointed Zambian physician Dr. Joseph Kabungo to its Medical Committee.

Dr Kabungo will join 12 member Medical Committee which will be chaired by Belgian physician Dr. Michel D’Hooghe.

Dr Kabungo was Zambia National Football team doctor from 2003 to 2016.

Dr Kabungo currently serves on the FAZ and CAF Medical Committees, he is also FIFA Doping Control Officer.

FIFA has nine committees which are Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, Organising Committee for FIFA Competitions, Football Stakeholders Committee, Member Associations Committee, Players’ Status Committee, Referees Committee, and Medical Committee


    • Ba Anthony: FIFA appointments are not about incabency naimwe. Don’t shows your lack of knowledge here. Is Kalusha for example a member of president of any association? The guy deserves it and what God has purposes in your life no man can slow it down. Man can just delay you but can never stop it. Congrats Doc

  1. Why are you people so hateful, the man has accomplished something positive….they should have given it blah blah….just be happy for him, he deserves it.

  2. Now we are celebrating doctors instead of footballers winning FIFA accolades. That’s just how our football has disappeared from the radar

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